Learn Professional Web Development

Learn Professional Web Development
Our web development course aims to give you the knowledge and skills to start developing your own websites and web applications. This course focuses on the practical application of the technologies used to in web development.

Course Topics:
>> Introduction & Overview
>> HTML and HTML5
>> CSS and CSS3
>> JavaScript
>> Jquery
>> Overview of .NET Framework
>> Basic programming and Introduction to C#
>> Object Oriented Programming and Data Structures with C#
>> ASP.NET MVC and Basic application structure
>> Advance MVC concepts
>> Database overview and SQL Server
>> Entity Framework
>> Procedure Development and dynamic application flow 
>> Web Deployment
>> Assessment evluation of live dynamic website

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> Class Assignments, Practical Projects & Final Exam.
> Course Fee: Rs.12,000/- including training material & certificates.
> Special Discount Offer 15% Flat OFF for first 5 students, Final Fee after Discount: 10,200/-Rs
> Course Starting Date: 17th April, 2018
> Days: Tuesday & Thursday
> Timing: 08:00 PM to 10:00 PM 
> Course Duration: 02 Months(Including Lab)
> Online Classes Options is also Available

>> Participants, who will complete the course will get Trainings Certificate and referred in relevant industry for jobs and internships.

Hurry up Limited Seats are Available! 

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Email: ahmedshair198@gmail.com

Content Writer Jobs with excellent salary package

CricHive is the leading cricket website in the world. They deals with latest cricket news and its articles for their customers on the daily basis. Beside this, they show every cricket match with live streaming and live score tabs.

For Live Score, we need resources to for data entry instantly. We don’t rely on fake information in any field we just focus on the quality on content so we are hiring our own team for this work. We need to hire 10+  candidates for this job. Please see below details,

Content Writer Duties and Responsibilities

  • Creating concise and instantly news
  • Researching and organizing facts and sources
  • Consistently brainstorming and collaborating with team for new ideas and strategies
  • Building a following for brand on social media with creative work
  • Researching markets and industries to compare and create content that is innovative and original
  • Collaborating with campaign managers, creative team, and designers

Interested candidate send us your resume at   crichivelive@gmail.com

FIA Latest Jobs for Sub Inspectors, ASI, Constables, LDC Clerks and Drivers

FIA Latest Jobs FOR Sub Inspectors, ASI, Constables, LDC / UDC Clerks, Drivers, and Many Others.

Federal Investigation Agency has announced the various jobs for Assistant Sub Inspector Investigation, Sub Inspector Investigation, Steno typist, UDC, LDC, Assistant Sub Inspector, Constables, Constable Driver and many others.

FIA Vacancies and its Scale:-

  • 07 Assistants BPS-15
  • 20 Stenotypists   BPS-14
  • 74 Sub Inspectors Investigation  BPS-14
  • 11 Upper Division Clerks (UDC)  BPS-11
  • 26 Assistant Sub Inspectors (ASI)  BPS-09
  • 51 Lower Division Clerks (LDC)  BPS-09
  • 45 Constable Drivers  BPS-05
  • 368 Constables BPS-05
  • 03 Dispatch Riders  BPS-014
  • 30 Drivers / SCD  BPS-014
  • 05 Naib Qasid BPS-01 
  • 02 Chowkidar BPS-01 
  • 01 Cook  BPS-01 
  • 02 Khalasi BPS-01 
  • 01 Sweeper BPS-01 
  • 01 Mali BPS-01 
  • 01 Helper BPS-01 


Last Date to Apply is 5th of March 2018. Don’t wait for the last date please apply as soon as possible.


1.Micheal Jackson

Michael Jackson was an American recording artist, dancer, singer-songwriter, musician, and philanthropist and was born at August 29, 1958.  He was very famous, especially in dancing. He was also known as King of Pop in the whole world and was considered as the most successful entertainer of all time.

H died on June 25, 2009. His contribution to music, dance, and fashion, along with a personal life, made him a global figure in popular culture for more than four decades.

2. Bill Gates

He is a great leader for his Microsoft Company, and he is a very generous person. He was born on October 28, 1955. He surpassed all of his classmates, especially in Science and Math. Gates was accepted to Harvard University. However, they didn’t graduate in Harvard.

 He continuously works hard to make his Microsoft Company better and convenient for the people.

3. Barack Hussein Obama II

Obama was born on August 4, 1961, and was the 44th President of the United States. He is the first African American to hold the office. Obama signed economic stimulus legislation in the form of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act in February 2009.

Obama declared his intention to seek re-election in the 2012 presidential election.

4. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is the 17th years old soul singing guy and famous in the whole world. In his own interview, he said “I started singing about three years ago,” says the Canadian native who grew up an only child in Stratford”.

In October of 2008, Justin Bieber officially signed to Island Records. His first single, “One Time” produced by Tricky, is about one of Justin’s favorite topics, puppy love.

5. Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar is an Indian cricketer and was born on 24 April 1973.  He went to Sharadashram Vidyamandir School where he started his cricketing career under coach Ramakant Achrekar. Sachin played his first international match against Pakistan in Karachi in 1989, facing the likes of Wasim Akram, Imran Khan, Abdul Qadir.

Sachin married Anjali Mehta, the pediatrician daughter of Gujarati industrialist Anand Mehta, in 1995.

6. Tiger Woods

He was very famous Athlete and was born on December 30, 1975, in Cypress, California. At the age of 8 years, Woods had become extremely proficient at the game, showing off his skills on such television shows as “Good Morning America”.

7. the Undertaker

Mark William (born March 24, 1965) is an American professional wrestler. The Undertaker has two contrasting gimmicks. Undertaker is the longest-tenured performer in WWE history.

8. John Cena

John Cena was born on April 23, 1977, in West Newbury, Massachusetts. He was a most famous wrestler and won many wrestling competitions. In October 2007, Cena lost his WWE Championship title because of an injury.

Beside from wrestling, John has also made his name in the movie business. Recently, he has completed his new movie “12 Rounds” produced by WWE Films. “12 Rounds” was said to be completed when John suffered from his injury in 2007.

9. Qaid-e-azam

Qaid-e-azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was born on 25 December 1876 in Karachi, Pakistan. He struggled a lot and made a Pakistan as a separate country from India. He was also a very famous lawyer.

His father had a trade business but he had not any interest in his father business. By his best effort, he made Pakistan on 14 August 1947 and finally died on 21 April 1948.

10. Roger Federer

He was born on 8th August 1981 . He is the famous Tennis player in the whole world. He has started playing tennis at the age of three years and for several years he was an outstanding player at both tennis and soccer in the world.When he reached 14 years, he decided to carry on only Tennis.

Roger always concentrate on high-quality timepieces manufactured by Lacroix in television and social medium commercials.

Artificial Intelligence participation in next cold war

With artificial intelligence weapons on both sides, are we in a new cold war?

It is easy to confuse the current geopolitical situation with that of the 1980s. The United States and Russia each accuse the other of interfering in domestic affairs. Russia has annexed territory over U.S. objections, raising concerns about military conflict.

As during the Cold War after World War II, nations are developing and building weapons based on advanced technology. During the Cold War, the weapon of choice was nuclear missiles; today it's software, whether its used for attacking computer systems or targets in the real world.

Russian rhetoric about the importance of artificial intelligence is picking up – and with good reason: As artificial intelligence software develops, it will be able to make decisions based on more data, and more quickly, than humans can handle. As someone who researches the use of AI for applications as diverse as dronesself-driving vehicles and cybersecurity, I worry that the world may be entering – or perhaps already in – another cold war, fueled by AI. And I'm not alone.

Modern cold war

Just like the the Cold War in the 1940s and 1950s, each side has reason to fear its opponent gaining a technological upper hand. In a recent meeting at the Strategic Missile Academy near Moscow, Russian President Vladmir Putin suggested that AI may be the way Russia can rebalance the power shift created by the U.S. outspending Russia nearly 10-to-1 on defense each year. Russia's state-sponsored RT media reported AI was "key to Russia beating [the] U.S. in defense."

It sounds remarkably like the rhetoric of the Cold War, where the United States and the Soviets each built up enough nuclear weapons to kill everyone on Earth many times over. This arms race led to the concept of mutual assured destruction: Neither side could risk engaging in open war without risking its own ruin. Instead, both sides stockpiled weapons and dueled indirectly via smaller armed conflicts and political disputes.

Now, more than 30 years after the end of the Cold War, the U.S. and Russia have decommissioned tens of thousands of nuclear weapons. However, tensions are growing. Any modern-day cold war would include cyberattacks and nuclear powers' involvement in allies' conflicts. It's already happening.

Both countries have expelled the other's diplomats. Russia has annexedpart of Crimea. The Turkey-Syria border war has even been called a "proxy war" between the U.S. and Russia.

Both countries – and many others too – still have nuclear weapons, but their use by a major power is still unthinkable to most. However, recentreports show increased public concern that countries might use them.

A world of cyberconflict

Cyberweapons, however, particularly those powered by AI, are still considered fair game by both sides.

Russia and Russian-supporting hackers have spied electronically, launched cyberattacks against power plantsbanks, hospitals and transportation systems – and against U.S. elections. Russian cyberattackers have targeted the Ukraine and U.S. allies Britain and Germany.

The U.S. is certainly capable of responding and may have done so.

Putin has said he views artificial intelligence as "the future, not only for Russia, but for all humankind." In September 2017, he told students that the nation that "becomes the leader in this sphere will become the ruler of the world." Putin isn't saying he'll hand over the nuclear launch codes to a computer, though science fiction has portrayed computers launching missiles. He is talking about many other uses for AI.

AI control of non-nuclear weapons

AI can also be used to control non-nuclear weapons including unmanned vehicles like drones and cyberweapons. Unmanned vehicles must be able to operate while their communications are impaired – which requires onboard AI control. AI control also prevents a group that's being targetedfrom stopping or preventing a drone attack by destroying its control facility, because control is distributed, both physically and electronically.

Cyberweapons may, similarly, need to operate beyond the range of communications. And reacting to them may require such rapid responsethat the responses would be best launched and controlled by AI systems.

AI-coordinated attacks can launch cyber or real-world weapons almost instantly, making the decision to attack before a human even notices a reason to. AI systems can change targets and techniques faster than humans can comprehend, much less analyze. For instance, an AI system might launch a drone to attack a factory, observe drones responding to defend, and launch a cyberattack on those drones, with no noticeable pause.

Native C++ APIs for Email Programming

Aspose.Email for C++ allows developers to create, read, edit and convert Outlook and other popular email message formats (MSG, EML, EMLX and MHT) programmatically without the requirement of Office Automation. Some other advanced email features such as management of the message storage files including PST & OST are also supported.

Product News

Signing PDF Documents in .NET Standard 2.0

Aspose.Words for .NET is the most advanced word documents processing API allowing to manipulate documents within any types of .NET applications. Saving to BMP image formats and signing of PDF documents is now supported in .NET Standard 2.0. Read more details here.

Export Visio Shape to PDF and HTML formats in .NET

Aspose.Diagram for .NET 17.12 allows developers to retrieve and export Visio shape to PDF and HTML formats. To achieve these features, ToPdf and ToHTMLmethods are added in the Shape class. Read more details here

PDF Text Extraction Error Reporting in Java Applications

It was observed that the TextAbsorber class was not retrieving the text correctly when a PDF document used PDF Type 3 fonts. Now Aspose.Pdf for Java 17.12 implements a functionality in the PDF API to report text extraction error that has been implemented for TextAbsorber and TextFragmentAbsorber classes. Read more details here

Generate QR Barcode with Version Setting in Java and JasperReports

Aspose.BarCode allows developers to generate QR coded barcode by setting its version number in JasperReports and Java applications. A new property BarCodeBuilder.setQRVersion has been introduced in Java to define these settings.

Its my claim that PTI is the most popular party in the Pakistan's history- Imran Khan

Well, It does have the potential to become in future.You can't become the most popular party in like 7 years after you become famous.It will take time.

Bhutto's ppp junoon was really high.No other political party can compare to it for now.But, It might change in future once pti gets government and changes this country.


Hi IK,
I am PTI supporter but will vote on these grounds
Education of Candidate
In case, the PTI candidate is least educated and PPP field an educated one, despite PTI supporter have no choice to vote for PPPP candidate.
Living in The Constituency
Suppose you tried to give a ticket to an outsider, I can't travel to meet with my representative so my vote will be for a candidate who is from constituency.
Clean Person
Please don't expect I will vote for Nazar Gondal kind of Candidates.
I am using Party at the end is because, Party is because of the people. If PTI awarded ticket to wrong people then we are going to have lot of Ayesha Gulalai.


PTI iss waqt urooj per hai<<K's hallucinations...Pai saab shaidayee ho chukay hain...Tera bera gharaq ho Peerni tu nain ye kia ker dia


koi IK ko samjhaye popular hona or election k din vote parna two different things 

i think reality may sochna chaye jin k sath wasta hay unko god father kaha hay or 30 sal say govt may how u beat them not from popularity from vote.


Above listed are the people comments on this post.

Sciences and Studies - Names of Fields

We are providing all science fields with their names. 

This list defines 633 sciences, arts and studies of various degrees of respectability and rarity, ranging from the common and esteemed (chemistry) to the obscure and quirky (peristerophily). Over the past century, the range and scope of scientific endeavors have expanded exponentially, so that practically any field of study has a name associated with it. Most of these terms end in 'ology', from the Greek logos, meaning 'word'.


Word Definition
acarology study of mites
accidence grammar book; the science of inflections in grammar
aceology therapeutics
ecology study of medical remedies
acoustics science of sound
adenology study of glands
aedoeology science of generative organs
aerobiology study of airborne organisms
aerodonetics science or study of gliding
aerodynamics dynamics of gases; science of movement in a flow of air or gas
aerolithology study of aerolites; meteorites
aerology study of the atmosphere
aeronautics study of navigation through air or space
aerophilately collecting of air-mail stamps
aerostatics science of air pressure; art of ballooning
agonistics art and theory of prize-fighting
agriology the comparative study of primitive peoples
agrobiology study of plant nutrition; soil yields
agrology study of agricultural soils
agronomics study of productivity of land
agrostology science or study of grasses
alethiology study of truth
algedonics science of pleasure and pain
algology study of algae
anaesthesiology study of anaesthetics
anaglyptics art of carving in bas-relief
anagraphy art of constructing catalogues
anatomy study of the structure of the body
andragogy science of teaching adults
anemology study of winds
angelology study of angels
angiology study of blood flow and lymphatic system
anthropobiology study of human biology
anthropology study of human cultures
aphnology science of wealth
apiology study of bees
arachnology study of spiders
archaeology study of human material remains
archelogy the study of first principles
archology science of the origins of government
arctophily study of teddy bears
areology study of Mars
aretaics the science of virtue
aristology the science or art of dining
arthrology study of joints
astacology the science of crayfish
astheniology study of diseases of weakening and aging
astrogeology study of extraterrestrial geology
astrology study of influence of stars on people
astrometeorology study of effect of stars on climate
astronomy study of celestial bodies
astrophysics study of behaviour of interstellar matter
astroseismology study of star oscillations
atmology the science of aqueous vapour
audiology study of hearing
autecology study of ecology of one species
autology scientific study of oneself
auxology science of growth
avionics the science of electronic devices for aircraft
axiology the science of the ultimate nature of values
bacteriology study of bacteria
balneology the science of the therapeutic use of baths
barodynamics science of the support and mechanics of bridges
barology study of gravitation
batology the study of brambles
bibliology study of books
bibliotics study of documents to determine authenticity
bioecology study of interaction of life in the environment
biology study of life
biometrics study of biological measurement
bionomics study of organisms interacting in their environments
botany study of plants
bromatology study of food
brontology scientific study of thunder
bryology the study of mosses and liverworts
cacogenics study of racial degeneration
caliology study of bird's nests
calorifics study of heat
cambistry science of international exchange
campanology the art of bell ringing
carcinology study of crabs and other crustaceans
cardiology study of the heart
caricology study of sedges
carpology study of fruit
cartography the science of making maps and globes
cartophily the hobby of collecting cigarette cards
castrametation the art of designing a camp
catacoustics science of echoes or reflected sounds
catalactics science of commercial exchange
catechectics the art of teaching by question and answer
cetology study of whales and dolphins
chalcography the art of engraving on copper or brass
chalcotriptics art of taking rubbings from ornamental brasses
chaology the study of chaos or chaos theory
characterology study of development of character
chemistry study of properties of substances
chirocosmetics beautifying the hands; art of manicure
chirography study of handwriting or penmanship
chirology study of the hands
chiropody medical science of feet
chorology science of the geographic description of anything
chrematistics the study of wealth; political economy
chronobiology study of biological rhythms
chrysology study of precious metals
ciselure the art of chasing metal
climatology study of climate
clinology study of aging or individual decline after maturity
codicology study of manuscripts
coleopterology study of beetles and weevils
cometology study of comets
conchology study of shells
coprology study of pornography
cosmetology study of cosmetics
cosmology study of the universe
craniology study of the skull
criminology study of crime; criminals
cryobiology study of life under cold conditions
cryptology study of codes
cryptozoology study of animals for whose existence there is no conclusive proof
ctetology study of the inheritance of acquired characteristics
cynology scientific study of dogs
cytology study of living cells
dactyliology study of rings
dactylography the study of fingerprints
dactylology study of sign language
deltiology the collection and study of picture postcards
demology study of human behaviour
demonology study of demons
dendrochronology study of tree rings
dendrology study of trees
deontology the theory or study of moral obligation
dermatoglyphics the study of skin patterns and fingerprints
dermatology study of skin
desmology study of ligaments
diabology study of devils
diagraphics art of making diagrams or drawings
dialectology study of dialects
dioptrics study of light refraction
diplomatics science of deciphering ancient writings and texts
diplomatology study of diplomats
docimology the art of assaying
dosiology the study of doses
dramaturgy art of producing and staging dramatic works
dysgenics the study of racial degeneration
dysteleology study of purposeless organs
ecclesiology study of church affairs
eccrinology study of excretion
ecology study of environment
economics study of material wealth
edaphology study of soils
Egyptology study of ancient Egypt
ekistics study of human settlement
electrochemistry study of relations between electricity and chemicals
electrology study of electricity
electrostatics study of static electricity
embryology study of embryos
emetology study of vomiting
emmenology the study of menstruation
endemiology study of local diseases
endocrinology study of glands
enigmatology study of enigmas
entomology study of insects
entozoology study of parasites that live inside larger organisms
enzymology study of enzymes
ephebiatrics branch of medicine dealing with adolescence
epidemiology study of diseases; epidemics
epileptology study of epilepsy
epistemology study of grounds of knowledge
eremology study of deserts
ergology study of effects of work on humans
ergonomics study of people at work
escapology study of freeing oneself from constraints
eschatology study of death; final matters
ethnogeny study of origins of races or ethnic groups
ethnology study of cultures
ethnomethodology study of everyday communication
ethnomusicology study of comparative musical systems
ethology study of natural or biological character
ethonomics study of economic and ethical principles of a society
etiology the science of causes; especially of disease
etymology study of origins of words
euthenics science concerned with improving living conditions
exobiology study of extraterrestrial life
floristry the art of cultivating and selling flowers
fluviology study of watercourses
folkloristics study of folklore and fables
futurology study of future
garbology study of garbage
gastroenterology study of stomach; intestines
gastronomy study of fine dining
gemmology study of gems and jewels
genealogy study of descent of families
genesiology study of reproduction and heredity
genethlialogy the art of casting horoscopes
geochemistry study of chemistry of the earth's crust
geochronology study of measuring geological time
geogeny science of the formation of the earth's crust
geogony study of formation of the earth
geography study of surface of the earth and its inhabitants
geology study of earth's crust
geomorphogeny study of the origins of land forms
geoponics study of agriculture
geotechnics study of increasing habitability of the earth
geratology study of decadence and decay
gerocomy study of old age
gerontology study of the elderly; aging
gigantology study of giants
glaciology study of ice ages and glaciation
glossology study of language; study of the tongue
glyptography the art of engraving on gems
glyptology study of gem engravings
gnomonics the art of measuring time using sundials
gnosiology study of knowledge; philosophy of knowledge
gnotobiology study of life in germ-free conditions
graminology study of grasses
grammatology study of systems of writing
graphemics study of systems of representing speech in writing
graphology study of handwriting
gromatics science of surveying
gynaecology study of women’s physiology
gyrostatics the study of rotating bodies
haemataulics study of movement of blood through blood vessels
hagiology study of saints
halieutics study of fishing
hamartiology study of sin
harmonics study of musical acoustics
hedonics part of ethics or psychology dealing with pleasure
helcology study of ulcers
heliology science of the sun
helioseismology study of sun's interior by observing its surface oscillations
helminthology study of worms
hematology study of blood
heortology study of religious feasts
hepatology study of liver
heraldry study of coats of arms
heresiology study of heresies
herpetology study of reptiles and amphibians
hierology science of sacred matters
hippiatrics study of diseases of horses
hippology the study of horses
histology study of the tissues of organisms
histopathology study of changes in tissue due to disease
historiography study of writing history
historiology study of history
homiletics the art of preaching
hoplology the study of weapons
horography art of constructing sundials or clocks
horology science of time measurement
horticulture study of gardening
hydrobiology study of aquatic organisms
hydrodynamics study of movement in liquids
hydrogeology study of ground water
hydrography study of investigating bodies of water
hydrokinetics study of motion of fluids
hydrology study of water resources
hydrometeorology study of atmospheric moisture
hydropathy study of treating diseases with water
hyetology science of rainfall
hygiastics science of health and hygiene
hygienics study of sanitation; health
hygiology hygienics; study of cleanliness
hygrology study of humidity
hygrometry science of humidity
hymnography study of writing hymns
hymnology study of hymns
hypnology study of sleep; study of hypnosis
hypsography science of measuring heights
iamatology study of remedies
iatrology treatise or text on medical topics; study of medicine
iatromathematics archaic practice of medicine in conjunction with astrology
ichnography art of drawing ground plans; a ground plan
ichnology science of fossilized footprints
ichthyology study of fish
iconography study of drawing symbols
iconology study of icons; symbols
ideogeny study of origins of ideas
ideology science of ideas; system of ideas used to justify behaviour
idiomology study of idiom, jargon or dialect
idiopsychology psychology of one's own mind
immunogenetics study of genetic characteristics of immunity
immunology study of immunity
immunopathology study of immunity to disease
insectology study of insects
irenology the study of peace
iridology study of the iris; diagnosis of disease based on the iris of the eye
kalology study of beauty
karyology study of cell nuclei
kidology study of kidding
kinematics study of motion
kinesics study of gestural communication
kinesiology study of human movement and posture
kinetics study of forces producing or changing motion
koniology study of atmospheric pollutants and dust
ktenology science of putting people to death
kymatology study of wave motion
labeorphily collection and study of beer bottle labels
larithmics study of population statistics
laryngology study of larynx
lepidopterology study of butterflies and moths
leprology study of leprosy
lexicology study of words and their meanings
lexigraphy art of definition of words
lichenology study of lichens
limacology study of slugs
limnobiology study of freshwater ecosystems
limnology study of bodies of fresh water
linguistics study of language
lithology study of rocks
liturgiology study of liturgical forms and church rituals
loimology study of plagues and epidemics
loxodromy study of sailing along rhumb-lines
magirics art of cookery
magnanerie art of raising silkworms
magnetics study of magnetism
malacology study of molluscs
malariology study of malaria
mammalogy study of mammals
manège the art of horsemanship
Mariology study of the Virgin Mary
martyrology study of martyrs
mastology study of mammals
mathematics study of magnitude, number, and forms
mazology mammalogy; study of mammals
mechanics study of action of force on bodies
meconology study of or treatise concerning opium
melittology study of bees
mereology study of part-whole relationships
mesology ecology
metallogeny study of the origin and distribution of metal deposits
metallography study of the structure and constitution of metals
metallurgy study of alloying and treating metals
metaphysics study of principles of nature and thought
metapolitics study of politics in theory or abstract
metapsychology study of nature of the mind
meteoritics the study of meteors
meteorology study of weather
metrics study of versification
metrology science of weights and measures
microanatomy study of microscopic tissues
microbiology study of microscopic organisms
microclimatology study of local climates
micrology study or discussion of trivialities
micropalaeontology study of microscopic fossils
microphytology study of very small plant life
microscopy study of minute objects
mineralogy study of minerals
molinology study of mills and milling
momilogy study of mummies
morphology study of forms and the development of structures
muscology the study of mosses
museology the study of museums
musicology study of music
mycology study of funguses
myology study of muscles
myrmecology study of ants
mythology study of myths; fables; tales
naology study of church or temple architecture
nasology study of the nose
nautics art of navigation
nematology the study of nematodes
neonatology study of newborn babies
neossology study of nestling birds
nephology study of clouds
nephrology study of the kidneys
neurobiology study of anatomy of the nervous system
neurology study of nervous system
neuropsychology study of relation between brain and behaviour
neurypnology study of hypnotism
neutrosophy study of the origin and nature of philosophical neutralities
nidology study of nests
nomology the science of the laws; especially of the mind
noology science of the intellect
nosology study of diseases
nostology study of senility
notaphily collecting of bank-notes and cheques
numerology study of numbers
numismatics study of coins
nymphology study of nymphs
obstetrics study of midwifery
oceanography study of oceans
oceanology study of oceans
odology science of the hypothetical mystical force of od
odontology study of teeth
oenology study of wines
oikology science of housekeeping
olfactology study of the sense of smell
ombrology study of rain
oncology study of tumours
oneirology study of dreams
onomasiology study of nomenclature
onomastics study of proper names
ontology science of pure being; the nature of things
oology study of eggs
ophiology study of snakes
ophthalmology study of eye diseases
optics study of light
optology study of sight
optometry science of examining the eyes
orchidology study of orchids
ornithology study of birds
orology study of mountains
orthoepy study of correct pronunciation
orthography study of spelling
orthopterology study of cockroaches
oryctology mineralogy or paleontology
osmics scientific study of smells
osmology study of smells and olfactory processes
osphresiology study of the sense of smell
osteology study of bones
otology study of the ear
otorhinolaryngology study of ear, nose and throat
paedology study of children
paedotrophy art of rearing children
paidonosology study of children's diseases; pediatrics
palaeoanthropology study of early humans
palaeobiology study of fossil plants and animals
palaeoclimatology study of ancient climates
palaeolimnology study of ancient fish
palaeolimnology study of ancient lakes
palaeontology study of fossils
palaeopedology study of early soils
paleobotany study of ancient plants
paleo-osteology study of ancient bones
palynology study of pollen
papyrology study of paper
parapsychology study of unexplained mental phenomena
parasitology study of parasites
paroemiology study of proverbs
parthenology study of virgins
pataphysics the science of imaginary solutions
pathology study of disease
patrology study of early Christianity
pedagogics study of teaching
pedology study of soils
pelology study of mud
penology study of crime and punishment
periodontics study of gums
peristerophily pigeon-collecting
pestology science of pests
petrology study of rocks
pharmacognosy study of drugs of animal and plant origin
pharmacology study of drugs
pharology study of lighthouses
pharyngology study of the throat
phenology study of organisms as affected by climate
phenomenology study of phenomena
philately study of postage stamps
philematology the act or study of kissing
phillumeny collecting of matchbox labels
philology study of ancient texts; historical linguistics
philosophy science of knowledge or wisdom
phoniatrics study and correction of speech defects
phonology study of speech sounds
photobiology study of effects of light on organisms
phraseology study of phrases
phrenology study of bumps on the head
phycology study of algae and seaweeds
physics study of properties of matter and energy
physiology study of processes of life
phytology study of plants; botany
piscatology study of fishes
pisteology science or study of faith
planetology study of planets
plutology political economy; study of wealth
pneumatics study of mechanics of gases
podiatry study and treatment of disorders of the foot; chiropody
podology study of the feet
polemology study of war
pomology study of fruit-growing
posology science of quantity or dosage
potamology study of rivers
praxeology study of practical or efficient activity; science of efficient action
primatology study of primates
proctology study of rectum
prosody study of versification
protistology study of protists
proxemics study of man’s need for personal space
psalligraphy the art of paper-cutting to make pictures
psephology study of election results and voting trends
pseudology art or science of lying
pseudoptics study of optical illusions
psychobiology study of biology of the mind
psychogenetics study of internal or mental states
psychognosy study of mentality, personality or character
psychology study of mind
psychopathology study of mental illness
psychophysics study of link between mental and physical processes
pteridology study of ferns
pterylology study of distribution of feathers on birds
pyretology study of fevers
pyrgology study of towers
pyroballogy study of artillery
pyrography study of woodburning
quinology study of quinine
raciology study of racial differences
radiology study of X-rays and their medical applications
reflexology study of reflexes
rhabdology knowledge or learning concerning divining rods
rhabdology art of calculating using numbering rods
rheology science of the deformation or flow of matter
rheumatology study of rheumatism
rhinology study of the nose
rhochrematics science of inventory management and the movement of products
runology study of runes
sarcology study of fleshy parts of the body
satanology study of the devil
scatology study of excrement or obscene literature
schematonics art of using gesture to express tones
sciagraphy art of shading
scripophily collection of bond and share certificates
sedimentology study of sediment
seismology study of earthquakes
selenodesy study of the shape and features of the moon
selenology study of the moon
semantics study of meaning
semantology science of meanings of words
semasiology study of meaning; semantics
semiology study of signs and signals
semiotics study of signs and symbols
serology study of serums
sexology study of sexual behaviour
siderography art of engraving on steel
sigillography study of seals
significs science of meaning
silvics study of tree's life
sindonology study of the shroud of Turin
Sinology study of China
sitology dietetics
sociobiology study of biological basis of human behaviour
sociology study of society
somatology science of the properties of matter
sophiology science of ideas
soteriology study of theological salvation
spectrology study of ghosts
spectroscopy study of spectra
speleology study and exploration of caves
spermology study of seeds
sphagnology study of peat moss
sphragistics study of seals and signets
sphygmology study of the pulse
splanchnology study of the entrails or viscera
spongology study of sponges
stasiology study of political parties
statics study of bodies and forces in equilibrium
stemmatology study of relationships between texts
stoichiology science of elements of animal tissues
stomatology study of the mouth
storiology study of folk tales
stratigraphy study of geological layers or strata
stratography art of leading an army
stylometry studying literature by means of statistical analysis
suicidology study of suicide
symbology study of symbols
symptomatology study of symptoms of illness
synecology study of ecological communities
synectics study of processes of invention
syntax study of sentence structure
syphilology study of syphilis
systematology study of systems
taxidermy art of curing and stuffing animals
tectonics science of structure of objects, buildings and landforms
tegestology study and collecting of beer mats
teleology study of final causes; analysis in terms of purpose
telmatology study of swamps
teratology study of monsters, freaks, abnormal growths or malformations
teuthology study of cephalopods
textology study of the production of texts
thalassography science of the sea
thanatology study of death and its customs
thaumatology study of miracles
theology study of religion; religious doctrine
theriatrics veterinary medicine
theriogenology study of animals' reproductive systems
thermodynamics study of relation of heat to motion
thermokinematics study of motion of heat
thermology study of heat
therology study of wild mammals
thremmatology science of breeding domestic animals and plants
threpsology science of nutrition
tidology study of tides
timbrology study of postage stamps
tocology obstetrics; midwifery
tonetics study of pronunciation
topology study of places and their natural features
toponymics study of place-names
toreutics study of artistic work in metal
toxicology study of poisons
toxophily love of archery; archery; study of archery
traumatology study of wounds and their effects
tribology study of friction and wear between surfaces
trichology study of hair and its disorders
trophology study of nutrition
tsiganology study of gypsies
turnery art of turning in a lathe
typhlology study of blindness and the blind
typography art of printing or using type
typology study of types of things
ufology study of alien spacecraft
uranography descriptive astronomy and mapping
uranology study of the heavens; astronomy
urbanology study of cities
urenology study of rust molds
urology study of urine; urinary tract
venereology study of venereal disease
vermeology study of worms
vexillology study of flags
victimology study of victims
vinology scientific study of vines and winemaking
virology study of viruses
vitrics glassy materials; glassware; study of glassware
volcanology study of volcanoes
vulcanology study of volcanoes
xylography art of engraving on wood
xylology study of wood
zenography study of the planet Jupiter
zoiatrics veterinary surgery
zooarchaeology study of animal remains of archaeological sites
zoochemistry chemistry of animals
zoogeography study of geographic distribution of animals
zoogeology study of fossil animal remains
zoology study of animals
zoonomy animal physiology
zoonosology study of animal diseases
zoopathology study of animal diseases
zoophysics physics of animal bodies
zoophysiology study of physiology of animals
zoophytology study of plant-like animals
zoosemiotics study of animal communication
zootaxy science of classifying animals
zootechnics science of breeding animals
zygology science of joining and fastening
zymology science of fermentation
zymurgy branch of chemistry dealing with brewing and distilling


We hope this article will help you to understand each field.


Italy University of Gastronomic Sciences Undergraduate Scholarships 2018

Scholarship Description: The University of Gastronomic Sciences is currently accepting applications for a three-year undergraduate degree in Gastronomic Sciences and Cultures.

The Three-Year Undergraduate Degree in Gastronomic Sciences and Cultures is designed to train multi-skilled professionals able to work and carry out research in many different fields connected to food systems.

Scholarship Provider: The University of Gastronomic Sciences, founded in 2004 by the international non-profit association Slow Food in cooperation with the Italian regions of Piedmont and Emilia-Romagna, is a ministerially recognized, private non-profit institution. Its goal is to create an international research and education center for those working on renewing farming methods, protecting biodiversity, and building an organic relationship between gastronomy and agricultural science.


Degree Level: Scholarships are available to pursue undergraduate programme.

Available Subject: Scholarships are awarded in Gastronomic Sciences and Cultures.

Scholarship Benefits: UNISG scholarships are available to applicants of all nationalities, and can be applied for once the online application procedures have been completed.

Non-Italian students can apply for a university fee exemption if they meet all the following requirements:

  • income and property situation does not exceed the limits indicated in the public announcements
  • have been admitted to the university’s three-year undergraduate degree program for the 2018/2019 academic year with a minimum admission score of 75 out of 100

Scholarships are assigned exclusively to students beginning their first year and can be renewed for the second and third year. UNISG scholarships do not consist of a direct distribution of funds, but rather a partial or full exemption from university fees.

Eligible Nationalities: Students from all countries are eligible to apply.

  • Entrance Requirements: To be eligible for this scholarship you must meet the following requirements:
  • Italian high school graduates – students who have a secondary school diploma obtained in Italy;
  • Graduating Italian high school students – students who will obtain their high school diploma, in Italy, in 2017;
  • Non-Italian high school graduates* – students who have earned a non-Italian high school degree and are eligible for university enrollment (as reported on the Declaration of Value (Dichiarazione di Valore) issued by the relevant consular authorities).

*Important information for applicants with a U.S. High School Diploma: According to the “Regulations on foreign students’ access to university courses in the period 2011-2014?, updated on 15 April 2013, US candidates must possess one of the following:

(1) A U.S. high school diploma and at least 3 successfully completed Advanced Placement exams
(2) Two years of college or university credit with all exams passed

For more information, please contact the Italian embassy or consulate in the United States. All non-EU candidates must enroll through the Italian consulate nearest their place of residence. Candidates should contact the Italian consulate as soon as possible to ensure sufficient time to complete the enrollment process.

Applicants whose native language is not English must have a minimum level of English language proficiency equivalent to a B2-level, (in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) demonstrated at the English language entrance examination.

Applicants whose native language is not Italian must have a minimum level of knowledge of the Italian language equal to A1/A2 (in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) demonstrated during the Italian language interview/admission test.

English Language Requirements: Applicants whose native language is not English must have a minimum level of English language proficiency equivalent to a B2-level, (in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) demonstrated at the English language entrance examination.

Applicants whose native language is not Italian must have a minimum level of knowledge of the Italian language equal to A1/A2 (in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) demonstrated during the Italian language interview/admission test.

Application Procedure: In order to apply to the three-year undergraduate program in Gastronomic Sciences and Cultures, candidates must:

  • Complete the registration process
  • Upload the supporting dossier
  • Complete the written test
  • Complete an online interview       

Scholarship Link

Deadline: July 3, 2018

UK BPTC Excellence Award at BPP University Law School 2018

Scholarship Description: The BPP University Law School is inviting applications for BPTC Excellence Award. The excellence award is for those that have applied for the BPTC and have, or are predicted, a 1st in their undergraduate degree.

Scholarship Provider: BPP University Law School is a private, for-profit provider of professional and academic legal education in the United Kingdom. It has eight branches in Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Leeds, Liverpool, London and Manchester.

Degree Level: Scholarships are available for pursuing undergraduate degree programme.
Available Subject: Scholarships are awarded to study the subjects offered by the university.
Scholarship Benifits: There is a total fund of £100,000 available, with individual awards of up to £5,000.


Eligible Nationalities:  Citizens of all nationalities are eligible to apply.

Eligibility Criteria: To apply for this scholarship you must have one of the following:

  • A ‘1st’ class degree result, or
  • A penultimate year result of a 1st if you are still completing your degree, or
  • A predicted 1st

English Language Requirements: If English is not your first language then you will need to show that your English language skills are at a high enough level to succeed in your studies.

Application Procedure: The student will also need to provide a 500-word summary detailing why you should be considered for the scholarship, demonstrating your commitment to your chosen career. To apply, please complete the Online Scholarship Application form and attach a copy of your most recent CV.

Scholarship Link

Deadline: March 1, 2018

Thailand 700 Training Fellowships and 70 Postgraduate Scholarships for Developing Countries 2018

Scholarship Description: The Thailand International Cooperation Agency (TICA) in cooperation with Thai Universities/Academic Institutions is offering the scholarships for master’s Degree/Diploma Certificates through the Thailand International Postgraduate (TIPP) for 2018.

Scholarship Provider: Thailand International Cooperation Agency (TICA) was established on 19 October 2004 by a Royal Decree to serve the Royal Thai Government as a focal agency under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand in administrating international development cooperations.

Candidates must have a good command of English. Candidates whose English is not the first language/Bachelor’s degree was not taught in English/ who is from a country other than New Zealand, USA, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada has to pass an English Language proficiency test according to criteria announced by University regulations.


Degree Level: Scholarships are available for pursuing postgraduate programme.
Available Subject: Scholarships focus on development topics of their expertise which can be categorized under five themes namely; Food Security, Climate Change, Public Health, other topics related to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and “Sufficiency Economy Philosophy” or SEP.
Scholarship Benefits: Successful candidates will be offered an award which covers:

  • Return economy class airfare
  • Accommodation allowance
  • Living allowance
  • Book allowance
  • Thesis allowance
  • Settlement allowance
  • Insurance
  • Airport meeting service

Number of Scholarships: TICA offers over 700 training fellowships and 70 postgraduate scholarships. Each eligible countries/territory can nominate up to five (5) candidates per academic program.
Eligible Nationalities: Citizens of developing countries are eligible to apply.
Eligibility Criteria:

  • Candidates must be nominated by central government agencies in a country from the TIPP eligible countries/territories list.
  • Candidates should be an officer or agent (preferably from government agencies) currently working in the area related to the course provided.
  • Candidates must have bachelor degree and/or professional experience related field or related to graduate degree.
  • Candidates must have a good command of English.
  • It is recommended that candidates be less than 50 years of age.
  • Candidates must have good physical and mental condition.
  • TICA reserves the rights to revoke scholarship offered to participants who are pregnant during the period of study or violate rules and regulations.
  • Other requirements apart from these will be under consideration by the University regulations.

English Language Requirements: Candidates must have a good command of English. Candidates whose English is not the first language/Bachelor’s degree was not taught in English/ who is from a country other than New Zealand, USA, the United kingdom, Australia, Canada has to pass and English Language proficiency test according to criteria announced by University regulations.

Application Procedure:

The nomination must be supported by the following four documents;

  • Application form
  • Medical Report
  • Transcript
  • Recommendation letters
  • English score (e.g. TOEFL/IELTS)
  • One original with two (2) copies of all forms duly filled out, counter-signed and stamped by the authorized person must be submitted.

The nomination must be made by central government agencies in charge of the nomination of national candidates (such as Ministry of Foreign Affairs) or by relevant central government agencies for which the nominated candidates currently work. The nomination must be in line with relevant rules and regulations of the nominating countries/territories.

Each eligible countries/territory can nominate up to five (5) candidates per academic program.

  • The nomination must be submitted to TICA through the Royal Thai Embassy/ Permanent Mission of Thailand to the United Nations/ Royal Thai Consulate-General accredited to eligible countries/territories. (See “List of Eligible Countries/Territories”)
  • Originals of nomination documents, duly filled out, must be received no later than a specified deadline for each academic program.
  • The application form must be filled in the typed-block letter.

Online Application

Scholarship Link

Deadline: Each embassy has a different deadline.

UK University of East Anglia Scholarships for international development 2018

Scholarship Description: The School of International Development at the University of East Anglia is inviting applications for Postgraduate Scholarships in the International Development in the UK. UK/EU/International students are eligible to apply for this scholarship programme.

Scholarship Provider: The School of International Development at the University of East Anglia is a leading global centre of excellence in research and teaching in international development. We are committed to making a real difference in the world. The results of the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2014 rank the School of International Development 4th (Times Higher Education) in the country for overall research, with 74% of our research ranked “World-leading” or “Internationally excellent”. We are ranked in the World Top 15 for Development Studies in the QS World Rankings 2018.

All applicants to the University of East Anglia must be able to demonstrate an acceptable level of English language before they can be admitted onto any course or programme.


Degree Level: Scholarships are available to pursue Postgraduate programme.

Available Subject: Scholarships are awarded in International Development.

  • Postgraduate Programmes:
  • MA Agriculture and Rural Development
  • MSc Climate Change and International Development
  • MA Conflict, Governance, and International Development
  • MSc Development Economics
  • MSc Development Practice
  • MA Education and Development
  • MSc Environment and International Development
  • MA Gender Analysis in International Development
  • MA Globalisation, Business, and Sustainable Development
  • MSc Impact Evaluation for International Development
  • MA International Development
  • MA International Social Development
  • MA Media and International Development
  • MSc Water Security and International Development

Scholarship Award: These can cover part or full tuition fees (UK/EU/International rates) and help support living costs and travel expenses.

Eligible Nationalities: UK/EU/International students are eligible to apply for this scholarship programme.

 Eligibility Criteria: To be eligible for this scholarship you must meet the following requirements:

  • Level: Postgraduate Taught
  • Course: Any degree within the School of International Development

English Language Requirements: International applicants are required to provide evidence of proficiency in the English language if English is not their first language.

 Application Procedure: To be considered for an award, you should submit your application for admission to a Postgraduate Master’s course.

Please check our website for more information and details about how to apply for all of the Faculty of Social Sciences Scholarships and Bursaries offered and their associated application requirements.

Scholarship Link

Deadline: July 31, 2018

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Ahmad Shahzad returns for New Zealand T20Is

Right-handed opener Ahmad Shahzad made yet another comeback for Pakistan as he was included in the 15-man squad for the upcoming three-match T20I series against New Zealand.


The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) National Selection Committee headed by Inzamam-ul Haq announced the decision after consultation with captain Sarfraz Ahmed and head coach Mickey Arthur on Wednesday.

All-rounder Imad Wasim, who missed out in the ODI series due to the knee injury, will not be able to recover in time for the series and therefore all-rounder Mohammad Nawaz will take his place in the squad.

“Imad Wasim was yet to recover from his knee injury and was told to continue his rehabilitation at the NCA,” said Inzamam. “Mohammad Nawaz has been named to replace Imad Wasim. Sohaib Maqsood was not considered for selection due to the back injury, and will undergo rehabilitation at the NCA.”

Squad: Sarfraz Ahmed, Fakhar Zaman, Ahmed Shehzad, Babar Azam, Shoaib Malik, Harris Sohail, Mohammad Hafeez, Mohammad Nawaz, Shadab Khan, Faheem Ashraf, Amir Yamin, Muhammad Amir, Hasan Ali, Rumman Raees, Umar Amin.

Market watch: KSE-100’s 13-session positive streak ends

The stock market took a much-anticipated breather on Tuesday, as the KSE-100 Index lost 298 points to fall below the 43,000 level.

The negative finish also brought to an end a 13-session winning streak for the benchmark-100 share index with heavyweight automobile and cement sectors witnessing selling pressure.

Several prominent names in the fertiliser and commercial banking sectors also closed in the red zone as high reported selling and profit-taking took their toll on the index.


After a steep rise at the start of the session, the index maintained a downward trajectory, touching 42,566 points at one point before eventually rising again by almost 250 points.

At close on Tuesday, the KSE-100 Index ended with a decrease of 297.78 points or 0.69% to finish at 42,814.34.

Elixir Securities’ analyst Ali Raza said equities closed lower on Tuesday, snapping a 13-session positive run that added over 13.5% and close to 5,000 points to the KSE-100 Index.

“The market opened positive, but failed to carry the momentum as uncertain political environment in Baluochistan gave equities a good enough excuse to take a breather,” said Raza.

“Oil and gas exploration companies, financials and cements sunk in early trading and closed the day lower on profit-booking with Habib Bank HBL PA -2.4%, United Bank UBL PA -2.2%, Pakistan Petroeluem PPL PA -1.1% and OGDC PA -1% denting KSE-100 Index the most.

“Meanwhile, fertilisers and gas utilities again had a field day with the former remaining in the limelight as investors bet on upcoming fertiliser policy to benefit the industry, while the latter continued gains on euphoria over approval of third LNG pipeline.

“Consolidation maybe seen at current levels with chartists recommending strong support near 42,500 levels,” Raza added.

Overall, trading volume decreased to 225 million shares, compared with Monday’s tally of 270 million.

Shares of 370 companies were traded. At the end of the day, 132 stocks closed higher, 217 declined while 21 remained unchanged. The value of shares traded during the day was Rs9.75 billion.

TRG Pak was the volume leader with 23.5 million shares, gaining Rs1.36 to close at Rs30.78. It was followed by WorldCall Telecom with 19.4 million shares, losing Rs0.17 to close at Rs3.00 and Pak Elektron with 16.01 million shares, gaining Rs2.23 to close at Rs53.92.

Seven martyred in blast near Balochistan Assembly

At least seven people, including five Balochistan Constabulary personnel, have been martyred, after a suicide bomber struck a security forces truck in Quetta, according to hospital and security officials.

The attack, claimed by the outlawed Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan on Tuesday, took place on GPO Chowk, a busy street in a high-security zone some 300 metres from the Balochistan Assembly.

The blast targeted the police truck where the security personnel were standing after performing their duties at the assembly building. “A suicide bomber was believed to have walked up to the truck and blown himself up,” a senior police officer said.

Five security personnel died on the spot as a result of the explosion while 16 others, including eight security personnel, sustained injuries.

The attack took place hours after Sanaullah Zehri resigned as chief minister of Balochistan, although there was no indication that the blast was connected to provincial politics.

“Due to the assembly session, the vicinity of Balochistan Assembly building was completely cordoned off and heavy contingents of security personnel were deployed,” Inspector General Police Mozzam Jah Ansari told media after visiting the blast site.

“The attack occurred after the assembly proceedings ended,” he added.

The blast has drawn widespread condemnation and reactions from across the country:

Rescue workers and law-enforcement agencies rushed to the spot and shifted the bodies and injured to Civil Hospital Quetta. The hospital was completely cordoned off by the Frontier Corps and police soon after the suicide attack.

More than 900 police and Balochistan Constabulary personnel were deployed inside and outside the Zarghoon Road to protect the Balochistan Assembly session.

Refuting speculation that the suicide bomber wanted to target the assembly session where a no-confidence motion against the chief minister was to be discussed, the IG Police said, “The actual point of the blast is exactly on the opposite direction of the assembly.”

“The attack happened after almost an hour after the assembly proceedings were completed that indicates the suicide bomber wanted to target security personnel guarding the people of Balochistan.”

Former home minister Mir Sarfaraz Bugti strongly condemned the atrocity and tweeted, “The latest terror attack in by terrorists is an attempt to portray negatively amidst Chief Minister’s resignation. Fight against terrorism will continue despite the change of government in the province.”

Bashir Ahmed, a witness of the blast said, we were stuck in traffic blockade after all roads leading towards Assembly were completely shut, “Soon after traffic resumed we heard a powerful explosion and my three friends sitting with in a car received injuries.”

Medical Superintendent (MS) Civil Hospital Shahjahan Panezai said, at least 16 injured have been shifted to Trauma Center while emergency had been declared in the hospital minutes after the blast.

Many MPAs were present inside the Assembly when the blast occurred.

MQM-P leader Shahid Pasha returns after 24-day ‘forced disappearance’

After ‘disappearing’ for the last 24 days, Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P) leader Shahid Pasha has reportedly returned to the party headquarters in Karachi’s Bahadurabad area.

Pasha met with Amir Khan and other party leaders and apprised them about his ‘forced disappearance’ after suddenly turning up at the MQM-P head-office on Monday night, Express News reported.

He, however, left for home without speaking to media representatives. Other party leaders also avoided commenting on the episode on the occasion.


The family of the MQM -Pakistan’s deputy convener had moved the Sindh High Court (SHC) seeking his whereabouts two days after his disappearance in mysterious circumstances last month.

His wife had claimed that the personnel of law enforcement agencies intercepted the car Pasha was traveling in with a driver near the National Stadium on December 15.

He was returning home from the party’s headquarters in Bahadurabad.

She said the personnel took away Pasha and his driver, who was later released, but her husband did not return home.

Before last month’s incident, Pasha was released from prison after an anti-terrorism court granted him bail in two cases pertaining to an incendiary speech delivered by his party founder Altaf Hussain over telephone from London in August, 2016.

The Artillery Maidan police had booked Pasha along with other party leaders on allegations of facilitating Altaf’s controversial speech delivered outside the Karachi Press Club and for praising its content.

Zubaida Tariq: A legendary force

Growing up as a girl in the Pakistani society, you had to know your totkay and your pakoray. What do you do if you can’t add wine to sauce? What’s the substitute for mascarpone cheese? How to achieve that perfect porcelain skin? How do you make the perfect gol roti to impress your in-laws? Worry not. Mrs Zubaida Tariq – or Zubaida Apaas everyone remembered her – had the answer.

Before we go deeper into emotional details. Here’s more about the woman that imprinted her presence in minds and hearts for generations to come. Zubaida Apa was born in Hyderabad Deccan, British India.

Her family migrated to Pakistan in 1947 and settled in Karachi, PIB Colony where she lived with her five older sisters and four brothers. In 1951, she lost her grandfather and then her father in 1953.

After the demise of her father, three of her sisters took over all the responsibilities of running the household. At the age of 21, Apa got married to her first cousin Tariq Maqsood.

Post her marriage in 1966, she lived on Jamshed Road and had two kids, a daughter named Shaha Tariq and a son Hussain Tariq.

Zubaida Apa was born into a prominent Urdu-speaking family known for producing littérateurs, intellectuals and artists. Her maternal granduncle was Bahadur Yar Jung, a Muslim nationalist of the Indian subcontinent.

The most notable of her siblings include Fatima Surayya Bajia – an Urdu novelist and playwright, Zehra Nigah, an Urdu poet and Anwar Maqsood, who is a popular poet, humourist, writer and entertainer. Her nephew Bilal Maqsood is the vocalist and guitarist for the very famous pop-rock band Strings.

While Anwar and Fatima had always been working in the industry as writers and creative producers, Apa’s career began much later. She appeared as the kindly matron in a cooking show and later grew to prominence as she wrote cookbooks and hosted many other programmes as well.

Apa’s first shows were all about these small household ‘totkay’ or tricks to fix little problems such as acne or badly cooked rice. For the average girl or housewife, Zubaida Aapa was a godsend.

When she first appeared onscreen, with her perfect hair, smiling disposition and cotton sari wrapped neatly across her shoulder, she captured the hearts of many women in desperate need of a domestic fairy godmother to help them out with matters of the kitchen.

She is also known to have hosted over hundreds of television and radio programmes across channels

Zubaida Apa became a household name – a force to be reckoned with. She was Pakistan’s Martha Stewart. No. She was undoubtedly better than Martha Stewart. Zubeida Apa’s legacy was free of financial controversy or fraud – She was loved for who she was and what she did all her life – which is be the kind, television mom who you could always rely on.


‘What was her appeal?’ – one wonders, as tributes come pouring in from all of Pakistan – the Pakistan that learnt how to get perfect golden brown onions and make impeccable Shahi Tukray from Zubaida Apa.

What makes her legacy so unique? With the plethora of hosts and entire channels dedicated to household programming and culinary classes, what was it about Apa that resonated with the audience on a level that made her a brand like no other?

It was perhaps her smiling demeanour and kindly nature that allowed onlookers to not see her as a teacher but as a sympathetic aunt who wanted to help out.

Her soft-spoken manner and hands-on, relatable tips and tricks were what most women, floundering under the fresh responsibilities and pressures of a new home at the in-laws, learnt from her.

Zubaida Apa stepped into the limelight to share her knowledge and her craft.  The fact that she had been a homemaker and gifted with the culinary arts, is what made her inherently relatable and admirable to many audiences across the South Asian diaspora.

There are many hosts today that have garnered love, respect, high esteem and followers that cherish and follow them religiously – but no one would have the impact that Zubaida Aapa did as a pioneer in the business.

She was exclusively known for her gastronomic, domestic and homemaking tips. Her name sold merchandise, inspired caricatures and she became the definitive and the last word on ‘home matters’. The cultural impact of her as an icon is undeniable.

Not only was she loved by millions, her unique and consistent style as a presenter, culinary artist and connoisseur will be hard to replace for many years to come.

7 useful totkay from Zubaida Apa's book of remedies

Zubaida Tariq, a household name, an icon and an inspiration for many passed away after a brief illness on Thursday night.

Talking to the media, her brother and famous writer, Anwar Maqsood confirmed the sad news, “Zubaida Apa passed away after a brief illness. Her funeral will be held at Sultan Masjid [in DHA area of Karachi] after Friday prayers.”

Zubaida Apa came to prominence in the late 90s due to her recipes and home remedies or totkas. She was regarded as a cooking mentor and thousands of people learned cooking by watching her shows.

As a tribute to the late icon, we have compiled a list of her most famous totkay. Here are seven most useful homemade remedies by Zubaida Apa, according to Khana Pakana.


1. For Oily Skin



Mix together 2 tbsp egg white, a few drops of lemon juice and olive oil, after cleansing your face apply this mask for 5-7 minutes. Rinse off with water. You can use this mask once a month.

2. For dry feet



Heat up half cup of mustard oil and half teaspoon of bee wax in pan, until wax melts. A cream like texture will form, seal this in a jar. Before going to bed, wash your feet and apply the bee wax and mustard oil cream on your feet and wear socks. Following morning wash your feet and massage with moisturizing lotion.

3. For keeping insects away from cupboards and cabinets



Dry the leaves of Neem Tree under shadow and place these dry leaves in cupboards, cabinet and ecven suitcase. Replace the leaves after a few months. Neem leaves will help in keeping insects away.

4. For removing smell from hands



Squeeze lemon juice and rub the lemon skin on hands. After that wash your hands with soap and dry your hands. At the end apply hand lotion or cold cream on your hands. Another easy remedy is massages your hands with tooth paste for a few minutes then wash.

5. For healthier hair



If you feel your hair is dry and dull, then sprinkle a little milk on them and comb. You will see that your hairs will become softer. Make a mixture of one egg, 1 tsp olive / coconut / mustard oil and 1-2 tbsp yogurt; apply on hairs once a month for half hour then shampoo hairs.

6. Glowing face mask



Mix two tablespoons of yoghurt with 3 drops of white vinegar. Apply yoghurt all over face, avoiding eyes. Leave on your face for 10 minutes and then wash off. Face mask and face pack are actually same and do the same job.

7. For fairer skin



Apply almond oil or olive oil on your neck before going to bed three times in a week. Mix 1 tbsp of yogurt with a pinch of yeast, gently massage on your neck for ten minutes. Do this twice a month (every two weeks) before taking a bath. You will surely get a positive result after a few applications.




Cricket with Pakistan not possible, says Indian FM Sushma Swaraj

India’s Foreign Minister, Sushma Swaraj, has ruled out the resumption of cricketing ties between arch-rivals Pakistan and India for the foreseeable future.


Indian media reported that Swaraj, while talking after the meeting of the consultative committee attached to the Indian foreign ministry, said that due to tensions on the border, cricket diplomacy with Pakistan is not possible.

How Pakistan fared in ODIs in 2017



“The high number of cross-border firings did not set the tone for engagements such as a cricket series,” Swaraj was quoted as saying by the local media as she was replying to the question regarding the resumptions of cricketing ties between the two countries.

Both countries have not faced each other in a bilateral series since 2012, when Pakistan — under the leadership of captain Misbahul Haq — defeated MS Dhoni’s men 2-1 in the three-match ODI series.

How Pakistan fared in T20Is in 2017

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) signed an MoU during the establishment of the Big Three, where both countries were to play eight bilateral series between 2015 and 2023, six of which were supposed to be hosted by Pakistan.

However, not even a single series has materialised.

Big Bash League: Shadab Khan, Alex Ross star as Heat down Thunders

Pakistan leg-spinner Shadab Khan produced a brilliant spell, while Alex Ross hit a quick fire 25 to help Brisbane Heat beat Sydney Thunders by six wickets on Duckworth-Lewis-Stern (DLS) method at the Gabba on Wednesday.


The match was reduced to 17 overs-a-side because of rain earlier in the day, and it was Thunders’ captain Shane Watson who won the toss and opted to bat first.

His decision paid dividends as the visitors managed to post a competitive 149-run target for Brendon McCullum-led Heats in their 17 overs.



Shadab to turn the Heat on in BBL

Star of the show for Thunders was captain Watson who scored a 56 runs off 34 balls, with the help of six fours and two maximums. He was well supported by middle-order batsman Callum Ferguson, who scored 37 off 26 courtesy four boundaries.

For the home side, Shadab was the pick of the bowlers as he claimed two wickets and gave away just 27 runs in his four overs.

Chasing a revised target of 151, Heat lost McCullum early, but wicketkeeper-batsman Jimmy Peirson’s 43 off 39 kept the home side on course for victory.

With the run-rate climbing, the hosts were in need of a real push, which came from middle-order batsman Alex Ross, who scored an unbeaten 25 off just nine balls with the help of two fours and two maximums to seal the victory for the Heat, with a ball to spare.

Saeed Ajmal praises ‘solid bowler’ Shadab Khan

Right-handed batsman Joe Burns was the top-scorer for Brisbane with an unbeaten 45 off 35 with the help of a solitary four and a six.

For Thunders, New Zealand left-arm pacer Mitchell McClenaghan accounted for two batsmen, whereas captain Watson and right-arm off-spinner Arjun Nair grabbed one wicket apiece.

For his timely cameo, Ross received the player-of-the-match award. 

Nawaz Sharif to leave for Saudi Arabia on Saturday

Nawaz Sharif is reportedly leaving for Saudi Arabia on Saturday for a high-level meeting with Saudi officials.


According to Express News, Nawaz is departing for Saudi Arabia on December 30, while Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif is already present in the country. It is also reported that Minister of Railways Khawaja Saad Rafique may also depart for the kingdom.

Conspiracy being hatched against democracy, government: Maryam Nawaz


Sources say Nawaz’s Saudi visit is political and may also be the reason why Saudi officials sent a private plane for Shehbaz. CM reached Saudi on Tuesday and met with multiple officials including Turkish prime minister Binali Yildrim.

Due to Nawaz’s travel schedule, the PML-N jalsa which was to be held in Sargodha on Wednesday was also cancelled until further notice.

Ayesha Gulalai to launch her 'own faction of PTI'

Ayesha Gulalai, the discontented MNA of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), has said that she will launch her own faction of the party – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf-Gulalai (PTI-G) – months after leveling sexual harassment allegations against her former party chief Imran Khan.


She revealed this during a meeting with PTI’s senior leader Seema Anwar recently in Lahore, a video of which has surfaced on Friday, Express News reported.

Gulalai can be seen wooing Anwar to join her forthcoming party in the video, likely filmed through a cell phone. She asked the former colleague not to pin hopes to PTI leadership, which according to her will only give election tickets to wealthy and influential women.


The latter declined the offer, saying she was highly respected in the party and had no intention to part ways with it.

Anwar, however, offered her contacts of few disgruntled female leaders of the party including “Zainab, Fareeda and several others.”

Gulalai claimed that her party would become so successful that the Imran Khan-led party would join it eventually.

Ayesha Gulalai hints at forming her own PTI faction

On August 1, Gulalai had accused the PTI chief and his ‘gang’ of sending lewd text messages to women workers, saying they were being constantly harassed within the party.

The PTI, after serving her show-cause notice, moved the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to de-seat her on charges of defecting the party.

The commission, however, dismissed the reference to de-seat the MNA, elected on a women’s reserved seat.

Google remembers Mirza Ghalib with doodle on 220th birthday

Search engine Google on Wednesday celebrated one of Urdu literature’s most iconic poets, Mirza Asadullah Baig Khan, popularly known as Ghalib -meaning conqueror.


Ghalib, who would have turned 220 this year, is shown standing on a balcony of a building of his era, with a pen, paper and the sun and a mosque in his background.

Born in 1797, the poet, one of the most popular and influential ones in Urdu and Persian language, wrote at a time when the Mughal empire was entering its last quarter and the British were taking over in India.


His ghazals have been interpreted and sung in many different ways by different people and his writing is still extremely popular among the Hindustani diaspora. Ghalib continues to inspire the youth not just in India but across the world.

He began composing poetry at the age of 11. His first language was Urdu but he was equally proficient in Persian and Turkish. A descendent of Aibak Turks, Ghalib was born in Kala Mahal in Agra.

He received education in Persian and Arabic. Keeping with the conventions of the classical ghazal, in most of his verses, the identity and the gender of the beloved remained unknown.

Bestowed with the honorific Dabir-ul-Mulk and Najm-ud-Daula, Ghalib lived in Gali Qasim Jaan, Ballimaran, Chandni Chowk in Old Delhi which is now known as Ghalib Ki Haveli. His residence has been turned into Ghalib Memorial and houses a permanent Ghalib exhibition.

Ghalib breathed his last on February 15, 1869. His tomb is located near Chausath Khamba, Nizamuddin area in Delhi.

“123456” and “password” are the worst passwords of 2017

The recent years have witnessed a surge in hackings and data breaches, which has raised concerns regarding security online. Internet users have been time and again advised to use strong passwords containing combination of letters, numbers and symbols for better security of accounts. However, it appears that all these warnings are falling on deaf ears.

According to an annual report from Splashdata, “123456” and “password” came out on the top as people’s choice of phrases to protect their accounts from hackers. Splashdata prepares a list of top 100 passwords based on the millions of aggregating passwords leaked in data breaches during the past year. The report also reveals that people use sports and film titles as their passwords, as they are easy to remember.

Apparently, more than five million passwords were leaked by hackers in 2017.

  1. Password
  2. 12345678
  3. qwerty
  4. 12345
  5. 123456789
  6. letmein
  7. 1234567
  8. football
  9. iloveyou
  10. admin
  11. welcome
  12. monkey
  13. login
  14. abc123
  15. starwars
  16. 123123
  17. dragon
  18. passw0rd
  19. master
  20. hello
  21. freedom
  22. whatever
  23. qazwsx
  24. trustno1

As we mentioned above, films play a major role in users deciding on their passwords. The list suggests that the recently released Star Wars: The Last Jedi has influenced many people’s choice of passwords such as ‘starwars.’

“Unfortunately, while the newest episode may be a fantastic addition to the Star Wars franchise, ‘starwars’ is a dangerous password to use,” SplashData CEO Morgan Slain said in a press release. “Hackers are using common terms from pop culture and sports to break into accounts online because they know many people are using those easy-to-remember words.”

If you are using any of the password showing in the above list, we suggest you to change your password immediately.

Apple confirms it slows down your old iPhones

We had recently reported how Reddit users had noticed that Apple is intentionally slowing down older iPhones through new iOS software updates. In fact, iPhone owners discovered that replacing the battery in an old phone can boost its speed.

The Cupertino giant on Wednesday confirmed that it is slowing down older iPhones to prevent them from shutting down and “smooth out” battery usage to meet peak demands.

Apple’s statement followed a study by Geekbench developer John Poole which backed up Reddit users claims that Apple curbs the speed of aging iPhones. So, Poole used Geekbench’s benchmarking testing to find out

He carried out single-core tests on iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 units running different versions of iOS. According to his findings, Apple has made a tweak in iOS 10.2.1 to 11.2.0 that appears to throttle the iPhone’s performance when the smartphone’s “battery condition decreases past a certain point,” Poole said.


Pointing out a Reddit user, who goes by the handle “kadupse,” Poole said that the user had the most likely explanation: “Because degraded batteries last much less and end up with a lower voltage Apple’s solution was to scale down CPU performance, it doesn’t solve anything and is a bad experience… but it’s better than having your device shutdown at 40% when you need it the most.”

While Apple hasn’t provided any information behind when the CPU throttling exactly sets in, it although in a statement sent to TechCrunch, Apple said, “Our goal is to deliver the best experience for customers, which includes overall performance and prolonging the life of their devices. Lithium-ion batteries become less capable of supplying peak current demands when in cold conditions, have a low battery charge or as they age over time, which can result in the device unexpectedly shutting down to protect its electronic components.


“Last year we released a feature for iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone SE to smooth out the instantaneous peaks only when needed to prevent the device from unexpectedly shutting down during these conditions. We’ve now extended that feature to iPhone 7 with iOS 11.2, and plan to add support for other products in the future.”

Samsung Unveils ‘World’s Smallest’ DRAM Chip

The South Korean giant Samsung has a new 8GB DDR4 RAM chip, and as you have already imagined it is faster, it consumes less energy and full of other benefits. Now many of you will wonder what is the novelty of this new RAM chip? The novelty is that the South Korean giant Samsung has squeezed its manufacturing process on 10nm to give us a significant improvement without making the leap to a new technology.

Yes, in 2018 the South Korean giant Samsung Samsung will debut its second-generation 10nm manufacturing technology and this DRAM chip will be the first to take advantage of it. Where in spite of the fact that it is an adjustment to the process used during this 2017, they have made it even smaller, becoming the smallest in the world of its kind. Everything an achievement.

However, now let’s go to the figures. According to the South Korean giant Samsung, this chip is 15% more efficient in energy consumption and 10% faster than the previous generation, in addition to the company has perfected the manufacturing process by 30%, which will make it easier to manufacture and have immediate availability, in order to be faced with a reduction in costs and prices for the consumer.

It has been only 20 months since we met the previous generation of the South Korean giant Samsung’s DRAM chips, with which they launched the 10nm process. Many expected the company to make the jump to 7 or 8 nanometers, but apparently, they want to take it easy because right now they have no one to overshadow them in this section.

The South Korean giant Samsung has also confirmed that during 2018 it will start with the tests within manufacturing processes over 8nm, in what seems to be a simple and natural change to have perfected the 10nm. On the other hand, the technology of 7nm will remain pending for a few more years because the adoption of ultraviolet lithography is getting complicated.

Now the next thing will be to adapt the rest of its chips to this 10nm process of second generation, which will begin to migrate first the high performance platforms like DDR5, HBM3, LPDDR5 and GDDR6, focusing on servers, supercomputers, HPC systems and GPUs of high performance, as well as smartphones, where they seek not to give ground.

The South Korean giant Samsung also confirming that the manufacture of chips under 10nm first generation technology will continue during 2018, which will seek to supply channels so there is no shortage and thus continue to gain market share.

Hackers Using Google Adwords & other Google Sites To Spread Malware

Any service is good if it allows to reach the desired goal. That is what cybercriminals must think about when deciding on one service or another. On this occasion, security experts have located malware campaigns that use the services of Internet giant Google AdWords and Google Sites to distribute computer viruses to users in the form of legitimate application installers.

To be more precise, cyber offenders have helped the Google Chrome web browser to get the user to install the threat in question. The security experts indicate that the installer groups several programs classified as PUP (Potentially Unwanted Programs). Some of these are responsible for listening to the waiting for instructions from a remote server.

All those who do not know Google AdWords, it is an ad service. The user pays an amount to show his ad in the results of the search engine of the US company. That is, if we want to look for something related to “networks” or “routers”, the first result will be an advertisement about the purchase of products related to networks. Where is the trick? If the user searches for “Google Chrome”, they will always choose to download the first search result. Many users are not aware that this content is an advertisement.

This makes one practice clear: the tech giant Google does not have a thorough analysis of the content that appears in these ads. Cybercriminals are paying the Internet Giant, Google for distributing access to a web page that allows malware to be downloaded.

It must also be said that the content shown in these “results” depends to a large extent on the searches and cookies generated on the computer that the user is using. But the problem does not end here for the Mountain View company.

In addition to Google AdWords, cybercriminals also use Google Sites

It is one of the many tools offered through G Suite. It allows the creation of web pages in a simple way. This causes cybercriminals to create a false page to download the Google Chrome web browser. The users think that it is a legitimate location and they continue with the process.

The file that is downloaded has the name ChromeSetup.exe. This file is downloaded from a Google Drive folder. Yes, oddly enough, from Google to offer the full support to carry out a distribution of malware.

The executable contains the threat Coinrobot.xyz

Although it is not well known, it is a malware that installs coin mining software on the user’s computer using hardware resources. It goes without saying that only computers with a Windows operating system are likely to be affected.

As can be seen, until recently the desire was to carry out the encryption of the files and request a reward. Now it is to carry out the mining of cryptocurrencies.

The Internet Giant Google is already warned about this practice. Luckily for users, the threats included in the fake Google Chrome installer are detected by most security tools, even before they run.

So, what do you think about this? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.

9 Alarming Symptoms Of Diabetes That Should Not Be Ignored


Diabetes is a scary disease with a variety of alarming symptoms.

According to the Center for Disease Control And Prevention’s (CDC)National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion around 30.3 million people in the United States suffer from diabetes.

That means that almost 10% of our national population is diabetic.

So what exactly is diabetes? According to the Mayo Clinic, “If you have diabetes, no matter what type, it means you have too much glucose in your blood, although the causes may differ. Too much glucose can lead to serious health problems.”

There are two types of chronic diabetes: type 1 and type 2.

In type 1 diabetes, the body doesn’t produce enough insulin, which means the body can’t process sugar properly. Generally, type 1 diabetes appears during childhood or adolescence.

In type 2 diabetes, the body resists insulin or doesn’t produce enough of it. Usually, type 2 diabetes is caused by genetics, but inactivity and excess weight gain may contribute.

Although they’re different, both types of diabetes have some of the same symptoms.

Facebook Will Find Your Untagged Posts Using Facial Recognition

Messenger is increasingly used as a means of communication between people and groups of people. This application is associated with the social network giant Facebook’s personal profile and therefore it is not recommended for children under 13 years of age.

Thinking about the younger audience, recently, we saw that the social network giant Facebook today launched Messenger Kids, a messaging application for children that allows parents to control it.

Moreover, recently we also reported that the social network giant Facebook’s Instant Games platform simply enables you to play titles such as Pac-Man in Messenger or the News Feed and is currently getting some meaningful updates.

However, the main among them is a new live stream option that simply allows you to stream any Instant play you are playing on the social network giant Facebook Live. These streams will also be saved so you can post them to your profile later.

The social network giant Facebook also says it’s starting to test video chat for certain games, so you can see your friends while you play and even start a new game from a video call.

A few months ago, the well-known image messaging and multimedia mobile application, of course, I am talking about Snapchat who announced the World Lenses, which allows you to place three-dimensional objects in the image or video. On the same day, the social network giant Facebook also announced that it would do something similar. This was somewhat restricted to some brands and now is available to all developers.

The AR Studio tool which was launched in open beta for anyone to download and try out. You can associate an animation with certain actions, such as displaying lightning when you raise your eyebrows.

With it, you can add a heart that accompanies someone’s head, or a set of arrows that point to a moving object, or even a robot that plays music.

The social network giant Facebook calls it “World Effects.” They are already available on the Messenger camera and the social network giant Facebook’s own app itself (button in the upper left corner of the app).

Now, the social network giant Facebook, since several years ago has managed to enhance its facial recognition technology in an impressive way. Undoubtedly, it has managed and prepared the social network so that users get the best possible experience among so many features.

The idea has always been that users can manage their identity more easily on the platform. Therefore, and following the form of “update” comes the characteristic to know when they have published photographs in which you appear, whether you have been labelled or not, as it will work through the Photo Review tool.

How does it work?

Simple, the photographs must have been published for a public audience, or also that the user must be within the large audience where the publication was directed.

Now, Facebook will facilitate the task to find us in a photograph, without a doubt, the facial recognition that integrates is extremely powerful and functional. In addition, the platform will notify affected users when others have used their image as a profile picture; a very interesting function that will help us to report possible scams, among other things.

Also, it has been created to facilitate the task for people with visual disabilities. If they use screen readers they will be able to know in real time the people that appear in the photos of their friends on the wall.

This new function will be displayed little by little worldwide, at the moment the users from Canada and Europe cannot find it due to the different legislations existing in these markets due to the protection of privacy that has been established in recent years.

In addition, you can deactivate facial recognition technology in your profile whenever you want, as well as activate it. Facebook, for this, will deploy an update in the coming days.

To finish, at the moment it is the information that is handled about this facial recognition that Facebook implements to provide better options and more productivity to the users.

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Terror attack in New York

A Bangladeshi national in his 20s has been taken into custody with serious injuries after a suspected pipe bomb he was carrying malfunctioned and exploded prematurely inside a Midtown Manhattan subway station Monday morning.  

The explosion happened around 7:20am, in an underground tunnel linking the Port Authority Bus Terminal to Times Square. The underground tunnel is a major thoroughfare for workers during the morning rush hour.

The suspect, identified as 27-year-old Akayed Ullah, was found injured at the scene and rushed to Bellevue Hospital. He was wearing what appears to be a homemade pipe bomb attacked to his body with velcro and zip ties.  

Three other people were also hurt with minor injuries. They self reported to two area hospitals for injuries including ringing in the ears and headaches.    

Former NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton told MSNBC's Morning Joe that the suspect 'supposedly was setting the device off in the name of ISIS' and that it was 'definitely a terrorist attack, definitely intended'. 

At a morning press conference, current NYPD Commission James O'Neill said that the suspect 'did make statements' but that they are not going to comment on them yet. 

Though it's still early in the investigation, New York City officials say it was definitely an attempted terror attack. 

'This was an attempted terror attack and thank God the perpetrator did not achieve his ultimate goals,' Mayor Bill de Blasio said.

CNN reports that it appears the Subway was not the intended target of the pipe bomb, and that it may have went off prematurely. 

They also learned that the device was homemade and could have caused catastrophic damage if it went off as intended. 

Commissioner O'Neill said that they have obtained CCTV footage of the attack, but would not go into detail about what it shows. 

The Port Authority Bus Terminal is the largest in the country and the busiest in the world - serving about 225,000 commuters a day. 

It's what's known by law enforcement officials as a 'soft target' because it handles a lot of traffic but doesn't have the same kind of security as a place like an airport. 

New York Mayor Andrew Cuomo said a bombing in the subway is 'one of our worst nightmares' - but he said New Yorkers will get through this as they have before on 9/11 and even the most recent terror attack on Halloween. 

'This is the New York. The reality is we are the target by many who would like to make a statement against democracy and against freedom. We have the Statue of Liberty in our harbour and that makes us an international target. We understand that anyone can go on the internet and download garbage and vileness on how to put together an amateur-level explosive device and that is the reality that we live with. 

'The counter-reality is that this is New York and we all pitch together and we are a savvy people and we keep our eyes open and that's what 'see something, say something' is all about. And we have the best law enforcement on the globe and we're all working together extraordinarily well,' Gov. Cuomo said. 

Social worker Michael, 35, was commuting from New Jersey to Brooklyn when the chaos unfolded.

He said: 'There were people running from various angles and screaming that someone had a gun. People were saying "just run, just go". Everyone was looking around confused.

'After a few minutes I think I heard another person say there was an explosion and that's when people started to panic. There was a lot of chaotic shouting and screaming. I saw a guy spring past me and as people scattered the crowd began to hurry more and push through the doors.

'There are escalators that lead outside and steps and people were running up to get outside. We are talking 50 or 60 people. People were running over each other at one point. It became like a domino effect as everyone tried to run through the doors.

'We got out and I ran across the street to 41st. I could hear sirens going off and people were grabbing their phones and calling home. Everyone was quite panicked and shook up.'

He added: 'It's scary. I'm quite on edge now.' 


Video from above the 'Crossroads of the World' showed lines of police and emergency vehicles, their lights flashing, lining the streets and no other vehicle traffic moving.

Everything around the Port Authority in the 42nd Street area was shut down while police investigated the bombing - a surreal scene of what would ordinarily be a bustling rush hour.

A spokesman for the Port Authority say they plan to have the transit hub up and running fully by the evening rush hour. 

Mayor De Blasio said getting transportation up and running again was an important message to the failed terrorist. 

'We're not going to allow them to disrupt us. That is exactly what they what and that is exactly what they are not going to get,' he said. 

While the suspect's motivation has not been established yet, his alleged statements about ISIS and Bangladeshi background suggest he was motivated by extreme religion. 

The attack also comes on the heels of a Muslim day of rage in Dhaka, Bangladesh's capital, last week where thousands of Muslims protested over President Trump's declaration of Jerusalem as Israel's capital. 


The decision - which breaks with decades of tradition in international policy - has drawn widespread criticism from Muslims and Christians around the world.

Previous presidents have refrained from such direct involvement in the Middle East's historic conflict but Trump proudly waded in. Moving the US Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem was a campaign promise which he now boasts about fulfilling. 


White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders tweeted Monday morning that the president had been briefed on the situation. 

Monday's explosion comes a month after Sayfullo Saipov ploughed through cyclists on the a cycle path in Tribeca.

The Uzbek national killed eight people in his rented Home Depot truck by mowing them down before crashing into a school bus. He injured another 12.

Saipov, 29, who was living in Paterson, New Jersey, was gunned down by a police officer and remains in custody. 


12 Must Have Products Going Viral in 2017

Must Have Viral Products. . .those words bring to mind cool products, interesting items, and wacky gizmos. Sometimes, you might be tempted to spend your whole paycheck on the amazing inventions of everyday citizens. These 12 products make great stocking stuffers with Christmas only a few months away, maybe these will give you some ideas.

This is a compilation of 12 of the coolest, most innovative and most awesome products that sold out fast in 2017. Many of them are products you’d never even expect to go viral, but they sold millions worldwide! Not only can you read about them here, you can click the links provided if you want to order them, without having to pick up the phone. . .or even leaving your house.

1. TrackR Bravo – Track Anything


When you attach this coin-size tracking device to an item and lose the item, you have a 20,000-times chance of getting it back. The accompanying app enlists the network of 20,000 TrackR users to locate your lost bag, bike or dog. You can also track your lost wallet (or whatever) yourself. The TrackR app displays how far you are from your keys or purse you dropped, and it will sound the alarm to help you pinpoint its exact location. If you realize you left your bag in another location, all other TrackR users in the network are notified, and when one passes your missing article, you’ll get an update sent to your phone. What if you can’t find your phone? Use TrackR to ring it, even if it’s on silent mode, and you’ll find your phone fast. TrackR helps you keep your stuff…especially if you’re a chronic (keys/wallet/bike/car/bag) misplacer.

2. Siren Song – Personal Protection Alarm


Inspired by the Military, the Siren Song uses ear piercing sound (over 130 decibels) to deter bad guys and is quickly becoming one of the most sought after safety devices in America.
It will most likely be on every kid’s keychains or backpacks by the end of the year, but it should also be carried by every woman in America. With over 100,000 units sold in 2017 alone, this product makes our 2017 viral gadgets list!

But the Siren Song isn’t just to help protect you, your kids and your grandkids from an attack. It can also be used as a life saving device to call for help if you’re having a heart attack or have some other health condition that can prevent you from yelling for help.

Don’t let your worst nightmare become your reality. Safety doesn’t happen by accident. Purchase a personal alarm for yourself, for your child, or for a loved one. The Siren Song is particularly suitable for teenagers, parents, night owls, delivery route employees, business owners, and college students, or the elderly who may need to call for help. The keychain design is perfect for use with house keys or car keys. It can also be attached to a backpack or a purse.


3. KeySmart – The Future of Keychains


You might be thinking that you already have a keychain. But it probably doesn’t compare to this new futuristic keychain. Here’s a fact everyone can agree upon: bulky keychains are both unsightly and cumbersome to handle. Not to mention, they won’t protect your pockets from getting shredded to bits by your expansive key collection.

That’s where the KeySmart comes in. This handy key organizer offers a simple, elegant solution for organizing your keys – allowing you to eliminate your keychain for good.

Let’s start with the basics: this durable key holder can hold up to 14 keys in a compact fashion, and is durable to boot. It consists of two 3mm thick plates made of aircraft grade aluminum, meaning you won’t have to worry about handling it with kid gloves.

No surprise, then, that we also guarantee that the KeySmart will take anything life throws at it. Take it anywhere – from work, to the beach, and much more – knowing it won’t get dented or scratch easily.

You won’t have to worry about the contents of your pockets getting scratched, either! For instance, you can rest assured your keys won’t scratch your phone. And as an added bonus, you’ll be able to walk around without being heard a mile away due to your keys jingling and jangling about – as they would on a conventional keychain.

And how’s this for ultimate convenience? The KeySmart boasts a built-in clip that allows you to attach it to any pocket, belt, or bag. (If you’d prefer to go without the clip, you can easily remove it.) You can even customize your KeySmart by adding accessories like USB drives and bottle openers to it, all available separately on the KeySmart website.


4. UberFix MD

UberFix MD

Have you ever gone to an auto repair shop for an oil change, only to have the mechanic say you need a new transmission? Or has the mysterious “check engine” light come on, and next thing you know the mechanic has a list of expensive engine parts that need replacing? Unfortunately, mechanics know taking advantage of people is easy, given their lack of knowledge about car maintenance needs. But there’s a new device you can carry with you in your car to tell you exactly what’s wrong with it. If you own a car built after 1996 then you can use this brilliant new device called UberFix MD to instantly diagnose any car problems. This means the next time your “Check Engine Light” happens to come on, you’ll know exactly what the issue is and the Mechanics won’t be able to lie to you! In the United States alone, this product has done over $50,000,000 in sales in 2017, so it definitely qualifies for our viral products list.


5. Peeps Carbon Technology


This is a relatively new product that is picking up steam fast and is quickly going viral among people who own glasses. The Peeps eyeglass cleaner is designed specifically for cleaning eyeglasses, sunglasses, and reading glasses. Peeps uses a unique invisible carbon cleaning compound to safely and easily clean your glasses from oily fingerprint smudges to dust and facial oils. The Peeps glasses cleaner is the safest and most tested lens cleaning technology in the world. In fact, the technology is literally out of this world – being the only cleaners on the Space Station used for lens cleaning by NASA. It’s easy to use, compact and never expires! Their technology will clean your lenses 500 times! The perfect size eye wear cleaner to take with you – it measures approximately 4x1x1 inches and is available in 7 different colors. They are now shipping worldwide.


6. Snap Smart Cam


This high quality full HD 1080p USB security camera also doubles as a smartphone charger and it’s getting a lot of attention on the web right now. It’s the perfect gift idea for someone with young kids or pets who needs to keep an eye on them while they’re out of the house. Think of it as a nanny cam that you can also use to charge your phone! In fact, this disguised HD video camera has been used to apprehend criminals in several home invasion cases. The Snap Smart Cam will automatically start recording and when it reaches full memory capacity, it will automatically overwrite the earliest videos recorded. Also, with cell phone wall chargers being everywhere these days, this item is sure to blend into any environment. Think it needs batteries? Nope, not at all, no batteries required, so you can be sure that you’re recording at all times as long as it’s plugged in. Perhaps we should be worried about this viral product though as we really don’t want to be spied on wherever we are!


7. TC1200 Flashlights

A strong flashlight is something you’d never think would be a viral product. But this specific flashlight isn’t just your run of the mill ordinary flashlight. It went viral in 2017 and sold over 20,000 units in just a few months. The perfect flashlight for emergency situations is the TC1200 Flashlight. This was built to withstand anything! You might be thinking that you already have a flashlight. But do the U.S. Navy Seals and the U.S. Coast Guard rely on the kind of flashlight you have? The TC1200 Flashlight uses military-grade LED technology that can illuminate a field or blanket a work area with 800 lumens of light. It can also blind an attacker. The skin is tough aircraft-grade-aluminum. Throw it, drive over it—it’ll still work. Drop it in six feet of water—it’ll still work. This tough gadget is also versatile. It comes with a strobe setting if you are stranded and need to signal for help, and you can zoom and focus its LED beam to see far, far away. 3 AAA batteries give it 1,000 hours of life. That makes it ideal for reliable, abundant light during a prolonged natural disaster or emergency…and for lots of everyday uses. This is standard gear if you want to be prepared for anything. Keep it in your car with you or your house.


8. SkyWire TV Antenna

Millions of Americans are completely cutting the cord on their monthly cable costs, allowing them to save $100+ per month in unnecessary fees. Many of them are switching to Netflix or Amazon Prime Video subscriptions, but there are also other ways you can get cable channels without needing to pay a monthly fee. All your local news, weather, sitcoms, cooking shows, kid’s shows, sports and thousands of movies are available for free with an antenna. In fact, most broadcast stations offer additional regional programming, absolutely free. The SkyWire TV antenna simply attaches to your current TV’s antenna jack (all TV’s have them), and then you get to enjoy Free Broadcast TV. It supports 1080p HDTV and has up to 30 miles of range, so it’s nothing like the “rabbit ears” you used to use. If you find you’re not watching as much television as you used to, this could be the perfect solution for you and can save you a lot of money every month.


9. HD Zoom

This product is starting to go viral and gain a lot of traction with people who like taking pictures and videos with their phones. It’s called the HD Zoom Lens and it attaches to your smartphone. It was developed for the recreational photographer who wants to take professional quality photos, but can’t afford to spend $3,000+ on a DSLR camera. With this powerful zoom lens you can capture high quality pictures or videos of extremely distant shots, at a fraction of the price you’d pay for a DSLR Camera. It also comes with a small tripod so that you can zoom in without having your pictures come out blurry. This is the perfect gadget for someone who enjoys taking distant pictures or videos.

10. Wow Fix It – Indestructible Screen Protector

Another perfect gift that’s taking off across the United States and elsewhere is the new indestructible liquid titanium screen protector called Wow Fix It. Ever had that sinking feeling as your phone slips out of your hand and SMACKS on the ground? The next few seconds are excruciating. You’re absolutely dreading turning it over to see how bad the damage is. What if you never had to worry about this again? Get ready to experience advanced screen protection so powerful, it can withstand getting hammered with a stunning 13 pounds of force! This smartphone screen protector is so powerful that there have already been over 4 million sold in just a few months. It’s a revolutionary new Liquid Titanium screen protector that uses advanced Nanotechnology to protect your devices from cracks, shattering and scratches. And it only takes 90 seconds to apply. Even more surprising is that it doesn’t just protect phones, but can protect all your devices, including your laptop, tablets, smart watches and more!



11. NightSight Driving Glasses

Seriously, did you know that the vast majority of car accidents happen at night and right before dawn? A lot of that has to do with glare and the problems with vision many people experience. Maybe that’s the reason these driving glasses are selling by the truckload. Night Sight HD promises to reduce night driving glare and eye strain, and it will dramatically improve seeing at night during snow or rainy conditions. It lets you see enhanced colour, is durable, lightweight and is fully equipped with polarized lenses. Unlike clip-ons it protects your eyes from all sides, and you can just slide it over your existing prescription lenses. Whether driving, reading or golfing, these versatile goggles make seeing a whole new experience.


12. Huddy – Transform Your Smartphone Into A Driving Display

We couldn’t have our viral product list end without including something that more and more drivers have been purchasing in the past month. This brilliant new device turns your smartphone into a heads up display for your car. It’s called Huddy – and although it was only just released, it’s taken the Internet by storm. All you have to do is take it out of the box and place it on your dash, place your smartphone on top of it and let it do all the navigating while you drive. It’s a transparent display that works in any weather, day or night. It also fits any smartphone no matter the size, and it’s slip resistant. Best of all, there are tons of apps available that you can use to see traffic conditions, a speedometer, street maps & much more. You can use it in any car – it has an ultra-grip mat that leaves no messy residue on the dash. We can see this being one of the most purchased gifts for the upcoming Holidays, so check it out while it’s still available.


Bonus #1: Pest Warrior

Wouldn’t it be nice if you never had to kill another spider or set another mouse rap in your house? This brand new device has already sold millions because it promises to get rid of nasty pests without killing them. It’s called Ultra Sonic Pest Warrior and it’s becoming a household item in America and across the rest of the world (especially in Australia where there are really scary bugs and animals). Unlike other products that use harsh chemicals or inhumane ways to kill pests, Pest Warrior aims to prevent the problem before it even happens. By using low frequency sound waves that are undetectable to the human ear (undetectable to dog and cat ears too), Pest Warrior produces an unbearable sound to both insects and rodents that repels them away. This means you never have to squish another insect or whip out a hazardous can of Raid again!

Airports Authority of India (AAI) Recruitment for Junior Assistant (Fire Services) Post 2017

Organization: Airports Authority of India (AAI)

Official Website: www.aai.aero

AAI Job Details :

Post Name: Junior Assistant (Fire Services)

No. of Vacancy : 170 Posts (UR-96, SC-14, ST-23 & OBC – 37)

Pay Scale: Rs. 12500-28500/-

Eligibility Criteria for AAI Recruitment :

Educational Qualification: 10th pass with 3-year Diploma in Mechanical/Automobile/Fire with minimum 50% marks or 12th pass (Regular Study) with 50% marks.

Age Limit: Minimum & Maximum age limit is 18 to 30 years  as on 31.12.2017

Age Relaxation: For SC/ST Candidates 5 years & For OBC  Candidates  3 years

Job Location: Mumbai (Maharashtra)

AAI Selection Process: Selection will be based on Computer-Based (Online) Test, Certificates/ Documents verification, Medical Fitness/Physical Measurement Test, Driving Test & Physical Endurance Test

Application Fee: Candidates Have to Pay Rs.1000/- through Debit Card, Credit Card & Net Banking. SC/ST/Female & Ex-Servicemen are exempted from payment of fees.

How to Apply AAI Vacancy: Interested candidates may apply Online through the website http://www.aai.aero from 06.12.2017 to 31.12.2017 thereafter link will be disabled.

Important Dates to Remember :

Starting Date for Submission of Online Application: 06.12.2017

Last Date for Submission of Online Application: 31.12.2017

Last Date for Submission of Application Fee: 31.12.2017

Important Links :



Top 10 Best Tracking Apps For Android Lost Phone – 2017


1. Where’s My Droid.

Where’s My Droid is one of the best Android Apps to track lost device. It allow you to send a code to your device will make your device ringing in even after in silent mode. You can also control your phone by connecting it to commander option which is web based interface. If your phone has no internet connection  you can send text message to get the GPS coordinates of the phones in your Mail account.

Where's My Droid android tracking app

2. Anti Droid Theft.

Anti Droid Theft is another popular application available on Google play store for free. This Apps provide you the extra security in case of theft and stolen your device. It allow you to track your device via GPS position, Track changes to sim card and phone number. It also provide you the pictures taken from your device via internet through its website at www.antidoidtheft.com.

Anti Droid theft android tracking app

3. Cerberus App.

Cerberus is another popular android Phone tracking apps which provide its free version for a week and its pro version is available on Google play which provide a lifetime license for 4.99 euros. It allow you to control device via text messages and through website www.cerberusapp.com. This App alert you when someone use unauthorized Sim card in your phone. It also allow you to lock your phone, wipe your internal and SD card, start a loud alarm even in silent mode.

cerberus android tracking app

4. Prey Anti-theft.

Prey Anti-theft is another popular android apps available on Google play store. The main feature of the Apps is that after installation the App is hidden in the phone and can only be removed  with password. When your phone is missing you can activate the App via sending a text message with another phone and type”GO PREY” in capital letters. It allow you take pictures from device front and back camera, track GPS location, Lock your device, triggered a loud alarm on phone.

pre-anti theft android tracking app

5. Android Device Manager.

Android Device Manager is popular in list of tracking apps for Android lost device. It helps to find stolen device with the Associated Google Account with the phone. It reset your device screen’s locks pins. Android Device Manager also erase your phone data to save it from misuse. It also provide the ability to look your device on Google map, wipe your phone, lock your phone and the ability to manage multiple devices from one device.

android device manager tracking app

Also Read:- How To Ring On Lost Android Phone In Silent Mode

6. Seek Droid.

Seek Droid is another popular in all tracking apps for Android device. This Apps has beautiful design and simple interface to use. Seek Droid allows you to locate your device via www.seekdroid.com . It also provide features to lock your device remotely, locate it text message, wipe the device and SD card, get device information such battery ,IMEI and recent calls. It is available on Google play store for free.

Seek droid android tracking app

7. CM Security.

CM security is a combination of multiple apps. It provide a mixture of antivirus, phone tracker, call management, phone booster and app locker etc. It can also take a selfie of intruder. With its built tracking app we can easily track the our stolen phone on its official website with our registered email. It is a light weight app with easy to use interface. Approximately 100 million user download this app.

cm security

8. Lost Android.

It is also an amazing Android app to find our lost Android device. It has a rating of 4.2 on Google Play store. We can easily control our device at www.androidlost. com or via SMS system. We can wipe phone data, read sent or received sms, erase SD card. It locate our phone by GPS and network location. We can take pictures of intruders with front and back camera. It provide email alert of sim card change.

lost android

 9. 360 Security.

360 Security Antivirus also provide a hidden component as a phone tracker to locate our phone. We can wipe, erase, lock and ring our phone via this app. It also provide a phone booster, antivirus, junk file cleaner etc. It require Android 2.3 or higher version. Approximately 500 million user download this app. If you need an antivirus and phone tracker then this a good option for you.

360 security


10. Lookout Security and Antivirus.

It is another good app in the list of best tracking apps for Android. We can easily register with our email and able to locate our device anytime and anywhere at outlook.com and also view our backup. Users can easily map the location and ring on our smartphone even if it is in silent mode. We can easily schedule scan our device and take backup of our phone contacts. Approximately 500 million user download this app.


Hence, these few best tracking apps for android device which help to find lost device easily.

How To Find IMEI Number Of Lost Android Phone (2 Ways)

Method 1st:- IMEI Number From Personal Settings Of Google Account.

  1. It must be required to login your Android smartphone with a Google account.

2. Now we just need a place with Internet connection or a smartphone with Internet access.

3. Now open your phone or Computer browser and type the following URL. “www.google.com/settings/dashboard“, hit enter.

4. Login to your Google account which is logged in your Android smartphone.

5. Now you will see Google Dashboard containing all the information of your Google account.

Google Dashboard
6. Now click on the Android option. Now you will see all the list of your smart phones linked to your Google account with their name and IMEI numbers.

Google Dashboard Android IMEI

Method 2nd:- IMEI Number From Device Box.

Whenever we purchase device it comes in well packed box. Each box contain few information on backside. So its important to note it down or keep box safe. To find IMEI number just read all details given on box you will surely get as shown below.

imei number on box


How To Find IMEI On Android Phone ?

1. You can easily find your phone IMEI number by running the code *#06#.

2. You can also find it in your phone settings-> about phone->status and IMEI number.

Android IMEI Number Screen

Hope it will be useful.

How To Remove Virus From Any Drive Using Command Prompt (CMD) In Windows 10

For starters a virus is a self- replicating computer program that infects your computer. These viruses are a menace and can spread across multiple computers via USB/flash drives, external media and other means. As we all know, there is a multitude of anti-virus software. To our dismay, not all of them can do the trick. Sometimes, even your antivirus can fail to detect some sort of viruses. Well, in such case, CMD prompt may be the solution to help you solve the virus issues. Most of us grapple with viruses like Autorun.inf, newfolder.exe, ravmon.exe, svchost.exe etc. They usually present themselves as files and sometimes they can even be files hidden from you.


To remove a virus using CMD, we shall use a CMD known as “attrib” command. Therefore first we have an obligation to know a few basics of the attrib command.

– represents the read only attribute of a file or folder. Read only means the file can’t be written or executed.

– H stands for the hidden attribute.

A – Similarly A stands for Archiving and this prepares a file for archiving.

– This attribute changes the selected files or folders in a system file from a user file by assigning the “system” attribute of that particular file.

Here we have the “attrib” syntax à ATTRIB{+attribute/-attribute}{pathname}[/S[/D]}

And with the above command there are different parameters and switches so lets see what they are.

+/- à to enact or to cancel the specified attribute.

à include any process folder.

à   searching through the entire path. Sub-folders inclusive.

Attribute à ( already explained above)

Pathnameà path where target folder is located.

This here is the proper syntax for the attribute command:

After knowing all of the basics, now let’s give it a shot and try to see how we can remove a virus from  USB, SD card etc.  using CMD prompt.

For example, let’s transfer an autorun.inf virus from my USB to my D drive and delete the virus from the D drive.

Step 1. Open command prompt from search and run as administrator.


Step 2. Type D and hit enter


Step 3. Type “attrib” and press enter. This command lists out all files inside the current drive and you will clearly see autorun.inf virus listed.


Step 4. At this stage to remove the virus using CMD, type into command prompt “attrib –r –a –s –h *.* “ And press enter. This in turn will remove the read only, archive, system and hidden file attribute from all the files.

-r is for removing read only files

-a is for removing the archive file

-s is for removing system file

-h is for removing hidden file

*.* is for files with all different types of file extensions.


Keep in mind that this command only removes the different attributes from different files. However, the files will still exist. And therefore we must delete the virus permanently. To delete the virus, type “delete autorun.inf” and press enter. The file will get deleted from the current drive immediately.

Delete virus using CMD

I hope this guide was informative to you. Your feedback is gladly appreciated. Please leave us a comment in the comments section if you have any other tips and tricks you want to share with us.

How to Find Direct Download Link of Any Movie


This method is quite simple and handy. You just need to follow the steps below.

Method 1:

Step 1: First of all, you need to launch the web browser on your device.

Step 2: Now type the name of any movie, whatever you want to download, copy and paste the following code given below along with the movie name.



Step 3: Now, you will get Google result and now you can click on either first or second results. You will get the download link of the movie.


Method 2:

Step 1: First of all, copy and paste the code below in your favorite browser.



Step 2: Now, open the Google in your browser and paste the above code in Google, after the code, you have to enter the name of the movie that you want to download.

For instance, if you want to download the movie “Avengers,” enter the movie’s name after the code.



Step 3: Now, hit the enter button or search on Google, you would get following results that are shown in the image below.  Here are a lot of movies with a different name, simply press CTRL+F together and search the movie by name. Click on the movie link and you movie will start downloading.

direct movie link 5

That’s it. You are done.  With this trick, you will get a direct link of any movie.

PhD Scholarship in Data Driven Plant Reconfiguration at Technical University of Denmark, 2018

Scholarship Description: The Technical University of Denmark now wishes to invite applicants for its PhD Scholarship in Data-Driven Plant Reconfiguration. This project shall provide the framework for plant improvement based on re-configuration.


The overall purpose is to develop a set of principles for analysis and improvement of plants.

About University: The Technical University of Denmark often simply referred to as DTU, is a university in Kongens Lyngby, just north of Copenhagen, Denmark. It was founded at the initiative of Hans Christian Ørsted as Denmark’s first polytechnic and is today ranked among Europe’s leading engineering institutions.

Degree Level: Scholarship is available to pursue PhD programme.

Available Subject: Scholarship is awarded in the field of Data-Driven Plant Reconfiguration.

Scholarship Benefits: DTU is a leading technical university globally recognized for the excellence of its research, education, innovation and scientific advice. We offer a rewarding and challenging job in an international environment. We strive for academic excellence in an environment characterized by collegial respect and an academic freedom tempered by responsibility.
The appointment will be based on the collective agreement with the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations. The allowance will be agreed with the relevant union. The period of employment is 3 years.

Eligible Nationalities: International applicants are eligible to apply for the scholarship.


Entrance Requirements: Applicants must have a master’s degree in engineering or a similar degree with an academic level equivalent to the master’s degree in engineering.


Application Procedure:

  • Please submit your online application no later than 7 December 2017 (Local time). Applications must be submitted as one PDF file containing all materials to be given consideration. To apply, please open the link “Online Application”, fill in the online application form, and attach all your materials in English in one PDF file. The file must include:
  • A letter motivating the application (cover letter)
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Grade transcripts and BSc/MSc diploma
  • Excel sheet with translation of grades to the Danish grading system (see guidelines and excel spreadsheet here)
  • Candidates may apply prior to ob­tai­ning their master’s degree but cannot begin before having received it.
  • All interested candidates irrespective of age, gender, race, disability, religion or ethnic background are encouraged to apply.

Online Application

Scholarship Link

Deadline: December 7, 2017

How To Use Mobile Data and WiFi Network Simultaneously 2017

Using both WiFi and Mobile internet packs would undoubtedly increase the download speed but, while the internet pack is being used WiFi cannot be used and while WiFi is being used the data pack cannot be used. Which means only one can be used at a particular time. If we had an option of using both at the same time, the download speed would have increased considerably as both the speeds would have added up thus, reducing the download time.

There are tools which let you achieve this impossible task. Using these apps, you can use WiFi as well as internet packs simultaneously to download any file on your Android device. The name of these magical apps is ‘Super Download’ and ‘Speedify.’ But, Super Download app is capable of showing its trick only on devices which are rooted. If your device is not rooted, this app won’t work on your Android device.

Before you start using this app, make sure that your device is rooted. If you don’t wish to root your device, unfortunately, you won’t be able to make use Super Download app.

How To Use Mobile Data & WiFi Simultaneously: 

However, for those who have their Android Devices Rooted, there are few simple steps you need to follow to install this app on your Android device and make it work efficiently. Speedify doesn’t require your device to be rooted. It works perfectly on devices which aren’t rooted. So let’s take a look at these steps. 

Method #1: Using Super Download 

While using this app, see to it that both WiFi and internet pack provide with almost equal speeds, some devices even though rooted won’t be able to make use of this app. You won’t be able to download torrent files using this app. The free version has some size limits, to eliminate these limits, you can upgrade to the paid version of this app.

Step 1: Install ‘Super Download’ from Google Play Store on your Android device.


Super Download Lite - Booster


Super Download Lite - Booster

Developer: OPByte

Price: Free 


Super Download - Booster


Super Download - Booster

Developer: OPByte

Price: €0,99 


Step 2: Arrive at the home screen of this app once it is installed and launched. It should display a message which reads ‘No active files!’

Step 3: Navigate yourself to the settings of this app and enable the ‘Dual networks’ option which allows your Android device to enable WiFi as well as internet pack at the same time.

Step 4: An option located at the top which looks something like (+) this allows you to add links in this app to initiate the downloading process.

Method #2: Use Both Mobile Data and WiFi Using Speedify

This app is an alternative to Super Download. It serves the same purpose as Super Download. The free version has a limit of 1 GB of downloading monthly. To surpass this limit, you can either refer this app to your friends and family to earn credit or upgrade to its paid version. To install specify and make it work flawlessly take a look at some easy steps which are required to do so.

Step 1: Install Speedify on your Android device from Google Play Store.

Speedify VPN - Unlimited Secure VPN


Speedify VPN - Unlimited Secure VPN

Developer: Connectify Inc.

Price: Free+ 

Step 2: After installing it, you will arrive at a page which will ask you to enable location permission and phone state for better connectivity. Enable both of these options.

Step 3: You will then notice a pop up which will be requesting to setup a VPN connection. Click on OK.

Step 4: Then, turn on your WiFi and internet pack simultaneously to download files at almost twice the speed.

Wrap Up:  So above is all about How To use Both Mobile Data & WiFi To Boost Internet Speed. These are two different methods which will help you with downloading files using WiFi as well as internet pack and hence increasing your internet speed to almost twice the regular rate. Hope you like this article. if yes, then don’t forget to share it and if you’re facing any problem, please do let us know via comments!

UK University of Edinburgh Muriel Smith Scholarship 2018

Scholarship Description: The School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures at the University of Edinburgh is delighted to invite applications for a postgraduate scholarship to be awarded in 2018/2019.

About University: The University of Edinburgh, founded in 1582, is the sixth oldest university in the English-speaking world and one of Scotland’s ancient universities.


Degree Level: Scholarships are available for pursuing postgraduate programme.
Available Subject: Scholarships are awarded in the field of School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures
Scholarship Benefits: The award will cover tuition fees for a maximum of one year at the Home/EU rate for the chosen Masters programme of study (up to a maximum of £10,100).  Successful Overseas applicants will be liable for the difference between the Home/EU and Overseas fees rates.

Eligible Nationalities: Home/EU and overseas students are eligible to apply.

Eligibility Criteria: Applicants must have applied for a Masters programme of study within the School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures before 11th April 2018. Their references must have been submitted by 25th April 2018. The award will support one female postgraduate masters student who has been domiciled in Scotland for a minimum of 4 years prior to the commencement of the MSc programme. Applicants to the following degree programmes are eligible:

  • Masters by Research (MScR) French Studies or Hispanic (Peninsular Spanish) Studies
  • MSc Translation Studies, specialising in French or Spanish
  • PhD students are not eligible to apply for this scheme.

The scholarship is to be awarded in one year of study only, part-time students will have the Home/EU tuition fees paid in each of the two years of study.

Application Procedure: Applications for the MSc can be made via the online postgraduate prospectus link given below.

Online Application

Scholarship Link

Application deadline: April 11, 2018

UK Music Masters Scholarships for International Students 2018

Scholarship Description: Applications are invited for Music Masters Scholarships at the University of Birmingham. These awards are open to UK, EU and international students, studying campus-based master programmes in the Department of Music, starting in September 2018.

About University: The University of Birmingham is a public research university located in Edgbaston, Birmingham, United Kingdom.


Degree Level: Scholarships are available for pursuing master’s programme.
Available Subject: Scholarships are awarded in the field of Music.
Scholarship Benefits: Awards available vary in value.

Eligible Nationalities: Scholarships are open to UK, EU and international students.

Eligibility Criteria: These awards are open to UK, EU and international students, studying campus-based Masters programmes in the Department of Music, starting in September 2018. Applications for funding can only be considered alongside an application to study.

Application Procedure: In order to apply, you must have completed an application to study. You will then need to complete our online application form. Your application must also be supported by two references.

Scholarship Link

Deadline: March 23, 2017

Easy Methods To Read WhatsApp Messages Without Letting Sender Know (2017)

METHOD 1: Turning Off Read Receipts

Step 1: Open Whats App Messenger then Tap on the three Dot menu(Located in the upper right part).

Step 2: Tap on Settings then Tap on ‘Accounts’ and then on ‘Privacy’.

Step 3: Untick the ‘Read Receipts’ option and its Done

Note: If you Turn off Read receipts, you won’t be able to see read receipts or blue ticks from other people when they read your message.

METHOD 2: Read from the Notification Bar

This is also a simple method. Whenever you receive a whats App message it shows a notification on your notification bar. Simply swipe down the notification area from the top of the screen and you can easily read the complete or partial message of the sender and the best thing is this the sender will never get a blue tick because The blue ticks show only when you open the app to read messages.

METHOD 3: Turn Off WiFi/ Mobile Data Connection

After getting the message from the sender, simply turn off the mobile data or the Wifi connection and then open the App, after reading the message close WhatsApp and don’t forget to close it from the recent. The sender will never get a blue tick because you read the message from app cache.

Visual C++ Team Blog

Are you currently developing your C++ projects in an older version of Visual Studio? If your reasons for avoiding the all-new features in VS 2017 are covered next, then read on: this post may have good news for you.

Help! I am stuck!

There are many reasons why you may want to use Visual Studio 2017 in your day-to-day job. Just to name a few:

You can download Visual Studio 2017 and upgrade your projects today. We know however that there are projects for which a full upgrade is not a trivial decision.

  • Are your binaries tied to an older version of CRT that for maintenance reasons you can’t upgrade?
  • Are you dependent on older (non-conformant) language constructs that would break if you move to a more recent compiler?
  • Are you relying on 3rd party libraries compiled with a specific version of the VC toolset?
  • Are you exposing C++ APIs for other parties to consume, so you’re restricted to a specific version of the C++ compiler & CRT?

If these cover your reasons for not using VS 2017, I’m going to let you in on a little secret: you can start using Visual Studio 2017 today without having to change your toolset version (i.e. the current compiler and the matching target CRT).

Well, it’s not really a secret that Visual Studio supports native multi-targeting and round-tripping. And we definitely want to shine more light on it:

Native multi-targeting is the ability of the latest IDE to build using toolsets installed by previous versions of Visual Studio (VS 2008 and up).

Round-tripping is the ability of the latest IDE to load projects created by a previous IDE version without making any changes to the project assets (VS 2010 projects and up), thus allowing it to load back in the previous IDE too.

Using these features means that you will be taking advantage of the latest IDE features in VS 2017 without also taking advantage of the latest advances in the C++ compiler, libraries and build tools (e.g. build throughput). Disclaimer: there are IDE features that also depend on the latest toolset capabilities and they will be incompatible with older toolsets: e.g. type information will be missing in the Memory Profiler, and the refactoring operation “Convert to Raw string literals” will generate C++11-compliant code, making it not compile with VS 2012 compilers and older.

Say again? How does Native retargeting work?

Taking advantage of native multi-targeting is as simple as installing Visual Studio 2017 side-by-side with your older Visual Studio version, then opening your existing project in VS 2017.

Visual Studio Icons

During project load, you will receive a prompt on whether you want to upgrade to the latest C++ toolset shipping with VS 2017. Since you want to stay with the older compiler and libraries version, you should decline by hitting the “Cancel” button – you can always upgrade later too if you choose to experiment with the latest C++ toolset.

Now every time you build in VS 2017, the binaries that get generated are fully compatible with the ones you were previously building in your older version, e.g. VS2010. That’s because behind the scenes, VS 2017 delegates the build to the same C++ compiler and consumes the same libraries that your older IDE ships with.

A new dilemma: should I let my team know? About project round-tripping

Because you chose not to upgrade your project, VS 2017 doesn’t make any changes to your project or solution. So the fact that you’re using VS 2017 in your day-to-day work might as well be your little secret – the rest of your team will continue to use the older version without any clue that you’ve upgraded. It’s kind of a big secret since your colleagues won’t know how you suddenly increased your productivity so much!

So, can you really keep this a secret? Once the cat is out of the bag, everyone could be using VS 2017 around the office — our whole team here in Redmond agrees that’s a good thing (and… we’re not biased at all)

PS: What you’ll notice is that everyone in the team will see the same upgrade prompt the first time they load the project in VS 2017. So if you want to avoid an accidental pull request that upgrades all your projects coming from the enthusiastic junior member in the office down the hall, you can inhibit the upgrade prompt completely before spreading the news by following the instructions in this Connect report “VS 2013 keeps upgrade information in the .suo file” (it works in VS 2017 too).

What about Visual Studio 2008?

Visual Studio 2008 had its own dedicated build system for C++ called VCBuild. With VS 2010, C++ moved to MSBuild so because of this change, to get your VS 2008 projects building in VS 2017 requires a bit more work. The end result will be similar as above: you will be using the VS 2017 IDE and generate binaries that are fully compatible with binaries created from the VS 2008 IDE.

First, in addition to installing VS 2017 you also need to install VS 2010 on the same machine with your VS 2008. This ensures that the appropriate MSBuild scripts that enable targeting VS 2008 are installed (they only ship with VS 2010).

Second, you will need to put your VS 2008 solution and projects through the upgrade process. When you get the below upgrade prompt, please review the information presented.


Now is also a good time to create a backup copy of your VS 2008 .sln file as it will get overwritten by the VS 2017 .sln file (if you’re only experimenting with VS 2017, maybe you may even want to upgrade the backup copy instead of the master copy under source control). When you click “OK”, the wizard will create VC project files with a new extension (.vcxproj) side-by-side with the existing .vcproj files, so as long as you’re taking care of the .sln file, the upgrade will be impact-free for your existing VS 2008 projects.

When the upgrade completes, you will get an upgrade log report. If there are any errors or warnings for any of your projects, you should review the log carefully and make sure that you acknowledge the changes presented and follow up on any action items listed there. For more information on the upgrade log report check out the C++ Project Upgrade Guide.

Now that the project upgrade is complete, your project actually targets the VS 2017 latest toolset. You need to go back to VS 2008 as a last step: open the project properties (right click in Solution Explorer on the project and select Properties) and under General, change Platform Toolset to “Visual Studio 2008 (v90)” instead of “Visual Studio 2017 (v141)”.

C++ Property Pages - List of all C++ Platform Toolsets

After this change, the binaries built by VS 2017 will be built using the same VS 2008 compiler and libraries as the ones building inside the VS 2008 IDE.

Still stuck?

While we’d like to see all of you using the latest C++ toolset too, we know that migrating your code and dependencies takes time and depending on where you are in your project lifecycle, it can add too much risk. However, we hope you find this refresher on native multi-targeting and round-tripping of C++ projects useful, and a good reminder that this shouldn’t hold you back from taking advantage of the IDE improvements in the latest Visual Studio IDE.

To wrap things up, here it is – the link to download Visual Studio 2017. << Click right here!

Is there anything else holding you back? We want to know what other reasons may block you from upgrading today. Let us know by adding your comments below or by contacting us directly at vcupgrade@microsoft.com for a more detailed conversation.

6 Valid Reasons You Should Stop Using Facebook In 2018-By Techxerl Staff

Mark Zuckerberg changed the history of social networking on February 2004 with his very innovative and popular application i.e.” Facebook”. Facebook changed our lives in various ways isn’t it? Now, finding your long lost friends, relatives and loved ones isn’t really a big task. You can easily login with your id and password and can search for the person you are looking for and if you specifically want to search for a person in a particular region that also you can do with the help of the different kinds of filters available. Not only that, also there are n numbers of features available to make your life more connected with the outside world. Fascinating, right? But I’m not here for, to brag about Facebook and discuss all the advantages of using it. I’m here to make you understand why you should stop using Facebook in 2018. I do have reasons for it and I think you would also agree with me after reading this.

  1. They allow organizations to track you online

Facebook Enables companies to track your data

Do you know, whenever you login with your account, you also allow various organizations or companies reach to you. They use this information to show you some advertisements, so that they can sell things to you. Facebook also keeps track records of the websites and apps that so that they can provide you with the relevant ads. Not only that, they also show you notifications and statuses based on that only. You can check for these kinds of apps in your settings and see whether or not you want them to track you.

  1. Private messages is a myth

Private messages is a myth

Mark Zuckerberg in his recent interview has mentioned that apart from focusing on public content, Facebook is also trying to indulge in some private content too. You may feel that private conversations are insignificant, but they do provide some information to the developers about how do you make use of technology and also about your field of interests based on the posts or messages you share. Conversations are tapped and recorded by the companies which share information to the advertisers about your mental or some personal history, which if gets into a wrong hand can destroy your future.

  1. Over sharing becomes a habit

facebook habbit

Not only Facebook other social networking sites also have a detrimental effect on your privacy. Think of it as, how great it would have been if during sharing a particular post you can also take care of your security instead of compromising with it. Even if you have locked down your privacy, still there is a variety of content you shouldn’t post on Facebook. It’s a very bad idea to share any kind of posts that are offensive and negative or posts that show too many personal details in any respect. You never know who can take advantage of your situation or put you in some difficult situation.

  1. Best are the posts which are not meant for everyone

Over the past few years, people have started to abandon the use of Facebook. They generally use them to see what others are posting. People are now preferring apps that provide a more intimate connection as Facebook doesn’t allow to have more intimate conversations because if we want to share something that will be delivered to everybody with whom you are connected on Facebook since middle school.  Most users use apps and platform that delete their messages and shared photos automatically like they did in Snapchat. At least you are the master of your own privacy.

  1. Data overburden can lead to negative effects

By now you have already realized that Facebook sells ad space to the companies requiring it or companies who wants to reach you and makes money thereby. Facebook silently analyzes your profile, your browsing history and your messages to figure out important information about you and peacefully sharing it without even letting us know. These information can be very dangerous as they can be used as a weapon used against you. Various organizations and companies gather information online to figure out what are up to in your personal and professional life and this can deliberately affect your chances of getting hired.

  1. Over spending of time

time spending on mobile

And now last but not the least you should quit Facebook so that you can avoid overspending your time on Facebook and do something productive. I definitely agree that Facebook provides a means to connect with your friends and family, and this is seriously very intimidating and fascinating, but it does take a huge toll on our time. We can never know when we are getting trapped in the magical world of Facebook and once trapped, it is very difficult to come out of it.

It is easy to share things on Facebook without even thinking once. If you are feeling low just write a post and someone will be there to cheer you up but the problem arises when your employer sees such kinds of post and starts judging you accordingly. That is why I think you should quit Facebook so that you regain your privacy. Why let some normal friend, your employer or as mentioned earlier, Facebook, to indulge in your personal matters and make inferences from it. So, at last, I would just say delete your account and manage your control in a more efficient way as you want it to be managed.

Hanken’s Scholarship Scheme in Finland, 2018

Scholarship Description: Hanken’s Scholarship Scheme is open to non-EU/EEA students to pursue master’s degree programme for the academic year 2018-2019. Scholarships are designed to reward students of any nationality who demonstrate the highest academic excellence and potential.

A Master’s degree from Hanken provides you with the opportunity to specialise in your field of interest, be in Economics, Finance, Accounting, Management, Marketing, Humanitarian logistics, or even IP Law.


About University: The Hanken School of Economics is a business school located in Helsinki and Vaasa. Hanken was established in 1909 and is the only stand-alone business school in Finland.

If English is not your first language then you will need to show that your English language skills are at a high enough level to succeed in your studies.

Degree Level: Scholarships are available for pursuing master’s degree programme.

Available Subject: Scholarships are awarded to study the subjects offered by the university.

Scholarship Benefits: 
Hanken Premium Scholarship: Covers the full tuition fee and 8000 EUR/year living expenses
Hanken Honours Scholarship: Covers the full tuition fee
Hanken Support Scholarship: Covers 50% of the tuition fee
A cost-of-living scholarship (2000 EUR) may also be granted to non-paying students.

Eligible Nationalities: Scholarships are available for non-EU/EEA students.

Entrance Requirements: Bachelor’s degree from a recognized University of Polytechnic.



Application Procedure:

The complete admissions requirements are available in Hanken’s application portal. Plese register through the link below in order to read more, fill in your basic profile and get notified when the application opens.

Online Application

Scholarship Link

Deadline: January 17, 2018

Walter and Eliza Hall Institute International Scholarships in Australia, 2018

Scholarship Description: The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute offers a number of scholarships to support International PhD Scholars. Scholarships are for open to outstanding international students to join Medical Biology PhD Program.

About University: The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, more commonly known as the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, abbreviated as WEHI, is Australia’s oldest medical research institute. The Institute is the Department of Medical Biology of the University of Melbourne.


If English is not your first language then you will need to show that your English language skills are at a high enough level to succeed in your studies.

Degree Level: Scholarships are available for pursuing PhD Programme.

Available Subject: Scholarships are awarded in the field of Medical Biology.

Scholarship Benefits: The Institute’s International PhD Scholarships provide a living allowance equivalent to the current Melbourne Research Scholarship rate. In addition, all PhD students receive the Institute’s $2000 per annum scholarship top-up plus a relocation allowance, health insurance coverage, and tuition fee offset.

Eligible Nationalities: International students are eligible to apply.

Number of Scholarships: The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute offers a number of dedicated scholarships to support International PhD Scholars.

Entrance Requirements: In order to be considered for entry, applicants must have completed:


  • A four-year bachelor degree in a relevant discipline which includes a substantial research component equivalent to at least 25% of one year of full-time study and have achieved a minimum weighted average of 80% or (University of Melbourne) equivalent; or
  • A masters degree in a relevant discipline which includes a substantial research component equivalent to at least 25% of one year of full-time study and achieved a minimum weighted average of 80% or (University of Melbourne) equivalent; or
  • A qualification and professional experience considered to be equivalent; and
  • A research proposal; and
  • Referee reports (except for applicants who have graduated from the University of Melbourne within the last 5 years); and
  • The endorsement of a prospective supervisor.

Application Procedure:

To apply for the International PhD Scholar Initiative:

    • Check that you meet the academic entry requirements for PhD study at the University of Melbourne. Please note you do not need to apply to the University of Melbourne at the time of application for the International PhD Scholar Initiative.
  • Investigate the current student project opportunities to identify your preferred research areas
  • Submit an online application form
    You will be asked to indicate up to five titles of research projects or Institute supervisors who are in your field of interest

Online Application

Scholarship Link

Deadline: December 1, 2017


Postdoctoral Fellowships at University of St.Gallen in Switzerland, 2018

Scholarship Description: The University of St.Gallen is inviting applications for International Postdoctoral Fellowships in Management, Economics, Law, Social Sciences, and International Affairs. Fellowships are awarded to young researchers regardless of their nationality.

About University: The University of St.Gallen in Switzerland is a place for students and for the people living in the region as well. We are an educational institution, event organizer, employer, provider of services and much more. Their publicly accessible library invites people to do research and to read.


Degree Level: Fellowships are available to pursue a postdoctoral research project at the University of St.Gallen.

Available Subject: Fellowships are awarded in the field of Management, Economics, Law, Social Sciences, and International Affairs.

Scholarship Benefits : Funding:

Own salary (salary category F8) at a maximum employment rate of 75 percent (ca. CHF 85’000 p.a. including social security benefits and professional pension)

Congress subsidies at an amount of CHF 2’500 p.a.

Indispensable research costs

Workplace and IT equipment


Eligible Nationalities: international students are eligible to apply.


Entrance Requirements:

  • Researchers who hold a doctorate (PhD) or will complete their doctorate within the next six months
  • External applicants with a doctorate (PhD) must have obtained their degree a maximum of two years prior to the submission deadline of the HSG Research Committee.


Application Procedure: Application documents:

  1. Application form
  2. Research proposal
  3. CV
  4. List of publications
  5. Diploma (copy Master / PhD degree)
  6. Invitation letter of one or more processors of the University of St.Gallen
  7. only for applicants without doctorate: letter of the PhD supervisor providing information about the status of the doctoral thesis and the prospective date of the final examination

Scholarship Link

Deadline: January 10, March 1, September 1, November 2


Research Associate Job

About this Job ad

Following Comsats Institute of knowledge Technology metropolis Jobs ad was revealed in Nawaiwaqt on twenty five November, 2017. bear down to visualize details and job image revealed in newspaper.

Job Title:- analysis Associate Company Name:- Comsats Institute of knowledge Technology Location:- metropolis Jobs Education:- M.Sc Degree Holders Degree Title:- Chemistry, organic chemistry, Biotechnology minimum experience:- aught Gender:- no preference Applying Date:- aught Last Applying Date:- 09-12-2017 &amp; take a look at Date:- aught solely shortlisted candidates are going to be demanded interview. Taken from Newspaper:- Nawaiwaqt

Company Name    Comsats Institute of knowledge Technology
Job Type    Parmanent
Job Location    Comsats Institute of knowledge Technology Defense Road Off Raiwind Road metropolis, Pakistan.
Lahore Islamic Republic of Pakistan , Punjab , Pk 
Gender    Male
Salary    Rs. 15000
Qualification    MSc
Responsibility    Purchase and/or advocate purchase of recent instrumentation for analysis projects; underneath the direction of the PI, usually liable for the scientific operations of the laboratory; could supervise laboratory/unit personnel.
Skills    Skills:- Listening, speaking and writing &amp; Analytical and drawback resolution ability.
Working Hours    0 Hours
Age    Years(max)
Education    MSc
Experience    Years
Deadline to Apply    December 09,2017
Newspaper    Nawaiwaqt
Contact Number    042-111-001-007

-- Apply for this Job --
Address    Comsats Institute of knowledge Technology metropolis Jobs
Comsats Institute of knowledge Technology Defense Road Off Raiwind Road metropolis, Pakistan.
Lahore Islamic Republic of Pakistan geographical region PK 
Pakistan 00000

How To Block Intrusive Javascript on Chrome and Firefox

The method is quite simple and easy and you just need to follow simple guide that will help you to implement this. We have selected two extensions based on user rating, download

#1 Google Chrome

For google chrome, we have one extension that you can easily use to better manage your scripts on the browser. And the extension is ScriptBlock. The script block is an extension that provides better control of javascript, iframes and other unwanted content. It even can mitigate cross-site-scripting(XXS) attacks and drive-by-downloads. ScriptBlock works perfectly together with other extensions like AdBlock, AdBlock Plus or Ghostery. You can add your trusted sites to a whitelist, so they will not be affected by ScriptBlock. Simply open the above-shared link and then download and install the app and then you will see this extension will be blocking these scripts.

Block Intrusive Javascript on Chrome and Firefox

Block Intrusive Javascript on Chrome and Firefox

#2 Mozilla Firefox

Similarly like Chrome, we have one great add-on for Firefox that is Toggle JS. A simple toolbar button to quickly toggle javascript between enabled or disabled. A green shield is shown when javascript is enabled and a red shield is shown when it is disabled. You just need to simply visit the link shared above and then download and install the extension.

Block Intrusive Javascript on Chrome and Firefox

Block Intrusive Javascript on Chrome and Firefox


So the above guide was all about How to Block Intrusive Javascript on Chrome and Firefox. Use the guide and you can simply better manage the javascript loading in your browsers and that will help you to secure your data being compromised by the attackers. To implement this guide and let us know your experience in this. If you have any related queries with this then please comment as I’ll be waiting for your response.

rate and some of our personal experience and hope you will also like these extensions.

How to Enable Wifi Calling on Android

The method is quite simple and easy and you just need to follow the simple step by step guide that will help you to enable this feature on your android phone.

Steps to Enable Wifi Calling on Android:

#1 Begin up with the method by pulling down the notifications panel and then from there selecting the gear icon to make up the settings option reach up to the screen. This is the system settings page from where you could be able to search for any of the available features and the preferences easily. To look for the Wifi Calling option in your device simply search for it in the settings. If it would be there then you are lucky, your device supports the wifi calling and you could start anytime after toggling the option to On.

#2 Another way to reach and look for the option if you don’t have the search bar in the settings page of your device, simply head on to the Wifi Preference option section inside the Settings and then from there check for the option named Wifi Calling. Not a matter if you are not seeing it straightforward over the display under there, stretch out every one of the options inside there and you could possibly grab that option if it is supported by the device.

Enable Wifi Calling on Android

Enable Wifi Calling on Android

#3 The last step that could be preferred to attain this option according to your device compatibility is to install the these below apps. These apps can avail you the way to make the Wifi Calling even if you are not provided with the option to do so in the native system of the device. These are the apps which we prefer to be used for the same feature:

  • Facebook Messenger
  • Google Hangouts
  • Google Voice
  • Google Duo
  • Skype

Here in this whole article, we have provided you with the proper information related to the Wifi calling on Android. Utilize the best out of this article and then make up the changes to your regular calling behavior, use the Wifi as your mode for the calling over the Android. In this, we tried to provide you with the best of the information in the simplest form and we believe that you would also be liking this whole info. If you really like this article then please go and share it with the others. Do share your valuable opinions and the suggestions for the post using the comments section below, we appreciate your indulgence in our work and we are indeed highly requiring that too!

How to Sync Clipboard Between Android and PC

ndroid has the availability of the Clipboard app for the users and they could utilize it for the purpose of saving the important notes while doing any of the tasks. While it is known that even the computer have the clipboard functionality and this feature indeed arose through this super device only. For the users who need to work on both of the devices that is a computer as well as Android and rotationally they tend to work over these devices, their notes over the alternative devices would not be saved to both. This creates the confliction between the user work experience as the access to both of the devices becomes mandatory for ongoing with the saved tasks to the clipboard. It is actually good to have the collaboration or the sync between the both of the clipboard apps on the Android as well as PC. By default, there is no direct option available to the users through which they would be able to make up the connection for the sync. But this is not the end there are lot more ways to make the output for the same. Here in this article, we have written about the method through which we could be able to make up the changes to the clipboard and hence create the sync between Android and PC for the notes. If you are keen and requiring to know about this method then please follow up the article and read until the end. So let’s get started on that!

How to Sync Clipboard Between Android and PC

This method is the easiest one, you only have to install the two different apps on the computer and the Android device. Rather these apps could be signed in to sync between both of the devices. Actually, there is a number of best sync clipboard apps available for the Android as well as Computer and we have also listed those in this post below.

#1 Clipbrd

Sync Clipboard Between Android and PC

Sync Clipboard Between Android and PC

This one is placed on the top of the list only because this is able to be quickly set up over the both of the devices and hence you can start to go for the benefits as soon. Simply install the copies of this app on both of the different devices, Computer and the Android. After grabbing this app you need to start working on it without making any changes. The same is available as an app on the Google Play store and Chrome browser extension on PC. Transfer all of your work easily through signing in to the account on both of the sides and that’s all. Not to worry as you would be asked to create the account for this app on the startup only so you could register yourself for free.

#2 Scatter

Sync Clipboard Between Android and PC

Sync Clipboard Between Android and PC

This could be called as the alternative for the above app, if you feel the above app is not good for you then you could try this simple but greatly useful app. One of the best thing about this app is that you could start to use it as soon after installation and register to the new account. UI of this app will be helpful to manage all of your notes or the pastings over it and sync over the different devices.

Never miss your important notes and make the correct collaboration between different devices for the notes sharing through using the above method. Utilize the option to sync the clipboard between Android and PC and you know that this is simple than ever. Finally, we are now at the end of this article and this was all about the topic. We hope that you might have liked this article. Share your voice in the form of text and tell us regarding the quality and the missings facts in this post. Your interaction with the article motivates us to make some more quality content so please give a second for the same.

Full Tuition Master Scholarships at University of Jyvaskyla in Finland, 2018

Scholarship  Description: Full tuition scholarships at the University of Jyvaskyla are now available to pursue Master’s Degree Programmes in Finland. Scholarships are available to students of all nationalities.

Students must have Bachelor’s degree (academic first cycle degree), relevant to the field of education, and completed with good grades.


About University: The University of Jyvaskyla is a University of Jyvaskyla, Finland. It has its origins in the first Finnish-speaking Teacher Training College, founded in 1863. Around 15,000 students are currently enrolled in the degree programs of the university. It is ranked as the fourth largest university in Finland when measured according to the number of master’s degrees conferred.

Degree Level: Scholarships are available to pursue Master degree programme.

Available Subject: The programmes below will open for application during the application round 2017-2018.

Learn more about each programme by visiting programme webpages below or by watching short videos of each programme on YouTube.

Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics

  • Banking and International Finance
  • Corporate Environmental Management
  • Digital Marketing and Corporate Communication
  • International Business and Entrepreneurship

Faculty of Education and Psychology

  • Educational Sciences (EDUMA)

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


  • Applied Language Studies for the Changing Society  (Applang)
  • Intercultural Communication

Faculty of Information Technology

  • Information Systems
  • Cognitive Computing and Collective Intelligence (COIN)

Faculty of Mathematics and Science

  • Biological and Environmental Science
  • Nanoscience
  • Nuclear and Particle Physics

Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences

  • Biology of Physical Activity
  • Sport and Exercise Promotion

Scholarship Benefits: The scholarship covers the full tuition fee and it is awarded for two academic years. However, receiving the scholarship for the second academic year depends on your study progress and success during the first academic year: in order to receive the scholarship for the second year, you must complete at least 55 ECTS credits of degree studies during the first year. If you complete your degree in less than two years, the right to the scholarship expires upon the completion of your degree. Even if your studies are delayed, the scholarship is not granted for longer than two academic years. Cost-of-living grants are available at the University of Jyväskylä only in the IMDP in Nuclear and Particle Physics.

Eligible Nationalities: Scholarships are available to students of all nationalities.



Entrance Requirements: Bachelor’s degree (academic first cycle degree), relevant to the field of education, and completed with good grades. Admission of an applicant graduating after the application deadline is conditional till s/he submits the degree certificate, the deadline being July 17th, 2018.

Bachelor’s degree or a polytechnic degree.

The degree has to be completed by 17 July 2018. Please check also programme specific application requirements.

Application Procedure: The application form itself is to be submitted online. All supporting documents must be submitted either in Finnish, Swedish or English. If any of your supporting documents are not in one of these languages, then an officially certified translation must be sent, along with a certified copy of the original document. In addition, you should send the required enclosures by mail to University Admissions Finland.

  • Officially certified transcript of records
  • Officially certified copies of degree certificates
  • Copy of a residence permit
  • Copy of a valid passport
  • Certificate of English language proficiency
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Motivation letter

Scholarship Link

Deadline: January 10, 2018


USA Dietrich School Diversity Postdoctoral International Fellowships 2018

Scholarship Description: The University of Pittsburgh’s Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences is offering Dietrich School Diversity Postdoctoral Fellowships for two years, starting in August 2018. The University of Pittsburgh embraces diversity and inclusion, “Helping to attract and retain a diverse regional population and University community through the recruitment and retention of a diverse student body, faculty and staff.”

About University: The University of Pittsburgh is a state-related research university, founded as the Pittsburgh Academy in 1787. Pitt is a member of the Association of American Universities (AAU), which comprises 62 preeminent doctorate-granting research institutions in North America. Pitt is among the top universities in the world and is the best public university in the Northeast, according to the 2017 Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education College Rankings.


Degree Level: Fellowships are available to pursue postdoctoral programme.

Available Subject: Enter as your department or program of primary affiliation Humanities department or program for which you would like to be considered: Classics, Communication, East Asian Languages and Literature, English, French and Italian Languages and Literature, Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies, German, Hispanic Languages and Literature, History and Philosophy of Science, History of Art and Architecture, Linguistics, Music, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Slavic Languages and Literatures, Theatre Arts

Scholarship Award: Fellows receive an annual stipend of $47,476.08, a $4,000 annual research/travel allowance, and a $1,500 one-time moving allowance. The University provides a relatively comprehensive package of fringe benefits, including medical insurance, participant-paid dental and vision insurance, life insurance, eligibility to participate in the University’s tuition scholarships program, and a retirement plan allowing personal tax deferral to TIAA/CREF with no University match.  Fellows have access to additional benefits which currently include: University libraries and recreational facilities, computing and networking services, and fare-free public transportation.

Eligible Nationalities: Non-US citizens are eligible to apply for this fellowship.

Eligibility Criteria: University invites applications from qualified candidates who have satisfactorily completed all requirements for the PhD degree, including any oral defence, by March 1, 2018.  Individuals who completed all such requirements before June 1, 2016, are ineligible.

Application Procedure: Applicants are required to submit the following documents:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Dissertation table of contents
  • Two-page statement of research interests outlining the goals of the research you will undertake during the term of the fellowship
  • Two-page statement of teaching interests and philosophy
  • One-to-two page diversity statement, in which you share how your past, planned, or potential contributions or experiences relating to diversity, equity, and inclusion will advance the University of Pittsburgh’s commitment to inclusive excellence
  • Writing sample or excerpt of no more than 20 pages including references and appendices.
  • Course proposal including the subject area, a brief syllabus and proposed methods for a 15-week course directed towards advanced undergraduate or graduate students
  • Three letters of recommendation (Applicants must submit the names and e-mail addresses of three recommenders via the application page.  Each recommender will receive an e-mail promptly with a link to upload the letter; applicants will receive a confirmation email as each letter is uploaded.  It is the applicant’s responsibility to coordinate with recommenders so that they have ample time to upload after the applicant submits his or her application.  Letters will not be accepted by direct e-mail or postal mail, nor will they be accepted after February 23, 2018, at 5 p.m. EST. Applicants who use Interfolio’s online application delivery system need to apply several days before the deadline to ensure that letters arrive on time. Any applicant who has not completed the Ph.D. at the time of application should request that at least one recommender confirm his/her expected oral defense date (if any) and graduation date in his/her reference letter.

Scholarship Link

Deadline: February 16, 2018

Spain 36 Research INPhINIT, ”la Caixa” Doctoral Fellowships 2018

Scholarship Description: The new INPhINIT, ”la Caixa” Doctoral Fellowship Programme is now available to attracting international Early-Stage Researchers to the top Spanish research centres. Researchers of all nationalities are eligible to apply for this fellowship programme. INPhINIT aims to recruit excellent Early-Stage Researchers with very solid theoretical backgrounds, with curiosity and ambition; with incipient skills to express themselves clearly and defend their ideas with creativity, independence, and originality. Researchers may be focused on the academic side or be more industry-oriented.

About University: The ICMAB is a research institute of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), the largest research organization in Spain focusing on basic and applied research. The initial and ongoing mission of the ICMAB is “to generate new knowledge in Materials Science and transfer it to society, particularly to industry within the European Research Area“. Cutting edge activities in Materials Science and Nanoscience-Nanotechnology are now the main objectives of the Institute.


Course Level: Fellowships are available to pursue doctoral research programme.

Study Subject: Fellowships are awarded in the areas of Bio and Health Sciences, Physics, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Eligible Nationalities: Researchers of all nationalities are eligible to apply for this fellowship programme.

Eligibility Criteria: The INPhINIT programme will be open to Early-Stage Researchers (ESR) of all nationalities. In order to be eligible, candidates must meet the following criteria (in accordance with the Marie Sklodowska-Curie eligibility conditions):

  • At the time of the announcement of final results (May 29th, 2018), candidates must be in the first four years (full-time equivalent research experience) of their research careers and not yet have been awarded a doctoral degree.
  • At the time of the announcement of final results (May 29th, 2018), candidates must comply with one of the following options:
    – To have completed the studies that lead to an official Spanish (or from another country of the European Higher Education Area) university degree awarding 300 ECTS credits, of which at least 60 ECTS credits must correspond to master level.
    – To have completed a degree in a non-Spanish university not adapted to the European Higher Education Area that gives access to doctoral studies. The verification of an equivalent level of studies to the ones mentioned above will be made by the university when the admission procedure starts.
  • Mobility Requirement:  Candidates must not have resided or carried out their main activity (work, studies, etc.) in Spain for more than 12 months in the 3 years immediately prior to the date of the announcement of final results (May 29th, 2018). Short stays such as holidays will not be taken into account.
  • Candidates must have a demonstrable level of English (B2 or higher).
  • Only candidates whose submitted application fulfils all the requirements will be eligible.

Application Procedure:  Once you have chosen the project, and are sure to fulfill all the eligibility criteria, click here to create your personal account and fill in the online “la Caixa” application form to apply for the fellowship.

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Deadline: February 1, 2018

UK GCU Don McCarthy Master Scholarships 2018

Scholarship Description: The Glasgow Caledonian University offers Don McCarthy fully funded scholarships for international students for the academic year 2018-2019. Scholarships are available for fashion programmes at GCU London starting in January 2018. The scholarship will provide the successful student with vital support for course fees.

About University: Glasgow Caledonian University is a public university in Glasgow, Scotland. It was formed in 1993 by the merger of The Queen’s College, Glasgow, and Glasgow Polytechnic.


Course Level: Master programme.

Study Subject: Fashion programmes at GCU London starting in January 2018.

Scholarship benefit: Full Tuition fees.

Eligible Nationalities: International students.

Entrance Requirements: All entry requirements listed here should be used as a guide and represent the minimum required to be considered for entry. Applicants who are made a conditional offer of a place may be asked to achieve more than is stated.

Typical Entry Requirements

UK Honours degree 2:2 or equivalent


Students must have applied to study one of the following courses at GCU London:

  • MBA Luxury Brand Management
  • MSc Fashion Business Creation
  • MSc International Fashion Marketing
  • MSc Luxury Brand Marketing

Application Procedure: You can apply for the scholarship online. When applying you will be asked to upload a video in support of your application. This is a 2-3 minute video explaining why you should be awarded the scholarship. Amongst other things, the selection panels are looking for answers to:

  • Why you should be awarded the scholarship
  • What difference it will make to your studies/career
  • What differences will you make to the industry/University – what will you give back?
  • What your future plans and career goals are.

Online Application

Scholarship Link

Deadline: December 8, 2017

Switzerland international Postdoctoral Fellowship in Theoretical Physics 2018

Scholarship Description: ERN is offering Non-Member State Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme to study in Switzerland. They are granted for two years and can exceptionally be extended to the third year. CERN’s people are driven by a shared goal, a single purpose. They want to achieve the impossible, to do what’s never been done before. Everyone here strives to be the best they can be, true specialists and industry “firsts” are created regularly – not just in the world of physics.

Course Level: Fellowship is available to pursue Postdoctoral programme.


Study Subject: Fellowship is awarded in Theoretical Physics.

Scholarship Benefits: Fellow will get salary, leave, insurance, travel expenses, family allowance etc

Eligible Countries: Fellowship is available to the students who are not the nationals of a CERN Member State.

Eligibility Criteria: You should not be a national of a CERN Member State. Nationals from the CERN Member States (irrespective of their current place of study and/or residence) should apply to the ‘standard’ Fellowship Programme(link is external). You have a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics (or are about to finish your thesis) and are looking for a postdoctoral position. You have a maximum of 10 years of research experience after the degree which gives access to doctoral programmes (MSc or equivalent).

How to Apply: The mode of application is online.

Documents required

  • a completed electronic application form
  • a Curriculum Vitae
  • a list of publications if relevant (for collaborations, please indicate simply the number of publications and only provide details of the most important ones)
  • a photocopy of the last (highest) qualification
  • a short (half page) description of your motivation for coming to CERN
  • three letters of recommendation to give as broad as possible overview of your academic and/or professional achievements
  • A short description of your research interests

The application and all supporting documents should reach CERN (or be submitted using the e-recruitment system) by the closing date. Candidates should upload their documents such as their curriculum vitae, publications, research interests etc. directly into our e-recruitment system (e-RT). Recommendation letters can also be uploaded directly or sent to the Recruitment Service by email, fax or postal mail (contact details are available here). Candidates will receive an automatic email when these documents are attached to their application.


Online Application

Scholarship Link

Deadline: October 15, 2018

Pay Per Click

What Does Pay Per Click Means And How PPC Works?

PPC stands for Pay per click and also known as CPC (cost per click). Both the terms have the same meaning. For representing any advertising agency name or Method of advertising we normally use word PPC and For the rate decision term used is CPC. PPC is one the most famous and biggest term in Internet marketing. There are two different parties Advertiser and Publisher Who depends On PPC advertising. Advertiser use PPC advertising for branding their products and services by advertising their online businesses to reach more targeted audience within a specific budget. For Publishers of Web sites and Blogs, PPC holds the best position for the major source of the online earning. Make Money from Pay per click ads is basic and easiest way for a startup who don’t have deep knowledge about marketing yet.
PPC advertising is playing a main role in building a relationship between two companies, websites or blogs. Advertiser depends upon Publisher for getting visitors and Publisher depend on Advertiser to earn revenue by ads placements. Some of the Big brands like Google, Yahoo and Facebook having a major source of earning is through PPC ads.

How is PPC Advertising Relationship Works?

PPC is a type of an online advertising technique. If you want to understand more about Advertising then I recommend reading about How Online Advertising Works? PPC is the easiest way to drive traffic from one website to another on the bases of clicks. PPC requires minimum two different parties or websites in which one website or Party act as Advertiser and other activities as Publisher

An advertiser wants more traffic and customers on their site or product to grow there business. So they adopt CPC based method to pay money to publisher site for every click on Ad.  In that way, an advertiser has to pay for every successful unique click on their product link or banner.

A publisher is a person who has any website or blog with traffic and wants to generate revenue from visitors. So publisher sells ad space or use any third party ad network for ad placement on their site. For every click on ad banner publisher which generate earning based on CPC rate.

Before further detail about both types, lets see how CPC or PPC rate works on the bases of simple formula

For Advertiser:-

Cost Per Click = Total Advertising Cost / Total Ad Clicks

For Publisher:-

Cost Per Click= Total Earning / Total Ad Clicks

Its is based on the total budget set by the advertiser and on that bases how many total clicks they need. The results is in the form of every click rate which is CPC.


Different Types of PPC (Pay per Click) Advertising

Mostly PPC ads are based on two methods Flat Rate PPC and Bid Rate PPC.

Flat Rate PPC

In short and simple words if the advertiser setup the fix rates of CPC. That type of ads is consider as Flat rate CPC. It mostly takes place in direct advertising or even many third-party ad networks available. So the fixed rate CPC will be provided for total clicks on ad banner. Normally it is beneficial in direct advertising relationship.

Bid Rate PPC

This technique is mostly used by big third-party networks. Because in third-party ads there is no direct relation between advertiser and publisher. Agencies having many different advertisers and Publisher with websites in different niches. So Agencies rotate ads automatically and fill ad banner with a highest paying and which depends on visitor location, interest, niche and many other factors. So the Bidding is done for highest rates according to these factors.  Rate may vary because relevant and irrelevant ads will be displayed on web pages. The overall performance of the bid-based network is good but earning for publisher totally depend on website or blog niche.


How Advertiser Grow Their Business With PPC Ads ?

PPC based advertising is the traditional and basic method to promote and get traffic online.  PPC adverting depend on two different parties, an Advertiser or a Publisher both take its benefit equally. Advertiser setup the total budget and approx amount traffic with be generated according to the CPC rate. Which makes an advertiser clear that how much money is required for total amount visitor they need and will it be profitable for business. For PPC based advertising you need to concentrate on following factors Like

  • How many budgets You Have?
  • How Much we want to spend for total Visitors?  Means setup a CPC rate for every click.
  • Target users according to Interest, behaviour, GEO location. Try to make a better mechanism to adjust the best CPC for these different factors.
  • Make Sure that Revenue generated should be more than your expenditure on the PPC campaign.

So if you want to advertise your brand, website, blog, services page, landing page or any other product. You can need to join as an Advertiser on Ad exchange networks or agencies. For a better startup, i recommend going for these 3, 4 for PPC companies.

Google Adwords

how ppc pay per click advertising process works


How Can Publisher Earn Money With PPC Ads ?

On another of a side of an advertiser, their is a Publisher.  Website or blog which place ads and they earn from then is a publisher mean who publish and promote ad unit. Publisher having 100% benefit just they don’t need to spend anything and their is no risk of loss.  Whenever a person starts a new website or blog. They want to earn revenue from it. So the basic and simplest way is just placing few ads which are based on PPC.

Now Question arises is How will you earn just by placing an advertisement on website or blog? Who will  give you money?

PPC Pay per click Publisher place your ad hereTheir are many third party agencies for ppc ads. Person has need to join as a publisher on behalf of its website or blog. After joining they will provide ad unit code which a publisher have to placed on there blog or website. Then from these banners publisher earn money.


List Of Best PPC (Pay Per Click) Publisher Ad Networks

Here are some networks which offer good CPC rates. These networks are highly trusted and publisher can earn decent revenue.

Google Adsense

For More PPC Based network i recommend to read full article about Best PPC (Pay per click) Sites For Publishers. Where you will find more networks from which publisher can earn money.

At the end i hope all doubt regarding PPC or CPC will almost be clear. It necessary to learn for everyone before making internet marketing as profession. I try to explain each and every part of about Pay per click advertising and how to will be beneficial for both advertiser and publisher. In case you want any information or you feel something is missing in topic. Feel free to share your thoughts in comments.


Top 15 Best Highest Paying URL Shorten-er To Earn Money – 2017

Earn Money On Short URLs is one the amazing and easiest method of all time. No doubt there are hundreds of different ways to earn money from the living room but each and every task require little technical effort and investment. But from all them Earn money from URL shortener is easy and free to use.  If you do not have any technical or development skills and even marketing word scares you then it's a better option for you to go with URL shortening to earn some decent money. Now the question what the URL short means and how this mechanism really works.? Lets start which basic understanding about URL shorteners, as its name describes shorten down the long URL. Basically, URL shorteners are used to make long ugly URLs into small, easy to remember.  Commonly we all use bitly and any other service to accomplish this task. But they are only used for shorting perform but on the other hand, there are few services who provide a way to monetize from that short links. Those services setup 5 second redirection period where they serve ads. In-short when someone visits that URL they have to wait for 5 sec to go through the actual web page. We just have to short any URL which want then only effort which we have to make is getting traffic on that URL. We can promote them on your blog or social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Google+ and many more. So this is how you will get paid from these link shortener services.  The maximum rate provide by companies are from $1 to $12 per 1000 ad views/clicks on your Short URL. These rates vary according to visitor location. Almost each service listed these rates on there sites. These service also provides you referral system, like if any person join through your referral link then company will give you upto 10-20% Commission. So here we are going to start reviewing best URL shortener to earn money. Just go and join each and every service and then choose which perform better for you.

Recommended & Trusted URL Shortener Networks.

  1. Adf.ly
  2. Shorte.st
  3. Shink
  4. Linkshrink
  5. ouo.io
  6. Linkbucks
  7. Adyou.me
  8. Short.am
  9. Fas.li

List Of Best URL Shortener To Make Money.

#1. Adf.ly

 Adfly is the best one and trusted company among all URL shorteners to earn money. It take best care of their users provides the money at time. It is an old company so many users trusted this company. You can earn 5$ per 1000 views on your short URL. You can also get benefit of referral system and can get 20% commissions from your referrals. The best thing of this company is the minimum payout is 5$. Register now and get chance to earn some money from this service.

Signup button

#2. Shorte.st

Shorte.st is the another URL shortener service which provides you to new chance to earn money online with the help of shortening URLs. You can get 4$ to 8$ per 1000 visits on your short URL. If you have referral then you can get 20% commission from your referral. The minimum payout is 10$. If you can provide more than 100000 views monthly then you can get special rates from Shorte.st. So register now, short your URL with Shorte.st and share it on Facebook, twitter, websites, blogs and more and get chance to earn some money.

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#3. Shink

Shink provides free and modern URL shortener service you can register here and share your short URL on different sites and can earn money. You can get more than 4$ per 1000 visits on your short URL. It also provides referral system so you can get 20% commission from your referrals. You can also check real time statics of your short URL. The minimum payout is 10$.

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#4. Linkshrink.Net

Linkshrink is another best and trusted URL shorten company which provides the URL shortening service. You can earn maximum $3 to $5 per 1000 views on your short URL (Note: Rate vary country to country). You can also get 25% commission from your referral if you have some. So the best point of this company is the minimum payout is 5$. So register now and short your URL share it on websites, forums and more and earn some money.

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#5. ouo.io

ouo.io will pay you $1.15 to $2.50 per 1000 visits on your short URL. The minimum payout is $10 via payza and Paypal. Sign up now and earn some money from your short URLs. They also provide mass url shrinking, full website script for the webmaster to earn money on short links. Ouo.io is trusted and responsible team.

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#6. Linkbucks.com

Linkbucks is one of the most popular URL shortener service through which you can earn money online with short URLs. It will pay you $2 to $6 per 1000 visits on your short URL. The minimum payout is 10$ and you can also earn 5% commission from your referrals. If you have an website, blog and good visitors then you can also check their advertiser program.

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#7. Adyou.me

Its another best in all URL shortener to earn money that pays. Its payout rates vary from $1.0 to $10 per 1000 visits on your short URL. The minimum payout is $5. You can also get 5% commission on your referrals.

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#8. Short.am

short.an is one of the amazing platforms where we can earn money on short links. You can earn up to 5$ to 8$ per 1000 visits on your Short URL. It also provides the referral system so you can get 20% commission from your referrals.  You can share your short URL on websites, forums, blogs and more so you can earn money with the help of short URLs.

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#9. Fas.li

Fas.li is provide the URL shortening service and trusted one. We can easily short links and earn money with this service share it on Facebook, twitter, websites and blogs and earn money. You can get from 1$ to 3$ per 1000 views on your short URL (the rate will vary country to country). The minimum payout is 5$ so it is the one of the best things. You can simply register now and can start to earn money easily without any technical knowledge.

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Below Are Under Review – Not Sure About Payments

#10. Blv.me

blv.me will pay you $1.0 to $10 per 1000 visits on your short URL. The minimum payout is $10. You can also get 5% commission on your referrals. You can get high rates as per with the increasing of your performance.

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#11. Admy.link

admy.link will pay you up to $2 per 1000 visits in your short URL. The minimum payout is $5 and you can get 15% commission on your referrals.

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#12. CC.CC

cc.cc will pay you $9 per 1000 visits on short URL. The minimum payout is $10 and you can also earn up to 40% commission from your referrals. Join now and place your link and then click on capture screenshot it will create for you new tiny URL promote that URL on Facebook, websites, blogs anywhere and earn money.

#13. URLcash.net

URLcash provides you 3 different methods to earn money online. The first method is Automatic link script which you have to place on your blog or website. The second method is Multiple Link Generator, you can place your short URL on any website, blog or forum and can earn money and the last one is instant galleries. You can also earn from your referrals up to 35% commission.

#14. Ity.im

ity.im is a URL shortener service and you can make upto $5.50 on per 1000 visits on your short URL. The minimum payout is $15 and you can also earn from your referrals. They also have Advertiser programs you can check on their website.

#15. 4ks.net Review

 4ks.net will pay you upto $2.00 per 1000 visits in your short URL. The minimum payout is $20 and you can also earn 10% commission from your referrals. You can also see their advertising programs on their official website.

#16. ysear.ch

ysear.ch will pay you $2.00 per 1000 visits on your short URL. The minimum payout is $2.50 and you can also get 20% commission from your referrals. You can also check their advertiser programs on their official site.

How To Make Money By URL Shortener Networks ?

URL Shortening Service provide you an easy way to convert your original long link to simple in short link which is paid.  Simply create short URL after joining any of the above-given networks which you like most.

  • After Creating a link You have many different approaches to promote your link.
  • You Can promote it on Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or others.
  • You can also earn money by promoting short links on your own website or blog. In case you don’t have any best advertising network then URL short URL on every link to earn money.
  • You can use scripts provided by these networks to automatically convert blog URL into paid short URL.

 At the end according to me try all the above-given network one by one and analyze which perform best according to your traffic source. Never depend on the single network try all of them to earn efficiently.
If you know any of the best network which we had missed then let us know we will update it soon.

Heinz-Kühn-Foundation Scholarships for Developing Countries in Gemany, 2018

Scholarship Description: Applications are invited for Heinz-Kühn-Foundation Scholarships for young journalists from Developing countries. This is fully funded scholarship which provides funds to enable candidates to gain professional journalism experience in North-Rhine-Westphalia for up to three months.

The aim of the Heinz-Kühn-Foundation is to support the training and professional development of ju nior journalists.


In order to promote the training and further education of young journalists, the Heinz-Kühn-Stiftung awards six-week or three-month scholarships for stays abroad in Africa, Asia and Latin America to young journalists from North Rhine-Westphalia. At the same time, the foundation finances up to six-month stays for journalists from Africa, Asia and Latin America in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Degree Level: Scholarships are available to young journalists.

Available Subject: The foundation awards scholarships to young journalists from North-Rhine-Westphalia for six-week or three-month reporting trips in developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Scholarship Benefits: Scholarship holders get a lump-sum contribution towards living expenses in the host country (with scholarship payments covering training and living expenses in the host country); a lump-sum allowance for flight and travelling expenses (the foundation pays a return air ticket for candidates from abroad);an allowance to cover costs of research materials (e.g. literature);an allowance for trips within the host country; and,(If necessary, for scholarship holders from abroad) a German language course of up to four months at the Düsseldorf or Bonn based Goethe-Institute. In the lead up to the scholarship and throughout the duration of the scholarship, the Heinz-Kühn-Foundation will provide support.

Eligible Nationalities: Young journalists from North-Rhine-Westphalia and developing countries are eligible for this scholarship.


Eligible Countries: Young journalists from North-Rhine-Westphalia and developing countries are eligible for a scholarship.

Entrance Requirements: Young journalists from North-Rhine-Westphalia and developing countries are eligible for a scholarship if they satisfy the following requirements:


  • Have a keen interest in development issues;
  • have already gained substantial professional experience in journalism (a completed college education is desirable);
  • Are not older than 35 years of age; and,
  • Have a good command of the official language of their host country (candidates from abroad must at least have a basic knowledge of the German language).


Application Procedure: Journalists who meet the requirements for a scholarship should first contact the foundation to discuss possible host countries and their topics of interest.

Applications for the following year must be received by 30 November.
The foundation’s postal address is:
Ministerpräsident des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen
Stadttor 1
40190 Düsseldorf

The following documents should be enclosed with the application:

  • Curriculum vitae in tabular form and a photograph;
  • Certificates of vocational training and present occupation;
  • Foreign languages certificates;
  • German candidates should provide a detailed statement explaining their reasons for applying, their choice of host country and proposed topic of research.
  • Candidates from abroad should provide a letter of motivation in German.

Scholarship Link

Deadline: November 30, 2017

Belgium Ghent University Social Sciences Postdoctoral Research Position 2017-2018

Scholarship Description: The CHEGG, Department of Sociology, Faculty of Political and Social Sciences is charmed to offer its full-time positions as a postdoctoral scientist for two years. The point of the position is to help universal understudies have an unmistakable fascination in interdisciplinary research, there is no express inclination for either subjective or quantitative technique, yet capability in the two zones is valued.

About University: Ghent University (Dutch: Universiteit Gent, shortened as UGent) is an open research college situated in Ghent, Belgium. It was built up in 1817 by King William I of the Netherlands.


Degree Level: Position is available for the postdoctoral researcher.
Available Subject: Position is awarded to a student who holds a PhD degree in the Social Sciences.
Scholarship Benefits: Full-time positions (100%) as Postdoctoral Researcher for two years (with the possibility to extend the contract on the basis of a satisfactory performance)
Nationality: International applicants are eligible to apply for the fellowship.

Eligibility Criteria : Applicants must hold a PhD degree in the Social Sciences (preferably Sociology, Public Administration or Political Sciences) or a degree recognized as equivalent.

Application Procedure: Applications should consist of a motivation letter, a Curriculum Vitae, a two-page proposal of the research the candidate would like to carry out within the field of Higher Education Governance, please merge these three parts in one file. Copies of Bachelor, Master and PhD degrees as a separate file. The candidate will receive an e-mail confirming receipt of the application. It is envisaged that job interviews will take place in December 2017. Applications should be sent no later than 30 November 2017 by e-mail.

Scholarship Link

Deadline: November 30, 2017

Master Scholarships at University of Innsbruck for Peace Studies, Austria, 2018

Scholarship Description: The University of Innsbruck might want to offer Master Scholarships for Peace Studies program. These grants are accessible for understudies who have a troublesome monetary background. The Peace Studies Fund intends to help understudies of the MA Program in Peace Studies by adding to the program’s current scholarship. The University of Innsbruck is a state funded college in Innsbruck, the capital of the Austrian government territory of Tyrol.

Degree Level: These scholarships are available to pursue a master degree.


Available Subject: These scholarships are awarded in the field of Peace Studies.

Scholarship Benefits: Tuition is payable exempt from any expenses to the Tyrolean Institute for Higher Education.

Eligible Nationalities:  International students are eligible for these scholarships.

Eligibility Criteria: Applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent.

Application Procedure: Application forms have to be sent to the office in Austria. Students who are admitted academically will be accepted formally if the payment of their deposit is proven. attach following documents:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Three recent photographs (passport size) | Drei Passfotos jüngeren Datums
  • Three copies of your passport | Drei Kopien des Reisepasses
  • Two letters of recommendation (from individuals, other than family members, who are familiar with your academic and/or professional abilities)
  • An application essay of 300 words. Please write an essay providing your reasons for applying to this program, Applicants main areas of interest in the program, and how you hope to benefit from the program. This essay should be written in English for those students who wish to participate in any courses instructed in English |
  • Two copies of your Bachelor’s Degree (or its equivalent) and transcripts |
  • Health certificate indicating current state of health |
  • The filled in and signed University Inscription Form|
  • Copy of a document proving that you have medical coverage. This must include insurance against sickness and accidents and cover the costs of hospitalization and repatriation. |
  • Citizens of EU countries are only required the E-111 application form and the document or card needed in their own country to receive medical care |
  • Copy of proof of insurance against theft, loss, etc. The Program is not liable for such occurrences with valuables. |

Application Form

Scholarship Link

PhD Scholarship in Plant Synthetic Biology at Technical University of Denmark, 2018

Scholarship Description: The Technical University of Denmark now wishes to welcome candidates for its PhD grant in Plant Synthetic Biology to chip away at building of the greenery Physcomitrella patens. The point of the grant is to set up a few autotrophic greenery mutants and the general mission of DTU Bioengineering is to add to research, improvement and instruction inside the logical zones of Biotechnology, Microbiology, Biomedicine and Systems Biology. The Technical University of Denmark regularly essentially alluded to as DTU, is a college in Kongens Lyngby, only north of Copenhagen, Denmark. It was established at the activity of Hans Christian Ørsted as Denmark’s first polytechnic, and is today positioned among Europe’s driving designing organizations.

Degree Level: Scholarship is available to pursue PhD programme.
Available Subject: Scholarship is awarded in the field of Plant Synthetic Biology.
Scholarship Benefits: DTU is a leading technical university globally recognized for the excellence of its research, education, innovation and scientific advice. We offer a rewarding and challenging job in an international environment. We strive for academic excellence in an environment characterized by collegial respect and an academic freedom tempered by responsibility.
Eligible Nationality: International applicants are eligible to apply for the scholarship.
Eligibility Criteria: Applicants must have a master’s degree in biological engineering or a similar degree (Biochemistry, Biotechnology, etc.)


Application Procedure: Applications must be submitted as one PDF file containing all materials to be given consideration. To apply, please open the link “Apply online”, fill in the online application form, and attach all your materials in English in one PDF file. The file must include:

  • A letter motivating the application (cover letter).
  • Curriculum vitae.
  • Grade transcripts and BSc/MSc diploma.
  • Excel sheet with translation of grades to the Danish grading system

Please submit your online application no later than 6 December 2017 (local time). Candidates may apply prior to ob­tai­ning their master’s degree but cannot begin before having received it. All interested candidates irrespective of age, gender, race, disability, religion or ethnic background are encouraged to apply.

Online Application

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Deadline: December 6, 2017

Europe ESCP Undergraduate Scholarship Programme 2018

The European Business School is looking excellent applicants for undergraduate scholarship programme on the basis of merit, diversity and financial needs. These scholarships are available in the fields of Management and cover 25% to 50% of the tuition fees.

Each year, the University of Lincoln award a number of merit-based, subject-specific and the country focused scholarships to high students from around the world.


ESCP Europe is a pan-European business school which has campuses in Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Turin, and Warsaw. Originally established in 1819 in Paris, it is the oldest business school in the world.

Degree Level: These scholarships are available to pursue an undergraduate degree.

Available Subject: These scholarships are awarded in the field of Management.

Scholarship Benefits: Scholarships are competitive and cover 25% to 50% of the tuition fees (the 1st registration fee is not covered by the scholarship). They are renewable each year on condition of academic achievement, behaviour and involvement in the ESCP Europe community.

Eligible Countries:  International applicants from all countries are eligible.

Eligibility Criteria: Applicants must be high-calibre students with excellent grades who are interested in the various subjects offered by our Bachelor programme. Our students typically rank in the top 10% of their academic cohort, having successfully completed their secondary education with high honors or distinction, and are keen to study in different countries with students from all over Europe and beyond. They have a very good command of English and speak further languages, which they are eager to improve during their studies at ESCP Europe. Ideal candidates are interested in different cultures and multicultural settings and have an affinity with quantitative disciplines (taking into account the mathematics and economics content of the programme).

Application Procedure: Students wishing to be considered for scholarships apply once they have been admitted to the programme and will need to submit financial information (evidence of household income), in addition to documents previously provided.



Deadline: Rolling deadline November to June

220 Fully or Partially Funded Studentships for International Students in UK, 2018

Scholarship Description: This year Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) is offering 220 fully or partially funded studentships for international students. Scholarships are available for pursuing postgraduate research programme.

The Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) is one of the UK’s top research universities, ranked fifth for world-leading and internationally excellent research.



About University: University expects all students to have a good standard of English in order to successfully study on a course. The minimum English language requirement is GCSE grade C or 4, though the requirements for some courses may be higher.

Degree Level: Scholarships are available for pursuing postgraduate research programme.
Available Subject: Scholarships are awarded for studying varies subjects offered at the university.
Scholarship Benefuts: QMUL offers research studentships to the value of around £12 million to support PhD students each year.
Number of Scholarships: University offers 220 fully or partially funded studentships.
Eligible Countries: Home, EU, and International students are eligible to apply.

Application Procedure: Application process: step-by-step guide

1: Select your course of study from the list of postgraduate courses.
2: Academic entry requirements
University accepts a broad range of overseas qualifications. Consult country/region specific information to find out whether you have the right qualifications.
3: English language and foundation courses
If your first language is not English you must be able to provide recent evidence that your spoken and written command of the English language is adequate for the programmes for which you have applied. For a full list of our English language requirements please see English language requirements web pages.

4: Applying to Queen Mary: Postgraduate applications should be made online. Paper applications are no longer accepted.

Online Application

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Deadline: January 31, 2018

University of Waikato Foundation Studies Undergraduate Scholarship in New Zealand, 2018

Scholarship Description: The University of Waikato is offering Foundation Studies Scholarship on the basis of academic merit and future potential to become global ambassadors for the University.

About University: The University of Waikato Foundation Studies Scholarship was established to promote educational opportunities and support talented international students who are enrolling for the first time into the Certificate of Attainment in Foundation Studies (CAFS) or the Certificate of University Preparation (CUP) at the University of Waikato. The University of Waikato, informally Waikato University, is a comprehensive university in Hamilton, New Zealand, with a satellite campus located in Tauranga.


Degree Level: Scholarship is available to pursue undergraduate programme.

Available Subject: Scholarship is awarded to students who are enrolling for the first time into the Certificate of Attainment in Foundation Studies (CAFS) or the Certificate of University Preparation (CUP) at the University of Waikato.

Scholarship Benefits: The value of the scholarship will be up to $5,000 (NZD). The Scholarship will have a value up to NZD$5,000 for the Standard Foundation Programme and up to NZD$2,500 for the Accelerated Foundation or Certificate of University Preparation programmes. The Scholarship will be applied directly to the recipient’s tuition fees: a) Students taking the Standard Foundation Programme commencing in Semester A, will receive their tuition fees credit for Semester A and B paid on enrolment. Students taking the Accelerated Foundation programme or the Certificate of University Preparation will receive their tuition fees credit in Semester A only, paid on enrolment; b) Students commencing in Semester B or C will have half the amount of the Scholarship credited to their tuition fees, once enrolled in either semester. The remainder of the Scholarship will be paid in the following year, once enrolment in Semester A is confirmed.

Eligible Nationalities: International students are eligible to apply for this scholarship programme.

Entrance Requirements: To be eligible, applicants must:

a) Be an international student,

b) Not yet be enrolled at the University of Waikato at the time of application,


c) Be applying to enrol for the first time into the University of Waikato Foundation Studies programme,

d) Not be classified as a domestic student (see clause 7.2.e),

e) Have received a conditional offer of a place for the foundation programme and a conditional offer for an undergraduate degree at the University of Waikato,

f) Be residing in New Zealand for the tenure of the scholarship,

g) Not be coming to the University of Waikato via a sponsoring body1, and h) not be coming to the University of Waikato on a Guaranteed Credit Arrangement2 or through a study abroad or student exchange agreement.

Application Procedure: Applicants must upload the following as part of their online application:

  1. a) Their Offer of Place from the University of Waikato; and,
  2. b) A personal statement (maximum 200 words) that sets out the following (on the template provided):
  • What are your career goals/aspirations?
  • How will an international education experience help you to achieve these goals?

Online Application

Scholarship Link

Deadline: November 15, 2017 (for A Semester 2018), March 15, 2018 (for B Semester 2018) or August 15, 2018 (for C Semester 2018).

GCU MSc Scholarship in Climate Justice for UK/EU and International Students in UK, 2018

Scholarship Description: The Glasgow Caledonian University has created a scholarship programme to enable talented international students to undertake an MSc programme at GCU. The scholarship is paid towards the tuition fees to UK/EU and international students.

The Glasgow Caledonian University seeks to develop students of faith, intellect, and character who have the skills and the desire to continue learning and to serve others throughout their lives.


About University: The Glasgow Caledonian University is a public university in Glasgow, Scotland. It was formed in 1993 by the merger of The Queen’s College, Glasgow, and Glasgow Polytechnic.

Degree Level: Scholarships are available to pursue MSc programme.

Available Subject: The MSc Climate Justice is a globally unique master’s programme which provides students with an in-depth understanding, analysis, and knowledge about the principles that underpin climate justice – human rights, development and climate change.

Scholarship Benefits: International students – £6,000 paid scholarship towards tuition feeUK and EU students – £2,500 paid scholarship towards tuition fee.


Eligible Nationalities: UK/EU and International students are eligible to apply for this scholarship programme.


Application Procedure: The easiest way to apply is online. The online application form is simple to complete and you will find an Apply button on the course page. It lets you upload the documents needed to support your application and submit everything together.

Online Application


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Deadline: November 20, 2017

Muhammad Ali Jinnah's Daughter Dina Wadia's Funeral In New York On Friday

MUMBAI:  The funeral of Dina Wadia, daughter and the only child of Pakistan's founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah, shall take place in New York on Friday, official sources here said.

Wadia, 98, passed away at her home in New York on Thursday, surrounded by many of her family members and relatives.

They included her son and Wadia Group Chairman Nusli N. Wadia, daughter Diana N. Wadia, grandsons Ness and Jeh Wadia, Jeh's wife Celina and two great-grandchildren Jah and Ella Wadia.

Quoting historian Stanley Wolpert, community website Parshi Khabar said Dina was born around the midnight of August 14-15, 1919 in a cinema theatre in London where her parents, Jinnah and Rattanbai, were watching a film.

"Oddly enough, precisely 28 years to the day and hour before the birth of Jinnah's other offspring, Pakistan," Wolpert wrote in his acclaimed biography on the founder of Pakistan 'Jinnah of Pakistan' (1982).

Dina was estranged from her father for many years, after she married a leading Mumbai Parsi industrialist, Neville Wadia, mostly lived in Mumbai, before moving to the US.

Keeping a low profile all through, she visited Pakistan only twice in her lifetime - first on the death of her father and later in 2004, during the era of President Parvez Musharraf.

"This has been very sad and wonderful for me. May his (Jinnah's) dream for Pakistan come true," said her tribute in the visitors' book at the Quaid-e-Azam Mausoleum in Karachi.

(Except for the headline, this story has not been edited by NDTV staff and is published from a syndicated feed.)

University of Surrey, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Studentship for International Students in UK, 2018

Scholarship Description: The University of Surrey is now accepting applications for Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Studentship for 2018. These studentships are available for high-quality Home/EU or international candidates. The aim of the scholarship is to provide financial help to all the international students.

About University: The University of Surrey was established on 9 September 1966 with the grant of its Royal Charter, but its roots go back to a late 19th-century concern to provide greater access to further and higher education for the poorer inhabitants of London.


Course Level: Studentships are available to pursue Ph.D. programme.
Study Subject: Studentships are awarded within the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

Eligibility Criteria: Studentships will be awarded on the basis of the academic excellence of both the candidate and the research proposal or your supporting statement, in the case of Economics. This is an extremely competitive process and only very high caliber candidates will be successful. Candidates who apply to our Research Council Doctoral Partnership schemes (TECHNE and SeNSS) are automatically considered for our internal studentships as well (there is no need to apply twice).

Eligible Nationalities: These studentships are available for high-quality Home/EU or international candidates.

Scholarship Benefits: Offer includes:

  • Tuition fees waiver (Home / EU or International);
  • Maintenance (stipend) at current research-council rates for a full-time PhD;
  • Invitation to teach and/or demonstrate.

In addition to the studentship support, all Postgraduate Research (PGR) students in FASS have access to:

  • Professional development and skills support through the Doctoral College’s Researcher Development Programme
  • At least £500 per year for research expenses
  • Invitation to enrol on our PGCert in Higher Education
  • Access to research seminars with visiting speakers and training appropriate to the discipline

Studentships will be awarded on the basis of the academic excellence of both the candidate and the research proposal or your supporting statement, in the case of Economics. This is an extremely competitive process and only very high caliber candidates will be successful. Candidates who apply to our Research Council Doctoral Partnership schemes (TECHNE and SeNSS) are automatically considered for our internal studentships as well (there is no need to apply twice).

Application Procedure: Adopt this procedure


1. Identify and speak to a supervisor

Every departmental webpage on the FASS website has a list of staff details. Please browse staff member details to identify a prospective supervisor and make contact with them. An email is usually a good way to start a conversation. If you cannot identify a suitable staff member or do not get a reply, you should contact the PGR Director for the department to express your interest in pursuing a PhD.

2. Apply for a place on a PhD programme

To be considered for a studentship, you first need to apply for a place on a PhD programme at the University of Surrey. Based on your application, you may be invited for an interview.

3. Complete a studentship application

If you are applying to the following departments, and not applying for SeNSS or TECHNE, please use the FASS Studentship Form: Hospitality and Tourism; Sociology; Politics; Music and Media, Guildford School of Acting; and Literature and Languages.

The completed form should then be submitted as part of your online PhD application as the ‘Research Proposal’.

If you are applying to Law or Surrey Business School then your application for a studentship will be considered based on the information you provide when applying for a place.

Deadline: Both your application for a PhD place and your studentship application must be submitted by the dates below (late submissions will not be considered):

  • January 21, 2018 – Hospitality and Tourism
  • January 28, 2018 – Literature and Languages, Guildford School of Acting, Music, and Media
  • March 18, 2018 – Politics, Law, Sociology, Surrey Business School

Online Application

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London School of Economics PhD Studentships for International Students 2018

Scholarship Description: The London School of Economics will offer around 100 major studentships for new PhD students in 2018. Studentships are awarded to undertake research in any LSE discipline, with annual renewal subject to satisfactory academic performance.

About University / Institution: The London School of Economics offers a unique opportunity for developing, comprehensive research skills throughout the mining chain – from exploration, mining, processing and metal production, to recovery after stopping mining activities.


The London School of Economics is a public research university located in London, England and a constituent college of the federal University of London.

Degree Level: Studentships are available for pursuing research programme.
Available Subject: Studentships are awarded to undertake research in any LSE discipline, with annual renewal subject to satisfactory academic performance.
Scholarship Benefits: LSE PhD Studentships are tenable for four years and cover full fees and an annual stipend of £18,000.

Eligibility Criteria: These awards will be made solely on the basis of outstanding academic merit and research potential. This relates both to your past academic record and to an assessment of your likely aptitude to complete a PhD on your chosen topic in the time allocated. The studentships include a requirement that scholars contribute to their department as part of their research training, in the form of teaching or other work, usually from year two onwards.


Eligible nationalities: Scholarships are open for UK, EU and international students


Application Procedure: Academic departments nominate students for consideration by a School panel for all PhD funding opportunities they may be eligible for. There is no separate application for any of these studentships.


  • To be considered for this funding, you must submit your complete application for admission to LSE by a specific date. This date differs by academic department. Refer to the individual programme page for the relevant deadline information.

Online Application

Applications close: Deadline for MRes/PhD Economics for 2018 entry (including PhD Studentships and ESRC funding): December 13, 2017

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Ichiro Kanehara Foundation Scholarship for Foreign Students in Japan, 2018

Scholarship Description: The new Ichiro Kanehara Foundation Scholarship is now available for foreign students in Japan for the year 2018. The scholarship is awarded to International graduate students, postdoctoral fellow or researchers who are /will be conducting a basic medical research in Japan at least 3 consecutive years including the academic year from April 2018 to March 2019.

Its purpose is to promote academic research and to contribute to improvement in basic medical sciences and medical care. These aims are to be attained by the following scholarship programs.


About Scholarship: In December 1986, in accordance with the wishes of Igaku-Shoin Ltd. in memory of the late Mr. Ichiro Kanehara, The Ichiro Kanehara Foundation for the Promotion of Medical Sciences and Medical Care was established. Its purpose is to nurture talent and to provide financial assistance towards research in basic medical sciences and medical care.

Degree Level: Scholarship is available to postdoctoral fellows or researchers.
Available Subject: Scholarship is awarded to pursue a basic medical research.
Scholarship Benefits: Duration: April 2018 to March 2019, Amount: 100,000 JPY/month.

Eligibility Criteria: International graduate students, postdoctoral fellow or researchers who are /will be conducting a basic medical research in Japan at least 3 consecutive years including the academic year from April 2018 to March 2019. Applicants should submit a recommendation letter from the supervisor at the host institute as of April 2017.


English Language Requirements: Applicants must have excellent written and verbal English skills.

The amount ranges from ¥100,000 to ¥1,000,000 proportionate to the size of the project

Application Procedure: Applicants must apply directly to the foundation. Please refer to the Foundation website for details and to download the application forms.


Deadline: November 30, 2017

Scholarship Link

Samsung patents a pressure-sensitive in-display fingerprint reader for its upcoming Galaxy Note 9

Samsung patents a pressure-sensitive in-display fingerprint reader for its upcoming Galaxy Note 9

Samsung drew the rage of many of its users when it decided to kill the Home Button on its Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8. The users are largely complaining about the awkwardly placed fingerprint reader next to the camera on the back of the Galaxy S8 line-up making the South Korean giant think of a solution.

According to SamMobile, Samsung has filed for a patent with Korea’s Intellectual Property Rights Information Service (KIPRIS), the country’s patent office, for a pressure-sensitive in-display fingerprint reader for its upcoming device next year. While there were reports of people risking the inclusion of new pressure-sensitive in-display fingerprint reader in the Galaxy S9 and S9+, a recent tweet from a former Samsung executive indicated that this feature could be introduced in its next 2018 flagship smartphone, Galaxy Note 9.

This only confirms the high chances of a pressure-sensitive fingerprint reader being integrated within the display of a Galaxy Note 9, as Samsung already wanted to include this feature in its recent S8 smartphone releases. However, Samsung was not happy with the technology, as the brightness of the display was uneven when it was test on a Galaxy Note 8’s display, which prompted the tech giant to postpone this idea before the release of the S8 line-up.

Samsung had hit a low due to the debacle of Galaxy Note 7 but was revived at the right time with its recent Galaxy Note 8 release. Apparently, Samsung would want to play it safe and hit the right buttons when it launches Galaxy Note 9. Whether or not will the pressure-sensitive in-display fingerprint reader be included in Galaxy Note 9 only time will tell. Until then, keep watching this space for more updates!

Source: IBTimes



Editing PDF files can be a complicated and unpleasant process if you are not well versed with the procedure. However, this has been simplified, thanks to the various software and applications that have been developed. Luckily, with the advancement of technology, editing, sharing and converting other files into PDF has been super simplified. Talking of simplification, this article will tell you how you can edit PDFs on Mac using a smart tool in the name of PDFelement 6. Try free here.

What is PDF?

It is vital to understand the basics for you to grasp the whole concept of editing PDF. So what is PDF? PDF, which stands for Portable Document Format, is a file format used to present and share documents while retaining formatting and quality electronically.  This document can be viewed, edited, printed and transmitted electronically.

PDF dates back to 1993 when Adobe created it. It remains one of the most common ways of sharing documents on an online platform. MacOS and MacOS X have inbuilt features which make it possible to edit and fill in documents on Mac without optioning for printed paper.    

How to Edit PDF Files for Free on Mac

While there are other methods editing PDF documents, this article will focus on using PDFelement 6 Standard for professional levels since it is cost-effective and utterly reliable.

Using PDFelement 6 Standard

Wondershare has had an incredible history of creating precious applications that have made digitizing paper-work very convenient. One such software is PDFelement 6 which comes in two versions: PDFelement 6 Standard and Pro (Pro will be discussed later on in the article). PDFelement is an all-in-one PDF solution that transforms how we work with PDFs. It is multifunctional, quick, easy to use and effectively creates PDFs. It also edits, converts and combines PDFs.   

PDFelement 6 Standard has distinguished features that make it outstanding, such as:

  • Tools to Create and split or merge PDF.
  • Text editing features
  • Image editing tools
  • Bookmarking features
  • Annotation tools
  • Form handling features
  • Tools to Edit headers and footers
  • Background Editing Tools
  • Watermarking tools
  • Security features
  • Conversion tools: PDF to Office formats and PDF to image formats

Step by Step Guide

Open the PDF file

The first step is to open the PDF file with Wondershare PDFelement 6 Standard. Click “Open File” button on the Welcome or Home window and choose the PDF file you intend to edit. Alternatively, use the drag and drop method where you drag the PDF to Home window and drop it. Other than that go to the top of the screen and click “File” tab then choose the “Open” selection.


Edit PDF text on your Mac

Immediately the file is opened, click on the “Edit” tab which is on the top toolbar.

Description: https://www.techworm.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Untitled-2.png
This will initiate the editing mode. You can then add or delete a text or image, change font or color or resize images. For instance to:
Add PDF text: select ‘Add Text” then click on the blank part of the page and key in the text you need to include.
Modify PDF text: select the text you intend to modify. In editable text block, you can insert or delete the text as you prefer.
Move PDF text: click and select the text to intend to move then drag and drop the text block to another paging area.
Edit images in PDF file
Just like in editing PDF text, click on “Edit” on the top toolbar to edit an image in PDF files. If you need to:

  • Insert image into PDF file: visit toolbar and click “Add Image” button and choose an image from your local browser that you want to insert in the file.
  • Crop images: first, choose the image from the file, and then click “Crop” which is on the right menu bar. Finally, use the mouse and a few clicks to select a segment of the image to crop.
  • Move images within PDF: just click on the image that you intend to move. Next, drag it to the destination of your choice on the page.

Annotate PDF on Mac

In this case, the markup tools will be very valuable. Go to the menu bar and click on “Comment.” All the options that you need will be presented to you.

Description: https://www.techworm.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Untitled-3.png
If you want to:

  • Add sticky note: tap on “Sticky Note” button, then click where you need to place it,
  • Highlight a PDF text: tap on “Highlight” icon. You then need to select the part of the text that needs highlighting and apply different modes of highlight such as change color.
  • Add various annotation elements: on the menu bar, there are a variety of annotation tools such as “Pencil,” “Shapes,” “Underline,” “Stamp” and much more.

There are so many other things you can edit in a PDF file such as inserting a signature, convert to different forms, and protect sensitive information by using the “Redact” function and much more.

PDFelement 6 Pro
Just like its counterpart, PDFelement 6 Pro is an extremely reliable PDF Mac editor. It is more of professional than the Standard version since Pro has extra features that are not found in Standard. These unique functions that make them differ include:

  • Data labeling and extraction from scanned PDFs
  • Redaction tools
  • Form field recognition
  • Data extraction from form field
  • Bates numbering
  • Conversion tools to many office formats
  • OCR
  • File optimization tools
  • Batch processing capabilities

PDFelement 6 Pro is the best choice of software if you regularly interact with PDFs. Moreover, if you want to explore the competence of this software before purchasing, there is a free trial version available on the Wondershare official website. Furthermore, its capabilities are worth the cost. The price ranges from $ 59.95 to $ 99.95 for a single-license user and you can get more information on the pricing plan at the official Wondershare site.

Final Words:

Now, are you a student, a teacher or a full-time employee from a recognized educational institution? Wondershare gives you a chance to win a whopping $1000 scholarship or a super cool MacBook Pro and other great prizes! All you need to do is sign up for PDFelement 6 Review Contest. You will simply need to write a high quality and original review of the software and you are good to go! Visit the page for detailed information.
Remember, editing PDF documents don't have to be a hassle!


National and International Students PhD Scholarship at University of Groningen in Netherlands, 2018

Scholarship Description: The Groningen Research Institute of Pharmacy of the Faculty of Science and Engineering is now accepting applications for PhD position for a talented and motivated national or international student. Candidates are invited to write and develop their own research project within the scope of the proposed topic given.

About University: The University of Groningen offers a wide variety of interesting, highly regarded degree programmes that rank well internationally. As our student, you will receive high-quality supervision and have many programmes to choose from. As an exceptionally motivated and talented student, you could join our Honours College for an extra challenge.


Degree Level: Scholarships are available to pursue PhD programme.

Available Subject: Research Topic: Due to successful public health measures and treatments, cardiovascular mortality has been greatly reduced in high-income countries. Clearly, patients with the established cardiovascular disease are at an increased risk for disease progression; however, patients differ in characteristics, (time to) disease progression or treatment response. During this PhD you will jointly use omics (genomics, and metabolomics) data and electronic healthcare record (EHR) data to 1) to classify patients at high risk for early cardiovascular disease progression, 2) identify markers for treatment response and 3) perform disease sub-phenotyping. Depending on the candidate’s preference further possibilities include the evaluating and/or development of big data analytics.

Scholarship Benefits: The PhD student will be enrolled in the PhD Scholarship Programme and receive a scholarship of € 2,027 per month (gross) from the University of Groningen for a period of 4 years.


Eligibility: The following criteria must be met in order for applicants to be eligible for the scholarship:

Successful candidates will have completed a Master’s degree (or equivalent) in biostatistics, bioinformatics or epidemiology (with programming experience) or another field of science relevant to the position. They have a good command of English (oral and written), are enthusiastic and have the ability to work in an interdisciplinary team, have a passion for science, are highly motivated to work in big data for precision medicine, possess excellent communication skills and an affinity for writing scientific papers and delivering presentations. In addition to these general qualifications this PhD requires experience (or willingness to learn) with:
• Unix, R, and Python
• a basic understanding of cardiovascular disease or general human health
• experience with EHR (ICD-10, ATC coding) or omics (plink, SNPTEST) is appreciated
• moderate understanding of the underpinnings of linear models.

Eligible Nationalities: National well as international students are eligible to apply for this position.



Application Procedure: Please upload your complete application in English as a single PDF-file until 20 November 23:59h / before 21 November 2017 Dutch local time. Please upload your entire application as “letter of motivation” by means of the application form.

The submission should contain the following:

  • A cover letter introducing yourself, describing your motivation and qualifications to conduct scientific research, your expectations of the PhD programme and your choice for the particular project
  • A full CV demonstrating academic excellence, including publications and presentations (if applicable), and a copy of your passport
  • A certified copy or scan of your MSc diploma (or equivalent; provide a certified University letter stating when your graduation will be if between the application deadline and start of the project) and academic records
  • Proof of sufficient competence in English
  • Names and contact details of two academic references
  • A research idea of 500 words. After the initial selection, only top candidates for each position will be invited to independently write a research proposal in the context of the indicated research direction as listed above. The proposal should focus on the central research question, the proposed method of approaching and answering this question, as well as the project planning.

Application Form

Deadline: Scholarship application deadline is November 21, 2017.

Scholarship Link

Wildlife colonises man-made rockpools

Mini rock pools are being created by scientists trying to protect sea life from the boom in manmade sea defenses.

Aberystwyth University researchers have drilled holes the size of a family baked bean can into a breakwater made of smooth granite blocks.

The blocks had attracted few intertidal creatures.

But the new holes were swiftly colonized by fish, anemones and important reef-building honeycomb worms.

The scientists hope that the thousands of miles of man-made sea walls under construction to hold back sea levels will incorporate wildlife-friendly features like this.

They have also designed an experimental form of concrete, dubbed Reefcrete.

The hope is that this material will attract creatures to colonize sea walls.

Conventional sea walls are often inhospitable for sea life because they are smooth; they don't trap water at low tide (unlike a normal rocky shore).

They are often also too alkaline.


Image captionDrilling artificial rockpools A simple idea

The Reefcrete is made with less cement than usual. It is held together by hemp fibres which act in a similar way to steel re-enforcing bars in buildings.

Tests so far have shown that Reefcrete encourages more seaweed to grow than regular sea walls. The seaweed provides a home for a greater variety of animals.

Research is continuing to see how the hemp fibres stand up to the test of time.

Another form of Reefcrete uses waste shells from a local seafood shelling factory.

Discarded shell are classed as waste and must be disposed of in the landfill or burned.

The scientific team suggests they could be incorporated into sea walls as a binding material instead.

The shells would create a rougher surface more suitable for sea life.


Image captionThe rockpool project was initiated by Ph.D. student Ally Evans

Whilst the Reefcrete tests continue, the clear success story so far has been the holes in the rocks - a project begun three-and-a-half years ago by a PhD student, Ally Evans.

She told BBC News: "I'm really happy with the outcomes of this research. It shows that even simple things like drilling holes in boulders can make a difference for marine life."

Her supervisor, Dr. Pippa Moore, added: "There is a real global issue of governments creating sea defenses, seawalls and other coastal infrastructure that are less good for wildlife than the nature they are replacing.

"We wanted to see if you changed the complexity and increased the number of habitats on this boulder whether that would increase the number of plants and animals that could survive on it.

"It's definitely worked. What happens is that these rocks are covered at high tide and the little holes trap the water when the sea retreats. It's incredibly simple - and innovative.

"Just by creating an area where water is retained you can make it more like a rocky shore and less like an artificial structure."

Dr. Moore has been discussing the findings with the firm proposing the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon scheme.

"We don't just do this for science's sake," she said. "We want to implement this in structures that are being built. We've been talking to companies - and the idea seems to be catching on."

University of Dundee Undergraduate Scholarships in UK, 2018-2019

Scholarship Description: The University of Dundee is offering generous scholarships if you are a new full-time undergraduate student starting in September 2018. UK/EU and Overseas students are eligible to apply.

About University: The University of Dundee is a public research university based in the city and Royal burgh of Dundee on the east coast of the central Lowlands of Scotland. he University of Glasgow is the fourth-oldest university in the English-speaking world and one of Scotland’s four ancient universities.


Applicants from outside the home country will often need to meet specific English language/other language requirements in order to be able to study there. If English is not student’s first language, they will be required to provide a language test before they can start their studies.

Degree Level: Scholarships are available to pursue undergraduate degree programme.

Available Subject: Scholarships are offered in diverse fields to help students in upgrading their education.

List of Subjects: Anatomy / Forensic Anthropology / Forensic and Medical Art, Architecture and Urban Planning, Archives and Record Management, Art and Design, Biological/Biomedical Sciences, Biomedical Engineering, Business (Accountancy / Economics / Finance / International Business), Civil Engineering, Community Learning and Development, Computing, Education, Electronic Engineering, Energy Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy, English / Creative Writing / Film Studies, European Studies, Geography / Environmental Science, History, Languages, Law, Liberal Arts, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Nursing and Health Sciences, Philosophy, Physics, Politics and International Relations, Pre-sessional English courses, Psychology, Social Work

Scholarship Award: The monetary amount of scholarship is up to £25,000:

  • The value of the Scholarship is £5000 per year for overseas fee-status applicants matriculating with entry grades AAB at A-level (or equivalent) or above (the “UG1 Applicants”). UG1 Applicants will be automatically eligible for the Scholarship so there is no need to apply. However, award of the Scholarship shall be: (i) subject to availability; and (ii) at the sole discretion of the University of Dundee (the “UoD”).
  • The value of the Scholarship is £5000 in the entry year only for overseas fee-status applicants matriculating with entry grades lower than AAB at A-level (or equivalent) (the “UG2 Applicants”) who have applied for and have been awarded the Scholarship. In general, applications will be considered from applicants with entry qualifications or expected entry qualifications of BBB at A-level up to AAB at A-level (or equivalent) with evidence of wider achievement. UG2 Applicants are only eligible to apply for the Scholarship following receipt of a conditional or unconditional academic offer from the UoD. Instructions on how to apply will be sent shortly after the formal academic offer email. Scholarships (in respect of the UG2 Applicants) will be awarded to students based on their academic performance to date, their formal application and the content of their Scholarship application form.

Eligibility: To be eligible an applicant must:

  • have been classified as Overseas fee status by the University of Dundee
  • have met all the academic conditions attached to their unconditional or conditional offer of admission for entry to the University of Dundee
  • have obtained the qualification specified in the scholarship offer

Nationality: UK/EU and Overseas students are eligible to apply.


UK: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales

EU: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden

Overseas: Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Andorra, Angola, Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belarus, Belize, Benin, Bhutan, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Botswana, Brazil, Brunei, Burkina Faso, Burma, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon, Canada, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Chad, Chile, China, Colombia, Comoros, Congo, Congo (Democratic Republic), Costa Rica, Cuba, Djibouti, Dominica, Dominican Republic, East Timor, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Fiji, Gabon, Georgia, Ghana, Grenada, Guatemala, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Hong Kong, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Ivory Coast, Jamaica, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kiribati, Kosovo, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Lebanon, Lesotho, Liberia, Libya, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Madagascar, Malawi, Malaysia, Maldives, Mali, Marshall Islands, Mauritania, Mauritius, Mexico, Micronesia, Moldova, Monaco, Mongolia, Montenegro, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Nauru, Nepal, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Niger, Nigeria, North Korea, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Palau, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Qatar, Russia, Rwanda, Samoa, San Marino, Sao Tome and Principe, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Serbia, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Solomon Islands, Somalia, South Africa, South Korea, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia, St Vincent, Sudan, Suriname, Swaziland, Switzerland, Syria, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Thailand, The Bahamas, The Gambia, Togo, Tonga, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Tuvalu, Uganda, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United States, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Vanuatu, Vatican City, Venezuela, Vietnam, Yemen, Zambia, Zimbabwe

Entrance Requirement: Applicants must have their previous degree.


Application Procedure: A scholarship application form will be sent via email with the formal offer for eligible courses.

  • The scholarship will be awarded automatically to applicants who matriculate with entry grades equivalent to AAB at A-level or above.
  • Applicants who expect to matriculate with lower grades should apply to be considered for this scholarship.

Deadline: The application deadline is February 1, 2018.

Scholarship Link

An Insight To Deep Web And Dark Web – Everything You Need To Know

Deep Web And Dark Web – In this age of high web technology, the usage of the web has increased tremendously. Thus search engines are on their ways to update their existing algorithms along with introducing new ones in order to keep pace with changing trends. Special protocols along with software are taken into usage for convenience.

What does Deep Web refer to?

Now, terms like deep web and dark web seem to be used very much commonly. But can you state the actual difference between them? For your kind information deep web refers to the web that holds its existence into those places that are beyond the reach of search engines. It comprises of those items that have not been listed by Google & Company. They are:

  • Dynamic content
  • Databases
  • Exceptional forums
  • Non-spidered websites

The deep web is presumed to be related to something awesome in the web, similar to the notorious Silk Road black market. But it holds a difference! Everything in case of deep web is not at all bad or illegal. As it does not get indexed by search engines, they hardly turn up when searched.

Examples of Deep Web

Some of the best examples of deep web include:

  • Emails
  • Online banking transactions
  • Tweets
  • Messages on Instagram and many more.

These are something that is accessed probably on a regular basis. None of them can be turned up on the web via any of the search engines. Instead they are hidden under the shelter of a paywall or protected via password. In short, anything that is difficult to fetch on the web surface via a search engine may be considered as a part of deep web.

Web Browsers to Access Deep Web

Thus it may be easily inferred that the deep web may be also known to be an invisible or hidden web. But it may be easily accessed via web browsers like:

  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox etc.

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How Does Dark Web Differ from Deep Web?

You must have also heard about dark web. Rite! Let’s get ourselves introduced to the same and get to know the way it differs from deep web. Like any web-like network, the dark webtakes into usage proprietary protocols. Sometimes it also requires special types of software to gain access. At present there are numerous networks, Freenet and TOR that fall under this category.

To be a bit precise, dark web cannot be accessed by taking into usage standard web browsers. Do you know why it is also known as the underbelly of the Internet? Dark webcomprises of those particular websites that are involved in the selling of illegal products like drugs. Also they are known to house websites that deal with unwanted stuffs like child pornography and weapons.

How to Indicate Websites of Dark Web?

Description: Deep Web vs Dark Web

It is taken into usage by internet activists and journalists in majority to remain anonymous at circumvent restrictions at the time of passing or gathering any type of information. It is especially for countries where the web remains in a highly censored state. Search engines like DuchDuckGo and others that are concerned about their privacy also run their services on dark web for convenience.

Websites residing on the Dark web are generally suffixed with “onion” as domain. You may easily access them by simply employing the TOR browser, exact URL or other similar devices like The Hidden Wiki. Though it is not at all illegal to access dark web, still you need to beware. It is not as fancy and interactive as other web surfaces.

Is Dark Web an Evil?

Though the actual difference between dark web and deep web is clear, one thing is for sure that none of the tools on the web are bad in terms of essence. Instead the way it is being utilized makes a huge difference.


Alternatives To Google: 5 Best Alternatives Search Engines

Google Alternatives: Google has established itself as an undisputed superpower in the online industry. It would not say to wrong, Google runs your life. It can clearly say that Google is most popular search engines on the web and processing over 1 Billion search requests daily. Google offers you a lot of free services like Gmail, Calendar, Maps, Photos and more. Some part of your online activity dependent on Google’s services. Even your most important data stored on Google servers. Have you ever thought, despite the quality of Google products, someone else is doing it much better and more user-friendly.  Here’s a look at Google’s alternative search engines and web apps.


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Best Google Search Alternatives You Can Use

Well, why do you need Google search engine alternatives while Google is still the best search engine. But, in-fact alternatives search engines looks your information in different ways and stores your data in different ways. Here’re the best alternatives of Google’s search.

1. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is the top priority in our list due to its numerous features. It was founded in 2008. DuckDuckGo is one of the fastest growing search engine and a good alternative to Google search. It claims that they never track you whatever you searches. DuckDuckGo gains huge popularity in short time because of its plans on maintaining “user privacy.” It aggregates data from Bing, Yandex and other major search engines and displays result privately to its users. DuckDuckGo is an open source project and codes are available on Github.


2. Bing

Bing is the 2nd biggest search engine in the USA, it has 19.8% market share backed by Microsoft. It was launched in 2009. Bing offers a lot of key features like Google – operating calculations, Flight tracking, Calculators, Conversations, Spellcheck and more.

You can easily integrate with Facebook, Apple and Windows devices. Its good competitor and alternatives of Google search.

Bing Search Engine

3. Yahoo search

Yahoo search is also a web search engine owned by Yahoo. Yahoo don’t have own webmaster tools, Yahoo is partnering with Microsoft to use Bing search results for their Yahoo web search.

Yahoo search helps you find more relevant results, videos, images and more. It also shows results in up to “38 international languages.” Yahoo also provides better privacy to its user.

yahoo search

4. Yandex

Yandex is Russian-based company and founded in 2000. Yandex is the most popular search engine in Russia with 64% market share and also has a good strong hold in Poland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Turkey and Belarus.

Yandex is 4th largest search engine in the world. It provides a lot of services to its users like Videos, Images, Maps, Yandex browser, Translate and more.


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5. Baidu Search Engine

Baidu is a China based company and founded in 2004. It is referred “Chinese Google” – Chinese biggest search engine. Baidu offers online web search, mp3 search, portal channels and instant messaging services.


Hope you enjoyed this article. Do let me know if we have missed good alternatives of Google Search Engines in the comment section below.

Top 15 Methods How Hackers Can Hack Facebook Accounts & How To Protect From Them?

1. Hack Facebook account using key logging

Key logging is presumably the easiest way to hack a Facebook account password. A key logger is a program that records the keystrokes on a computer. It does this by monitoring a user’s input and keeping a log of all keys that are entered. The log may be saved to a file or even at times sent to another machine over a network or the internet. Key logging is a very much cunning method that even people with extensive computer knowledge have fallen victim to it.

This is how you can avoid key loggers

  • Scan your USB drives for virus
  • Always download software from trusted sites
  • Always maintain a good antivirus and internet security to avoid key loggers

Facebook pishing

2. Hack Facebook account password by phishing

Phishing is a very popular method used for hacking Facebook accounts. Perhaps because its victims are always unsuspecting. However, there are various ways of carrying out a phishing attack. The most common one is where a hacker creates a replica of a login page which looks like the real Facebook page. The victim will then think it’s the usual login page therefore entering in his login details. Once the victim is logged in through the fake page, the victim’s email address and password are stored in a text file and it’s all done. The hacker has his prize. The login details.

How to avoid phishing;

  • Never login your Facebook account on other devices
  • Use chrome since it identifies the phishing page
  • Avoid emails that ask you to log into your Facebook account.


3. Hack Facebook account password by session hijacking

Session hijacking is where the hacker steals the victim’s browser cookie which is used in authentication of the user on a website and after getting the cookie, the hacker can then access the victim’s account. Session hijacking is mostly common when accessing Facebook on an HTTP (non-secure) connection and it is widely used on LAN and Wi-Fi connections.

saved passwords in browser

4. Saved passwords from browsers

Most of us are fond of granting permission to our browsers to save our usernames and passwords on our devices be it a computer or smartphone.

Anyone can hack your Facebook account from your browser’s password manager. Because of that never save your password on your device. For you may never know when the info will be hijacked.

How to avoid against hijacking

  • Never save login credentials on your browser
  • Always use a strong password on your computer

Session hacking

5. Sidejacking with firesheep

Firesheep is mostly used to carry out sidejacking attacks. However, firesheep only works when the attacker and victim are on the same Wi-Fi network. A sidejacking attack can similarly be looked at as HTTP session hijacking though it’s more directed towards Wi-Fi users.


6. Mobile phone hacking

As we all know, highest number of Facebook users access Facebook through their phone the hacker can gain access to the victims Facebook account. There exists many mobile phone spying software. The most popular ones being mobile spy and spy phone gold. So better watch out.

How to safeguard yourself

  • Use trustworthy mobile security and antivirus on your phone
  • Avoid installing apps from unknown sources
  • Always uninstall suspicious apps

phone hacking

7. DNS spoofing

With DNS spoofing, the hacker, if on the same network with the victim, can change the original page and replace it with his own fake page and easily gain access to the victims Facebook account.

How to safeguard against spoofing

  • Always configure it to be secure against cache poisoning
  • Manage your DNS servers securely
  • Separate the authoritative function from resolving function using different servers

DNS spoofing

8. USB hacking

A hacker can get physical access to your computer and insert a USB programmed to automatically extract or retrieve saved passwords in the internet browser or any other information the hacker may need.

How to protect yourself;

  • Insert trusted USB devices into your computer
  • Avoid sharing your computer
  • Don’t purchase second hand USB devices
  • Scan USB devices once plugged in

USB hacking

9. Man in the middle attacks

With this method, it’s very tricky when the hacker and victim are on the same LAN and on a switch based network. The hacker places himself between the client and the server, or he could act as a default gateway and capture all the traffic in between.

How to safeguard against this

  • Use VPN services
  • Use a proxy server to access the internet
  • Use good antivirus with good firewall options

Man in middle attacks

10. Botnets

Basically, botnets are networks made of remote controlled computers or bots. These bots have been infected with malware that allows them to be remotely controlled. It’s expensive to set up botnets and this makes them to be minimally used in cases of hacking Facebook accounts. Some very popular botnets include spyeye and zeus.

How to safeguard against botnets;

  • Keep all your software up to date
  • Use strong passwords and keep them secret
  • Ensure that your firewall is always on
  • Use flash drives cautiously


11. Social engineering

Social engineering is a simple method that’s based on collecting as much info from the victims as possible. The information may include date of birth, phone number, etc. once a hacker gains access to this info and somehow it’s the same info used as a password, then the hacker can get access into the Facebook account effortlessly.


How to avoid this

  • Never share personal info via email or phone
  • Avoid links from unknown or suspicious sites
  • Block USB devices to minimize risk of baiting

social engineering

12. Email ID hacking

With this method, the hacker only needs to access the connected email id of any account and then reset the Facebook password manually.

How to avoid this

  • Enable 2 step authentification in your Gmail account
  • Use strong passwords
  • Avoid entering email on scrupulous sites

Email Id Hacking

13. Viewing masked passwords

In case your browser saves your Facebook login credentials. This means you are prone to being hacked by almost anyone since they can view your masked passwords (****). The hacker just needs to tweak a few set ups in the browser and he will gain access to your password eventually. This indicates that you should never leave your computer on a sign up page of any site. Also, never save your Facebook or other login credentials in the browser.


14. Hacking Wi-Fi network

If you have a Wi-Fi router, it’s better to set it up with a strong password. If you use a weak password to set up the router security, a hacker can hack your Wi-Fi network and hijack all your internet traffic which can let eventually expose your Facebook account.

How to avoid this;

  • Avoid free Wi-Fi or public Wi-Fi
  • Always use VPN to access Wi-Fi
  • Always change your Wi-Fi password


15. Logout

Unfortunately people love logging in but don’t like logging out. That’s why very many Facebook users never log out their Facebook accounts from their computer. With your Facebook account logged in, anyone can access your Facebook. Therefore, always endeavor to log out every time you are done using your account.


With all that information, I assume you will know how to protect your accounts better and safeguard from the malicious hackers. If you have anything to add, please inform us in the comments section.

20 STeDe Master Erasmus Scholarships for Non-EU and EU Students, 2018

Scholarship Description: Applications are invited for the all-new call i.e. STeDe Master Scholarships open to non-EU and EU starting in September 2018. Around 20 scholarships will be awarded in the context of this selection.

STeDe aims to create experts in the area of sustainable territorial development. We train researchers and professionals to be able to help organizations acting in the territory (enterprises, local communities, civil society organizations) to draft sustainable development policies for economic, social, environmental, international and intercultural management.

“The EMJMD in Sustainable Territorial Development is STEDE is offered by a Consortium of top-ranked Universities and outstanding professional partners with complementary expertise in the field of Sustainable Territorial Development.

Degree Level: Scholarships are available to pursue Master degree programme.

Available Subject: This programme offers students a leading education in the field of sustainable territorial development.

Scholarship Benefits: Erasmus+ Scholarships amount to 24,000 Euros for the whole study programme (Monthly allowance).

In addition, support for the travel and installation is provided according to the candidates’ category (EU or non-EU students).

In addition, support for the travel and installation is provided according to the candidates’ category (EU or non-EU students).

Number of Scholarships: Every year about 20 scholarships are expected to be available for non-EU and EU students.

Eligibility: The following criteria must be met in order for applicants to be eligible for the scholarship:

STeDe Master Course is open to non-EU and EU candidates.

We welcome students with:

  • Bachelor degree or equivalent (min. 180 ECTS, 3 years of study)
  • A good command of English and French, both spoken and written
  • A strong motivation and personal interest in sustainable development

Eligible Nationalities:  Scholarships are available to non-EU and EU candidates.


Application Procedure: The mode of application is online.

Application Form

Deadline: Submissions are due by January 31, 2018.

Scholarship Link


Chalmers Cosmic Origins Postdoctoral Fellowships in Sweden, 2018

Scholarship Description: Applications are invited for Chalmers Cosmic Origins Postdoctoral Fellowships to study in Sweden. International applicants are eligible to apply for this fellowship.

About University: The Chalmers University of Technology is a Swedish university located in Gothenburg that focuses on research and education in technology, natural science, architecture, maritime and other management areas.


On the one hand, university focus on basic science related to the origins of the universe, of our planet and of life. On the other, we observe what is happening on Earth today and develop methods, tools, and models that enable us to look towards the future and find solutions to global challenges about resources, energy supply, and environmental impact.

Degree Level: Fellowships are available to pursue Postdoctoral programme.

Available Subject: Fellowships are awarded within the Department of Space, Earth, and Environment (Astronomy and Plasma Physics Division). The research topics of the Galactic astronomy group cover Galactic star formation to evolved stars; other topics covered at the division include galaxy formation and evolution, and galaxy clusters. Galactic star and planet formation research at the unit is rapidly growing and will include at least 10 members and several associated scientists at collaborating institutes.

Scholarship Benefits: Full-time temporary employment. The Chalmers-MPIA and Chalmers-MPE positions are limited to a maximum of two years (1+1) at Chalmers. The Chalmers Cosmic Origins Fellowship is limited to a maximum of three years (2 years as a postdoc+1 year as a researcher).

Number of Scholarships: One or more positions are three-year fellowships at Chalmers (Chalmers Cosmic Origins Fellowship; 2 years as a postdoc, 1 year as a researcher).

Eligibility: The following criteria must be met in order for applicants to be eligible for the scholarship:

To qualify for these postdoc fellowship positions, you must have a doctoral degree in a relevant field for example astronomy, astrophysics, or similar.


The position requires sound verbal and written communication skills in English.

Chalmers continuously strives to be an attractive employer. Equality and diversity are substantial foundations in all activities at Chalmers.

Eligible Nationalities: International applicants are eligible to apply for this fellowship.

Application Procedure: The application should be marked with Ref 20170455 and written in English. The application should be sent electronically and be attached as pdf-files, as below: 

• CV, include complete list of publications
• Cover Letter, 1 page
• Statement of past and current research, max 3 pages
• Research proposal, up to 3 pages text plus up to 2 pages of references/figures
• The contact information of three potential references.

Deadline: Fellowship application deadline is December 1, 2017.

Scholarship Link

Two Full Scholarships for PhD Study at University of Cambridge in UK, 2018

Scholarship Description: Up to two Hughes Hall PhD Scholarships are awarded each year for full-time PhD study, in conjunction with the University of Cambridge. These awards are available to all nationalities and for all subjects.

About University: Hughes Hall is a constituent college of the University of Cambridge in England. It is the oldest of the four Cambridge colleges which admit only mature students.

Applicants whose first language is not English are usually required to provide evidence of proficiency in English at the higher level required by the University.

Degree Level: Scholarships are available for pursuing full-time PhD study, in conjunction with the University of Cambridge.

Available Subject: Scholarships are awarded to study all the subjects offered by the university.

Scholarship Benefits: These cover both maintenance and fees for all three fee-paying years. Maintenance will be paid monthly by Hughes Hall at the university’s published rate, and fees via a Vice-Chancellor’s Award for a Home/EU student or a Cambridge International Scholarship for an Overseas student.


Number of Scholarships: There are two scholarships available.

Eligibility: Applicants must specify Hughes Hall as their first choice college in their university application.

Eligible Nationalities: These awards are available to all nationalities.


Application Procedure: Applicants must complete the HH Award Application Form and submit it via email.

Application Form

Deadline: The application deadline is December 1, 2017.

Scholarship Link


Semalt Uzmanlar Dijital Pazarlamanin SEO Ile Iliskisini Açikliyor

SEO, Arama Motoru Optimizasyonu, web sitelerinin arama motoru sonuçlarinda daha üst siralarda yer almak için kullandigi bir tekniktir. Bir arama motoruna herhangi bir sey yazip 'enter' tusuna basarsaniz, sorgunuzda bulunan anahtar kelimeleri içeren arama sonuçlarinin bir listesini alirsiniz. Sitenin sonuçlari, ilk olanlar ile en alakali ve digerinde aradiginiz bilgileri içerecek sekilde görüntülenir. Bir web sitesini, arama motorlarinda yüksek siralamaya yönlendirmek için kullanilan prosedür, SEO'larin, müsterilerin çevrimiçi olan sirketleri için önemli olan tekniklerin karmasikligi olarak bilinir. Bu terimleri arayan insanlarin önemli bir kismi üst sitelerde topraklarda. Bu sekilde, SEO bir yol gösterici olarak görev yapiyor. Trafigi artirir ve daha sonra sitenize yapilan dönüsümleri artirir.

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SEO ve dijital pazarlama arasindaki iliski küçük ancak birbirinden farkli. SEO agirlikli olarak anahtar kelime arama, tanitim ve web gelistirme ile ilgili konularda yer almaktadir. SEO bilgi ve arama motorlarinda bir web sitesi rütbesinin tasarimi optimize içerir. Bu süreç, firmalarin çevrimiçi varligini almalarini ve organik (ücretli olmayan) trafigin avantajlarindan yararlanmalarini saglar. Bir web sitesi, dogrudan onlardan trafik kazanarak rakiplerini yenebilir. Dijital pazarlama, daha iyi müsteri odakli gelisme için bir markanin tanitimini yapmak için çevrimiçi veya çevrimdisi olmak üzere tüm pazarlama kampanyalarina atif yapan kolektif bir terimdir. Hem SEO hem de dijital pazarlama el ele tutusur ve birçok isletme online olarak gelisir. Diger perspektiflerde hem SEO hem de dijital pazarlama tüketicilerin bir markanin çevrimiçi varligini artirarak onu bulmalarini sagliyor.

Expert Van Semalt: Google SEO Vs. Bing SEO

Google wordt beschouwd als een SEO-kampioen met de meeste bedrijven die voor deze zoekmachine optimaliseren. Desalniettemin is de SEO-strategie die door Google wordt gebruikt, geneigd om die door Bing aangenomen, te emuleren en daarom de vraag te stellen of organisaties ook voor Bing SEO moeten optimaliseren. Yahoo en Bing domineren ongeveer 30 procent van het marktaandeel en kunnen dus niet worden onderschat met betrekking tot optimalisatie. SEO ranking parameters voor Google en Bing hebben verschillende verschillen en overeenkomsten van zorg.

De volgende factoren, voorgesteld door Alexander Peresunko, de Customer Success Manager van Semalt, onderscheiden Google van Bing:

Waarom is Bing een probleem om over te doen?

Optimalisatie op Bing geeft u een concurrentievoordeel, aangezien de meeste bedrijven beschouwen alleen voor Google te optimaliseren. Bing en Yahoo domineren momenteel een 30% van de zoekopdrachten en dus geven u een overhand om potentiële klanten te verwerven, die uw concurrenten kunnen negeren.

Met behulp van Bing en Yahoo kan u ook een demografie maken van mensen die om verschillende redenen minder gebruik maken van Google. Dit hangt af van het doelgroep, delen van het land en huishoudens. Aangezien Google vaak regelmatig updates uitvoert, is het bedrijf altijd in staat om de inhoud ervan te verspreiden naar een breed publiek op Yahoo en Bing, omdat het zich streeft naar afstemming met Google-updates.

Hoe verschilt Google SEO van Bing SEO?

Uitgaande van een recente SearchMetrics analyse, hieronder zijn enkele van de belangrijke Bing SEO ranking factoren:

  • Topbedrijven worden meestal hoger gerangschikt als bij Google.
  • Sociale signalen zijn nauw verwant aan hogere rankings.
  • Backlink nummers tonen nauwe associaties met een hogere ranking.
  • Kwaliteit en relevante inhoud zijn cruciaal voor zoekrangschappen.
  • Één pagina technische parameters hebben belangrijke rol.

De deskundige van Semalt geeft ook een uitleg van bovenstaande factoren naast anderen die je zou moeten overwegen bij het optimaliseren voor Bing.

1. Website Type en Brand Partialiteiten

In tegenstelling tot Google heeft Bing geen problemen bij het onderscheiden van merken van aangesloten concurrenten. Bing begunstigt ook oude platforms met officiële domeinmarkeringen zoals .edu of .gov, die impliceren dat Bing zich richt op resultaten die relevant worden geacht.

2. Sociale Indicatoren

In vergelijking met Google, benadrukt Bing op sociale media-indicatoren, wat resulteert in meer tweets, aandelen en voor strategisch gepositioneerde resultaten. Google integreert nog sociale platforms succesvol in hun zoekresultaten.

3. Backlinks

In tegenstelling tot Google, voor een pagina om zijn ranking te behouden in de index van Bing, moet er minimaal één externe link erin bestaan.

4. Locatie en inhoud

Kwaliteit en relevantie van de inhoud resulteren in een hogere ranking voor zowel Bing als Google, maar de voormalige heeft beter personeel om sites te herkennen die Flash toepassen, die niet in Google bestaat. Bing levert ook resultaten van kleine ondernemingen, terwijl Google zich richt op gevestigde bedrijven.

5. Technische parameters

Met betrekking tot het uitrichten van interne pagina's heeft Bing een sterke relatie met thuispagina's in vergelijking met Google. Bing is ook afhankelijk van trefwoorden in metatags en paginatitels, terwijl Google meer instinctueel is over het perspectief van een pagina.


U moet rekening houden met de verschillen tussen Google en Bing ranking factoren voordat u beslissingen neemt die gericht zijn op het verbeteren van de rang van uw site op beide zoekmachines.

Semalt Spiega Perché I Collegamenti In Entrata Sono Fondamentali Per Il Tuo SEO

Molte volte quando Google scarica informazioni per le sue procedure, che regola la classifica dei siti web, raccomando ai clienti di non apportare modifiche a niente. La nostra azienda non è mai stata coinvolta in tattiche di spazzatura per i motori di ricerca come la creazione di collegamenti insignificanti di bassa qualità dei siti web in arrivo. La creazione di contenuti esclusivi e link di qualità è sempre stata la nostra motivazione.

Tuttavia, ci occupiamo dei casi che quando i clienti vengono a noi dicendo che dopo i cambiamenti di Google rilasciati, come il Penguin 2.1 valuta, ha influenzato le loro classifiche. I clienti di solito pensano che si riferiscano ad alcune difficoltà con il loro processo di successo, ma scopriamo che la maggior parte di loro ha avuto collegamenti inadeguati creati dalla precedente società di SEO a cui lavoravano.

Andrew Dyhan, il responsabile del successo dei clienti di Semalt Digital Services, spiega perché i cattivi collegamenti in entrata hanno un impatto cruciale sulla classifica del sito.

I collegamenti in entrata sono un elemento essenziale per la determinazione dei siti web classificati in Google. In precedenza, un sito web con il maggior numero di link in arrivo potrebbe essere superiore a quello di un sito web concorrente con backlinks più bassi. Le aziende creerebbero un sacco di collegamenti in entrata indipendentemente dalla loro qualità o se avessero un senso dato che Google non si preoccupava di rapporti tra i link ei siti web. Google poi rivoluzionò. Panda è stata introdotta per la prima volta all'inizio del 2011, poi il Penguin è stato rilasciato più tardi nel 2012. All'improvviso, la qualità dei collegamenti in entrata ha assunto la quantità e, contemporaneamente, le aziende che hanno partecipato alla raccolta di un gran numero di backlinks si sono impegnati in tecniche sbagliate durante la creazione di contenuti. Secondo esperto di Semalt Andrew Dyhan, uno specialista di marketing online, quello che Panda ha iniziato è stato rifinito dal pinguino. Molti siti web hanno assistito a un drastico calo delle loro classifica, delle entrate e del traffico, e questo è dove uno dei nostri clienti è stato colto. Questo è stato un grande stupore per i webmaster interessati i cui siti sono stati colpiti.

I cattivi collegamenti in arrivo non mostrano l'effetto innocuo finché non hanno fatto molto male un giorno. I clienti non si rendono conto dell'urgenza di sbarazzarsi di backlinks prima di mostrare loro l'analisi del loro conto del cliente. Se nelle prime fasi, eliminando i collegamenti difettosi non è molto tempo e costoso, più tardi quando la perdita sarà abbastanza brutta, la rimozione dei cattivi collegamenti entranti è diventata la priorità urgente che ti renderà pronti a qualsiasi importo. una volta avviato la rimozione dei cattivi collegamenti, ma purtroppo alcuni clienti tendono ad essere disposti a ottenere il risultato immediato.

Per mantenere i clienti, qualsiasi impresa di SEO dovrebbe immediatamente cercare i legami difettosi e eliminarli. Attualmente, riveliamo ai potenziali clienti per quanto riguarda la rimozione di collegamenti difettosi e, se è obbligatoria, li consiglio loro di investire in esso per una prima coppia di parole. La lezione più grande è quella di avere una comprensione di dove Google è diretto e guidare i clienti verso tale itinerario. Per i clienti di SEO, non è più un'opzione per essere aggiornata con la tendenza al fine di riuscire. Inoltre, abbandonare la necessità di ottenere assistenza dalla ditta di SEO molto probabilmente farà il tuo concorrente un vincitore. Pertanto, è importante seguire i professionisti.

Semalt Explique Ce Qui Provoque La Désinformation Dans Le SEO

La majorité des entrepreneurs et des optimiseurs de moteurs de recherche croient que vous pouvez être mis sur liste noire par Google si vous entrez plusieurs mots-clés dans le contenu de votre page d'accueil. En outre, certaines personnes pensent qu'une partie du contenu peut se classer plus haut dans les moteurs de recherche s'ils sont partagés plusieurs fois. Ce sont des vérités trompeuses. Le remplissage des mots clés ne peut pas inciter Google à vous mettre en liste noire. Bien qu'il existe une corrélation que si les informations qui ont été partagées à plusieurs reprises dans les médias sociaux ont de nombreux liens entrants, Google a constamment répudié que les partages sociaux jouent un rôle dans le classement du potentiel. Par conséquent, prétendre que plus de parts se traduit par un classement plus élevé est uniquement une demi-vérité et un fait tout à fait trompeur.

Jack Miller, le responsable de la réussite client de Semalt, explique pourquoi la désinformation est si largement répandue dans le référencement de nos jours et comment l'éviter dans votre pratique.

Le sort des demi-vérités

Il y a plus de chances que les demi-vérités coulent que les mythes absolus. Les mythes et les idées fausses sont normalement destinés à ceux qui ne font pas partie de l'industrie. D'autre part, l'industrie SEO est inondée de demi-vérités car dans la plupart des cas, ils ne travaillent pas avec des faits directs. Le fait que les algorithmes de tous les moteurs de recherche, y compris Google, sont les meilleurs secrets, cela signifie qu'ils ne peuvent pas révéler ce qu'ils considèrent lors du classement des résultats, mais ils ne peuvent donner que des indices. De même, une idée est facilement acceptée si cela semble concevable. Par exemple, un contenu avec plusieurs partages sociaux a de grandes chances de gagner des liens entrants, mais ce n'est peut-être pas le partage de médias sociaux qui exécute le travail. Par conséquent, sur la base des indices appropriés que nous avons sur les parts sociales, c'est une demi-vérité qui est facile à consentir.

Le rythme de l'industrie

Le rythme rapide de l'industrie SEO conduit à la montée de la désinformation. Bien que Google s'adapte à un calendrier de diffusion lent et continu, la montée en puissance, la fourniture de nouvelles technologies et de styles de recherche rendent difficile le rattrapage des optimiseurs de recherche. Cela a divers impacts sur la diffusion de la désinformation, car une information autrefois valide peut facilement devenir obsolète, et les gens fournissent souvent des informations inadéquates dans une tentative désespérée d'être le premier à couvrir une recherche ou une mise à jour récente. Comprendre l'information en bits est important, mais une hypothèse rapide peut entraîner une mauvaise compréhension de ce qui se passe réellement. Enfin, avec la vitesse rapide, une mauvaise information peut se propager dans un court laps de temps et peut être trop tard pour la corriger une fois reçue par la communauté.

Comment éviter la désinformation

  • Références croisées. Toujours comparer les informations provenant de diverses sources. Vérifiez si une autre source hast données qui confirme les informations dans la source actuelle.
  • Rechercher des preuves tangibles. Si un rapport fournit des informations générales, par exemple, recherchez des données statistiques, des faits et des chiffres facilement disponibles dans d'autres entreprises.
  • Vérifiez vos sources. Par exemple, si une personne au hasard donne des informations sur les tactiques de référencement, il sera plus précis si vous cherchez la même chose d'une personne qui a une carrière dans le référencement.
  • Défiez vos hypothèses. Essayez de réfuter certaines de vos croyances afin de vous rapprocher de la vérité ultime.

Semalt Expert Clarifica Erros Típicos De Criação De links

De volta ao dia, foi fácil criar links. Você pode criar links onde quer que seja e como você gostou e ver um aumento correspondente na sua visibilidade como resultado. Hoje em dia, a indústria de construção de links tornou-se complexa, diversificada e difícil de penetrar. Para piorar as coisas, está cheio de mitos e equívocos como resultado dos fantasmas de seu passado. Consequentemente, a maioria dos amadores no negócio de construção de links acaba com os mesmos erros.

Ross Barber, o gerente de sucesso do cliente da Semalt Digital Services, caracteriza os erros de novato comuns para você evitá-los.

1. Priorizando a quantidade sobre a qualidade

Esta é uma tentação que a maioria das pessoas dá em algum momento em seus esforços de construção de links. Um link de alta qualidade é melhor do que potencialmente dezenas de links de baixa qualidade. No entanto, são difíceis de obter links de alta qualidade, enquanto os de baixa qualidade são fáceis de adquirir. Isso configura uma armadilha para você se decidir seguir o caminho da menor resistência.

A quantidade de seus links, no entanto, nunca compensará a má qualidade dos links. Um link de alta qualidade oferece muito mais do que um impulso de SEO. Eles também oferecem benefícios de referência e benefícios de marca.

2. Sobre otimizar texto âncora

Este conceito já foi vital para a criação efetiva de links. Mas isso mudou. Hoje, o texto âncora de seus links de entrada pode ganhar uma penalidade se eles criam um padrão de manipulação ou não natural. Essas penalidades são bastante severas e você pode não conseguir se recuperar de uma. Em vez disso, certifique-se de que seu texto âncora é lógico e útil.

3. Precipitação do conteúdo

Essencialmente, seus links devem ser enquadrados no conteúdo de alta qualidade. Caso apague seu conteúdo ou dê prioridade ao seu link sobre o conteúdo, o mecanismo de pesquisa poderá ver o seu link como suspeito. Em alguns casos, você também corre o risco de ser rejeitado pelos editores também. Certifique-se de que o seu material é digno de ser publicado antes de colocá-lo lá fora.

4. Falha na diversificação

Para ser bem sucedido na construção de links, sua estratégia deve ser tão diversificada quanto possível. Isso significa que você precisa confiar em uma variedade de fontes diferentes e girar seus padrões de distribuição. Pode ser um desafio conseguir um grau de aleatoriedade orquestrada, mas terá que ser feito se você tiver a intenção de ver os benefícios reais de sua cruzada de construção de links.

5. Falha na escala

Este é um erro comum que os amadores fazem uma vez que sua campanha de construção de links começa a ganhar impulso. Se quiser continuar melhorando, você terá que escalar para cima. Isso envolve a criação de melhor conteúdo, o trabalho com fontes de maior qualidade e a construção de links de maior qualidade. Gerenciar este processo de desenvolvimento pode ser tributável, mas a última coisa que você quer fazer é estagnar.

Estes erros variam de inócuo a devastador em termos de gravidade. No entanto, eles são facilmente evitáveis. Independentemente de quão bom você seja, você cometerá erros. Como você mitiga suas perdas, no entanto, determinará se você vai seguir em frente ou não.

Consejos Semalt Sobre Cómo Llevar A Cabo La Reutilización Del Contenido

Crear un nuevo contenido para un sitio web es la forma de asegurar la presencia de SEO. Al mismo tiempo, reutilizar contenido antiguo aumentará su ranking de SEO. Sin embargo, dar un viejo contenido una capa fresca de la pintura puede ser una tarea difícil especialmente si usted no sabe para qué comenzar.

El experto líder de Semalt, Frank Abagnale describe los factores cruciales que uno debe considerar para reutilizar el contenido con éxito.

1. Recuperar todos los datos de las campañas publicitarias realizadas anteriormente. Obtener todos los datos puede ayudarte a mantenerte concentrado en las tácticas SEO anteriores. Basándose en esta experiencia, también mejorará la efectividad del uso de palabras clave específicas, eligiendo el canal de marketing más adecuado. Hay muchas herramientas automáticas que pueden ayudarle a analizar métricas de negocio durante un período prolongado. Los datos son el elemento clave en información fundamental sobre el desempeño de su empresa.

2. La segmentación del cliente es esencial. El contenido que elija debe reflejar el nicho de destino que está tratando de impresionar. Centrarse en su nicho objetivo es un factor beneficioso para alcanzar las campañas publicitarias objetivo. La segmentación puede ser una herramienta poderosa para llegar a su audiencia en todas las plataformas posibles. En muchos casos, la gente sufre de estafa herramientas que prometen dar resultados rápidos en conseguir tráfico. Sin embargo, no toma en la segmentación de cliente de cuenta. El repurposing del contenido puede ayudarle a resolver este problema alcanzando hacia fuera su nicho particular con éxito.

3. La creación de una interfaz de usuario sensible es otro aspecto esencial de la reutilización de contenido. Tiene un impacto positivo en mantener a los visitantes centrados en el sitio web, lo que significa un compromiso constante de la audiencia. UX considera los elementos que hacen que navegar por el sitio web sea cómodo para los visitantes. Tiene mucho que ver con el diseño web y también. Todo el complejo de técnicas de interfaz de usuario se reduce a la necesidad de colocar la llamada a los botones de acción en el lugar en particular en el sitio web. Cuanto más interactivo sea el enfoque de los diseñadores de UX para el sitio web, más probable el usuario reaccionará al mensaje que desea entregar.

4. Recoger información sobre los lectores. La información y la retroalimentación de los lectores actuales le ayudarán a estimar las perspectivas de satisfacción del cliente. Puede pedir opiniones individuales y puntos de vista para que sea beneficioso para los ajustes necesarios. Después de todo, el sitio web es todo lo que el público quiere. Alcanzar algunos de estos usuarios cosechará sus grandes beneficios en forma de obtener el conocimiento necesario de las ideas que debe incorporar en las campañas futuras.

5. A veces, el contenido antiguo puede inspirarte para crear el contenido futuro. Invierta una buena cantidad de tiempo en volver al contenido anterior. No todo puede ser útil. Sin embargo, el desarrollo de una buena estrategia de contenido, que se centra en los materiales anteriores, puede ser útil en el diseño de campañas publicitarias. El contenido debe tener las fechas actualizadas. Siguiendo estos sencillos pasos, el contenido antiguo permanecerá perenne. Además, también es posible convertir contenido antiguo en algo completamente diferente.

Tan pronto como el objetivo de los editores es mantener la relevancia y visibilidad del contenido, volver en el contenido antiguo de vez en cuando es importante en muchas razones. La razón principal es que volver a poner contenido antiguo puede ayudarle a aumentar los resultados de SEO ranking. Ignorar los comentarios anteriores es un gran error, que puede reducir muchos esfuerzos. Por lo tanto, la reutilización de contenido antiguo requiere los aspectos mencionados anteriormente.

Semalt: Die Wahrheit Über Automatisierte SEO

Suchmaschinenoptimierung (SEO) ist der Prozess der Einrichtung einer Website, die in der organischen Suche indiziert erscheint. SEO beinhaltet die Verwendung verschiedener Taktiken, die der Website helfen, eine günstige Position in den Suchergebnissen bestimmter Inhalte oder stark durchsuchbarer Schlüsselbegriffe zu sichern. SEO hat in der Praxis vieler Blogger seit dem Beginn des Internets bestanden. Viele Unternehmen verstehen jedoch die Einschränkungen einiger temporärer Techniken oder die Verwendung automatisierter Techniken für SEO nicht vollständig.

Die Automatisierung von SEO kann ein langwieriger Prozess sein, und viele Aspekte der Website-Entwicklung erfordern möglicherweise eine zusätzliche menschliche Note, außer der Automatisierung. Die Idee von schnellen Lösungen zur Behebung einiger Probleme wirkt sich jedoch auf das Ranking von Websites aus, daher ist es kein lohnenswertes Unterfangen.

Frank Abagnale, der Customer Success Manager von Semalt Digital Services, erklärt die vergleichenden Stärken und Schwächen der Arbeit mit automatisierter SEO.

Automatisierte SEO

Heutzutage wurden viele Tools entwickelt, um Ihnen bei Ihrer SEO zu helfen. Es gibt Tools für die Keyword-Recherche, Backlinks-Analyse, Traffic-Auswertung, Berichterstellung usw. Was auch immer Sie bei Ihrer Suchmaschinenoptimierung benötigen, finden Sie im Internet. Im letzten Jahrzehnt sind viele einfach zu verwendende Tools für die Verwaltung von Inhalten und Websites entstanden, die vielen Websites geholfen haben, ihre Ranking-Statistiken erheblich zu verbessern. Doch trotz der Plattformen, die Wix und WordPress bereits mehrere SEO-Tools erstellt haben, helfen sie selten, ihre Websites hoch einzustufen. Es ist nicht möglich, eine einzige Lösung für alle Unternehmen zu verwenden, deshalb empfiehlt Semalt, individuelle SEO-Strategien auszuarbeiten, die für jeden einzelnen Fall geeignet sind.

Bedeutet es, dass Sie genau das tun sollten?

Wenn Sie denken, dass die Antwort ja ist, haben Sie nicht genau untersucht, was SEO tickt. Zu Beginn suchte Google jede Webseite nach Suchergebnissen und deren Platzierung in den Suchergebnissen ab. Damals war der Erfolg eines Schlüsselwortes davon abhängig, wie oft es im Inhalt erwähnt wurde. Dies ist, wie versteckte Text-Technologie von Black Hat SEO-Praktiker entwickelt wurde, und deshalb hat Google diese Methode aufgegeben. Als nächstes fing Google an, die Bedeutung von Backlinks und deren Höhe zu berücksichtigen. Dies wurde auch von Webmastern ausgenutzt, die einen billigen und schnellen Weg zum TOP wollten und Google veranlassten, die Strategie noch einmal zu ändern.

Derzeit berücksichtigt Google Algorithmus eine Vielzahl von Faktoren: von Backlinks zu Keywords zu Social Media. Mit nur einem Element ist es nicht genug, um Ihre Marke zum TOP der Suchergebnisse zu machen. Mit der Einführung eines neuen Algorithmus kann morgen jedoch diese ganze Struktur völlig verändert werden

Google ist keine Maschine. Es ist ein Unternehmen, mit Experten, die ständig die Leistung von Suchmaschinen, das Verhalten von Webmastern analysieren und den Komfort der Benutzer vorrangig machen. Sobald sie die Benutzerfreundlichkeit einer Suchmaschine beeinträchtigen, wenden sie daher die erforderlichen Änderungen an, um Websites zu entfernen, die die Verwendung von Google beeinträchtigen. Jedes Mal, wenn eine Herausforderung auftritt, ändert sich Google.

Sogar das erstaunlichste automatisierte Werkzeug kann nicht mit der man-geführten Entwicklung der Suchmaschine mithalten. Ihre Werkzeuge funktionieren vielleicht sofort, aber in einer Woche werden sie gegen die neuen Richtlinien nutzlos sein. Also, wenn Sie etwas wollen, das Sie mit langfristigen Ergebnissen versorgen und die plötzlichen Turnarounds des Google-Algorithmus aushalten würde, bleibt eine kompetente SEO-Agentur Ihr bester Freund. Bei der engen Zusammenarbeit mit Einzelpersonen, die SEO durchführen, kann man viele Markttrends in Bezug auf die Art und Weise erfahren, wie verschiedene Websites funktionieren.

Joost de Valk, der Gründer und Erfinder von Yoast SEO für WordPress Plugins, stimmte zu, dass trotz der Möglichkeit vieler existierender Tools eine Set-and-Forget-Methode zur Verfügung steht, die SEO-Automatisierung ein komplexer Prozess ist, der mehr als das beinhaltet. Zum Beispiel können Maschinen und Software nur teilweise das technische Bit der SEO bedienen. Die Entwicklung von Inhalten und das virale Marketing erfordern ein höheres Maß an menschlichem Engagement, damit sie funktionieren.


SEO-Automatisierung ist ein Prozess, der komplizierter ist, als Sie vielleicht denken. Viele White Hat SEO-Entwicklungstools versprechen eine schnelle Lösung für temporäre Probleme. Es gibt jedoch immer noch ein hohes Maß an Beteiligung an der Entwicklung der Inhalte. SEO-Tools sind unerlässlich und machen das Leben für die meisten Aufgaben, die technische Anforderungen erfordern, leichter. Nichtsdestotrotz garantieren sie Ihnen keine Platzierung in den Suchergebnissen: Im besten Fall werden sie Ihre Website davon abhalten, in den Reihen niedriger zu fallen, aber selbst dieser Vorteil wird nach einem Algorithmuswechsel weg sein.

Kein automatisiertes Programm kann garantieren, dass die harte Arbeit bei der Content-Entwicklung wie Content-Bearbeitung, Inbound-Linking und Keyword-Auswahl ersetzt wird, da es mit den Maschinen nicht richtig funktioniert. Die Verwendung eines vollständig automatisierten Ansatzes bedeutet auch, die Flexibilität und Anpassungsfähigkeit zu opfern, die Sie benötigen, wenn sich die Suchmaschinenoptimierungsroutine plötzlich ändert. Solange Google von Unternehmern und nicht von AI geführt wird, bleibt die Zusammenarbeit mit SEO-Experten die beste Methode, TOP-Positionen zu erobern.

Writing good code: how to reduce the cognitive load of your code.

Low bug count, good performance, easy modification. Good code is high-impact and is perhaps the main reason for the existence of the proverbial 10x developer. And yet, despite its importance, it eludes new developers. The literature on the subject usually amounts to disconnected collections of tips. How can a new developer just memorize all that stuff? “Code Complete“, the greatest exponent in this matter, is 960 pages long!

I believe it’s possible to construct a simple mental framework that can be used with any language or library and which will lead to good quality code by default. There are five main concepts I will talk about here. Keep them in mind and writing good code should be a breeze.

Update: Mia Li was kind enough to offer a Chinese translation of this post here.

Keep your personal quirks out of it

You read some article which blows your mind with new tricks. Now you are going to write clever code and all your peers will be impressed.

The problem is that people just want to fix their bugs and move on. Your clever trick is often nothing more than a distraction. As I talked about in “Applying neuroscience to software development“, when people have to digest your piece of code, their “mental stack” fills up and it is hard to make progress.

Don’t personalize your work in ways that would require explanations.

Don’t code “your way”. Just follow the coding standards. This stuff is already figured out. Make your code predictable and easy to read by coding the way people expect.

Divide and conquer it

Complex code can often be clarified through modularization, and there are more ways to do this than just creating more functions. Storing the result of long conditionals into a variable or two is a great way to modularize without the overhead of a function call. This will even allow you to compose them into larger conditionals, or to reuse the result somewhere else.

The approach when breaking a problem down should be to have each section as focused as possible, affecting only local state, without mixing in irrelevant issues, and without side-effects if at all possible.Programming languages and libraries often come with their issues, and abstracting them away can help your code mind its own business. The Single Responsibility Principle is another example of how focused and localized code leads to good design.

Germany Joins France in Making the Planet Great Again

France and Germany have officially teamed up to support international climate research, according to recent news from the 19th Franco-German Council of Ministers in Paris. Here’s a closer look at the joint initiative.  


A Partnership for the Planet

German Federal Minister for Education and Research Johanna Wanka and his French counterpart Frédérique Vidal teamed up to announce the collaboration in alignment with the climate objectives set forth in France’s Make Our Planet Great Again campaign. A response to Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord, French President Emmanuel Macron not only invited American scientists to pursue their research in France following Trump’s announcement that, but also charged the public at large with doing their part to fight climate change.  

About the Initiative

Specifically, the collaboration will comprise a four-year research fellowship program for 50 high-level researchers of all nationalities to pursue work in three main areas: climate change; energy transition; and the earth system. France and Germany will contribute EUR 30 million and EUR 15 million in support of the initiative. In addition to boosting climate change research, the partnership also aims to promote interdisciplinary research.   

Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany joined Macron in voicing dissent to Trump’s dismissal of the climate change accord last summer. She declared in a statement, “This decision cannot and will not deter all of us who feel obliged to protect this earth. We will gather all our strength -- in Germany, in Europe and in the world -- to meet the great challenges of humanity, like climate change, and to successfully master these challenges.”  

This position is also shared by many European leaders, including European Council president, Donald Tusk who said at a news conference earlier this year, “The fight against climate change and all the research, innovation and technological progress it will bring will continue with or without the United States.” 

Will Japan Change Residency Requirement for Creatives?

The Japanese government is currently weighing whether or not to relax residency requirements for international students studying anime, design and culinary professions, according to a report from The Japan Times. The aim? To make it easier for graduates in these fields to find work after graduating. Here’s a closer look at the proposal, along with why experts say the change is necessary.


Supporting Japan’s Content Industry

As the country aims to boost Japanese culture abroad, securing the right talent is a critical part of the equation, say experts. Enter the requested changes to residency requirements. Currently, residency status is necessary for international graduates -- a status dependent on whether or not “they can make use of the specialized knowledge and techniques they acquired at vocational schools or universities in Japan,” says The Japan Times.

Broadening the Scope

However, residency status for working is limited to jobs requiring higher professional skills, a scenario which insiders say is detrimental to content industry workers who may have less complicated roles and responsibilities as they enter the workforce. Because of this, the government is evaluating whether to grant permissions lasting for up to two years as long as an employment plan is submitted.

In addition to changing residency requirements, the Japanese government is also considering extending the length of time international students can stay while seeking work in Japan. Currently, graduates have just six months to find jobs, but experts say this is not long enough given their simultaneous commitment to graduation projects.

Wondering about the timeline for these possible changes? The soonest the new residency requirements will go into effect will be late next year, following a research period in which the government will survey entities from both industry and academia to determine the best course of action.

Robots Rule This Futuristic Barley Field

An automated combine harvests crops.

Is there anything more quintessentially American than a farmer in the heartland, toiling away on their land? But this vision of agrarian life will fade into the dusty shelves of sentimental nostalgia, because agriculture is poised to become an industry ruled by robot laborers. Companies like Hands Free Hectare (HFHa) are leading the way.

After a year of work, the HFHa project successfully harvested a crop of spring barley, grown using only autonomous machine labor. Members of the Harper Adams University engineering staff and precision agriculture company Precision Decisions partnered on the HFHa project. Though many farmers are already using satellite-guided equipment to assist in the harvest, the initiative aimed to be the first in the world to farm a crop with a single person developing callouses.

No Hands … Or Feet

The team modified an Iseki tractor and a Sampo combine to include a custom automation system. All of the systems working the field sent feedback to a central mission control system, allowing for real-time human monitoring. While the machines themselves operated independently, many important decisions were still in the hands of humans. The HFHa team regularly met and consulted with an agronomist to help make important decisions, altering the robots’ plans accordingly.

Total in-field autonomy wasn’t the only goal. Another major tenet of the project was precision agriculture, or the using tools to collect observations and measurements to determine how to maintain crops within a field. Precision agriculture allows for specific, tailored treatment plans for a variety of needs based on a wealth of data.

For example, drones with automated flight patterns can capture aerial snapshots of a field. Those images are then analyzed to determine which areas might require additional fertilizers, nitrogen or watering. The HFHa team used a drone to capture multispectral images for such an analysis, along with what it calls a “robotic scout” to collect plant and soil samples from different parts of the field for in-lab testing and examination.

Precision agriculture, combined with the efficiency of automation, presents a compelling answer to the question of feeding a growing population. But the technology isn’t there yet—the entirety of the HFHa project cost £200,000 (about $265,000) for a yield of 4.5 tons. That’s about $265 per bushel for its barley, which typically costs roughly $4 to $5.

Despite the less-than-optimal returns, the best thing to do after a successful harvest is kick back with a beer and appreciate your bounty. Appropriately, HFHa’s team hopes to use the autonomously farmed barley to make their own brew, perfect for a celebratory drink.

Higher taxes for rich will not harm economic growth, says IMF

Increasing inequality within countries could actually be harming economic productivity, the organization warns in its biannual report


Higher tax rates for the rich would help reduce inequality without having a severe impact on economic growth, the International Monetary Fund has said.

The influential organization, which is based in Washington DC, has published its biannual fiscal monitor to voice its support for the policies of left-wing politicians such as Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who has called for high earners to pay more into the public purse. 

Countries around the world are suffering the consequences of rising internal inequality and the IMF said tax theory suggested the top one per cent of earners should be paying "significantly" more.

It highlighted that although inequality between countries has fallen in recent decades due to the economic success of countries such as China and India, internal inequality in places like the US and the UK has risen sharply.

The IMF, along with the World Bank, will hold its semi-annual meeting of global policymakers later this week.

Its call to arms on promoting more inclusive growth comes at an uncertain time for many richer countries.

The rise of populist politicians, such as Donald Trump, populist parties, such as the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD), and political shocks like Brexit have been blamed on voters becoming increasingly alienated from the ruling elites amid stagnating wages and rising house prices.


Over the same period, 53 per cent of countries have seen increased income inequality, the IMF said, and Latin America remains the most unequal in the world. The increase in inequality has been particularly acute in advanced economies but is spread across the globe.

White House says it can't lawfully pay Obamacare subsidies

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The White House said late on Thursday that it cannot lawfully pay subsidies to health insurance companies under the Obamacare health law, prompting howls of protests from Democratic lawmakers.

A White House statement said based on guidance from the Justice Department, “the Department of Health and Human Services has concluded that there is no appropriation for cost-sharing reduction payments to insurance companies under Obamacare.”

“In light of this analysis, the Government cannot lawfully make the cost-sharing reduction payments,” the statement said.


The move drew swift condemnation from Democrats and threats from state attorneys general in New York and California to file lawsuits.

Trump has been frustrated by Republicans’ failure to repeal and replace the law known as Obamacare, thwarting a promise he made during his successful 2016 presidential campaign.

His decision is likely to please those among his political base who detest the Obamacare system, which many Republicans have attacked for years as an unneeded government intrusion in Americans’ health care.

In a nod to that same constituency, the president signed an executive order earlier on Thursday to make it easier for Americans to buy bare-bones health insurance plans exempt from Obamacare requirements.

Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi derided the subsidies cut-off in a joint statement, saying Trump would single-handedly push Americans’ health care premiums higher.

Air pollution blamed for 500,000 early deaths in Europe

Filthy air killed half a million people in Europe prematurely in 2014. So says a report on air quality from the European Environment Agency in Copenhagen, Denmark.

“Air pollution is the single largest environmental health risk in Europe,” says the EEA.

By far the biggest killer was PM2.5, the soup of tiny particles measuring 2.5 micrometers across or less. These claimed an estimated 428,000 premature deaths across the 41 European countries tracked in 2014. The main source, contributing 57 percent of PM2.5 emissions in 2015, was domestic wood burning, especially in eastern Europe.

Nitrogen dioxide, mostly from vehicle exhausts, cut short an estimated 78,000 lives across the same 41 countries. Ground-level ozone was the other major killer, claiming an estimated 14,400 lives prematurely.

“Heart disease and stroke are the most common reasons for premature death attributable to air pollution, and are responsible for 80 percent of cases,” the report says. Air pollution also contributes to other respiratory diseases and cancer and has non-lethal impacts on diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, pregnancy and brain development in children.

Hotspots of bad air

The two worst hotspots for PM2.5 pollution were Poland and northern Italy, where dozens of cities exceeded the EU’s annual mean limit of 25 micrograms of particles per cubic meter of air. “Poland and the Po valley have very bad pollution,” says Alberto González Ortiz, the report’s lead author.

The worst offender was the city of Krakow in Poland, where the PM2.5 value was 44 micrograms. Levels also reached 40 micrograms in Macedonia. More than a dozen Polish cities exceeded 30 micrograms, as did cities in northern Italy including Milan, Padua, Cremona, Brescia, Venice, and Turin.

In all, 7 to 8 percent of Europe’s urban population was exposed to PM2.5 concentrations that exceeded the EU limit. But when the World Health Organization’s stricter limit of 10 micrograms was used as a benchmark, between 82 and 85 percent of urban Europeans were exposed.

The UK saw an estimated 37,600 premature deaths from PM2.5 exposure in 2014. The worst hotspot was 16 micrograms, along with London’s Marylebone Road, followed by 15 micrograms on a roadside in Haringey, north London.

But the UK also saw many premature deaths from exposure to nitrogen dioxide: about 14,000. This was compounded by widespread use of diesel fuel in vehicles. In one part of London, the annual limit for nitrogen dioxide was exceeded as early as 6 January this year. In September, London mayor Sadiq Khan triggered the capital’s seventh emergency air quality alert since he introduced the system a year ago. Impacts from nitrogen dioxide were also high in Germany, France, and Spain.

Overall, emissions are falling, but slowly, says Ortiz. He says the air would get cleaner faster if countries further limited their numbers of vehicles, burned cleaner fuels for heating and created more pedestrianized areas. Ortiz also recommends adapting infrastructure to suit cycling and promoting wider use of public transport.

The 7 stages of becoming a Go programmer

Whether you're new to Go or a seasoned Gopher, you may recognize these steps on the path to Go enlightenment.

One day at work, we were discussing the Go programming language in our work chatroom. At one point, I commented on a co-worker's slide, saying something along the lines of:

"I think that's like stage three in the seven stages of becoming a Go programmer."

Naturally, my co-workers wanted to know the rest of the stages, so I briefly outlined them. Here, expanded with more context, are the seven stages of becoming a Go programmer; see if you can see yourself on this pathway.

Stage 1: You believe you can make Go do object-oriented programming


Programming and development

After your initial run on A Tour of Go, you start thinking "Now, how can I make this language behave more like an object-oriented language...?" After all, you are used to that stuff. You want to make robust code. You want polymorphism.


"There has to be away!" You say, and you find struct embedding. It allows you to cleverly delegate methods from the enclosing object to the embedded object without having to duplicate code. Great!

Of course, this is not true. Struct embedding only allows you to delegate method calls. Even if it looks like you are doing polymorphic method dispatch, the relationship is not IS-A. It's HAS-A, so the receiver of the method call is not the enclosing object: The receiver is always the embedded object to which the method call was delegated to.

Stage 2: You believe goroutines will solve all of your problems

You were lured to Go by the promise that it will allow you to easily run the concurrent code, which, it does via goroutines! All you need to do is use the go keyword, and you can make pretty much any function or method call run concurrently. It is only natural, then, that you want to maximize your code's efficiency by making as much code to run in parallel. And because you hid this fact by making your function calls to create goroutines automatically, the caller does not even need to be aware of this.

Yeah, so it might make your code a bit more complicated but look, now everything runs concurrently!

Go allows you to create millions of goroutines without sacrificing much efficiency, but you really should not use goroutines just because you can. Concurrent code is harder to maintain and debug than code that just flows in a single thread. I mean, have you given serious thought to whether your shared objects are really synchronized properly when accessed from multiple goroutines at once? Are you sure the order of execution is absolutely correct? Have you really checked if those goroutines actually exit when they're no longer needed?

Goroutines are best used only when they are necessary, and unless your requirements dictate that you do everything in memory or some such, you should never abandon the use of good old multi-process models.

And finally, try NOT to spawn goroutines behind your users' back, especially if you are writing a library. Explicit calls to use go calls usually give the user more flexibility and power.

Goroutines take you only so far. Use them only when it really makes sense.

Stage 3: You believe that instead of object-oriented programming, interfaces will solve all of your problems

After being disillusioned that you cannot make your objects behave in a polymorphic manner, you suddenly realize the capabilities offered by interfaces. Interfaces allow you to describe APIs; there has to be a way to use this to write more robust code.

Interfaces do give you a lot of power, but it's not an end-all solution. It still does not provide true polymorphism in the sense of object-oriented programming. You are also limited by the fact that interfaces can only define the API, and you cannot associate any data with it.

Also, although there are legitimate cases where exporting only interfaces instead of concrete structs make sense, it really should not be your default mode of operation. Interfaces are best when they are small-ish (as opposed to describing an entire list of methods defined for an object). Also, if you are not careful, you will have to either write a lot of extra code to fulfill the interface or to write code that requires a lot of type-assertions.

Stage 4: You believe channels will solve all of your problems

After you spent a lot of time pondering how to bend Go to work your way, you are now looking for that missing piece that will make everything work your way. "Wait, there are still channels!"

Channels implicitly handle concurrent access correctly. You believe you should be able to solve many of the obstacles so far by cleverly using channels to handle synchronization, returning values (a la future/promises), and flow control with select-statements with various channels.

Stage 5: You now believe Go is not as powerful as people claim it to be

"Why?! Why is it so painful to write Go code? It doesn't allow me to write code the way I have been doing."

You are frustrated. No polymorphism. Concurrency is hard. Channels don't solve your problems. You don't even understand why Go exists. You feel like you've been stripped of all the nice tools and constructs that other languages provide.

You believe that more powerful tools to express abstract ideas are absolutely necessary. Go just doesn't cut it.

Go is decidedly opinionated. I come from a Perl background, and for a while I could not believe how limiting Go was. So yes, I understand if you become frustrated.

Stage 6: You realize that stages 1-5 were all just your imagination

At some point, you grudgingly decide to write Go code according to how most of the standard library is written. You also give up trying to be clever, and start writing straightforward code.

Then it comes to you: You just didn't want to accept the Go way.

Everything starts to make sense.

In all seriousness, learning Go does require some unlearning. I had to unlearn object-oriented programming a bit, as well as embrace the fact that no matter how many useful tools the language may give you, writing concurrent code is just too hard for mere mortals. I also had to unlearn to use exceptions.

Once I decided to accept the functionalities and constructs as they are, writing Go code became much easier, and definitely much more fun.

Stage 7: You are now at peace

You have accepted the Go way. You now write everything, including what you would've normally used Perl/Ruby/Python for, in Go. You realize if err != nil no longer bothers you. You only use goroutines and channels when you must.

You are one with the Gopher. You feel its glorious chi, and cry when you realize its mercy for allowing your to write code in such a majestic language.

Congratulations. Now you are a Go programmer.


Leading in a Complex Environment Free Online Course by University of Queensland

The University of Queensland is offering free online course on Leading in a Complex Environment. This course is intended for people working in the modern-day global organization.

This course draws on the diverse knowledge of both leadership scholars and experienced leaders. This course will start on July 2, 2018.

Course At A Glance 

Length: 10 weeks
Effort: 8-10 hours pw
Subject: Business & Management
Institution: The University of Queensland and edx
Languages: English
Price: Free
Certificate Available: Yes, Add a Verified Certificate for $325
Session: Course Starts on July 2, 2018

Providers’ Details

The University of Queensland (UQ), Australia, is one of the world’s premier teaching and research institutions. Striving for excellence through the creation, preservation, transfer and application of knowledge UQ ranks in the top 50 Universities as measured by the QS World University Rankings.

About This Course

Leaders must be prepared to succeed in fast-moving, complex, global business environments. This course is intended for people working in the modern-day global organization and will teach you how to tackle these complex and challenging issues, including:

  • How global issues, such as global warming and geopolitical tensions, impact an organization’s decision-making process and how to navigate these challenging issues.
  • How leaders respond to and manage issues such as social responsibility, environmental sustainability, crisis management, and cultural differences.
  • How leaders represent their organizations and why it’s important they demonstrate virtue and authenticity to build trust.

Why Take This Course?

This course draws on the diverse knowledge of both leadership scholars and experienced leaders. Through a series of engaging videos, interviews, case studies, written reflections, peer feedback, and other self-insight activities, this course alerts learners to intractable problems that are too often ignored.

Learning Outcomes

  • External influences in leadership, the macro-conditions that shape the global context.
  • What the nature of power is and how to use it virtuously when representing your organization.
  • How to lead with social responsibility and for environmental and social sustainability.
  • How virtuous leadership needs to be representative and inclusive.


Bernard McKenna

Bernard McKenna is an Associate Professor in the UQ Business School. His research interests include wisdom and knowledge management in the new economy; technical, political, and managerialist discourse; and professional writing.


  • English writing/reading proficiency (required)
  • Some experience in managing people (recommended)

How To Join This Course

  • Go to the course website link
  • Create an edX account to SignUp
  • Choose “Register Now” to get started.
  • EdX offers honor code certificates of achievement, verified certificates of achievement, and XSeries certificates of achievement. Currently, verified certificates are only available in some courses.
  • Once applicant sign up for a course and activate their account, click on the Log In button on the edx.org homepage and type in their email address and edX password. This will take them to the dashboard, with access to each of their active courses. (Before a course begins, it will be listed on their dashboard but will not yet have a “view course” option.)

Apply Now


Fully Funded St. Gallen Symposium Leader of Tomorrow Essay Competition in Switzerland, 2018


Applications are now available to interested persons who intend to participate in the Fully Funded St. Gallen Symposium Leader of Tomorrow Essay Competition in Switzerland 2018, all applicants are reminded to ensure that they have complied with the eligibility criteria as stated.

The St. Gallen Wings of Excellence Award is the world’s most prestigious essay competition aimed at graduate students. It requires bright ideas, excellent writing skills, and a critical mind to impress the jury. The top 100 contributors are selected by an independent jury to attend our symposium, while the finalists have to take to the symposium’s big stage to defend their ideas in front of the jury and the Leaders of Today.

Type: Essay competition

To be taken in: Switzerland

Compete for the St. Gallen Wings of Excellence Award and qualify for participation as a «Leader of Tomorrow» in the world’s premier opportunity for intergenerational debates: The St. Gallen Symposium.

  • Join the debate with 600 top global leaders and decision makers
  • Share your thoughts, ideas, and visions with the global elite
  • Expenses for travel, board, and lodging covered, travel service provided
  • Meet 200 of the world’s brightest young minds
  • Celebrate the symposium’s 30th competition since 1989
  • CHF 30,000.– prize money shared by the three winners
  • Small and intimate gatherings with world leaders, exclusively for the Leaders of Tomorrow
  • Broad media coverage
  • Become member of a truly unique and strong global community

Qualify with an excellent essay.

We expect a professional, creative and thought-provoking essay. Be bold, unconventional, and distinctive on the following competition question:

Robots are coming for your job. How do you augment yourself to stay economically relevant?
Author Yuval Noah Harari claims that the rapid progress of artificial intelligence technology will render the human species economically useless within decades. Imagine a world in which humans fight back, harnessing AI and other technologies to stay economically indispensable – and, ultimately, competitive against the computers. Describe the job you aspire to in the future, how it will potentially be influenced by AI, and how you would augment yourself technologically if necessary to prevail in your chosen career.

The following criteria must be met:


Essay (max. 2,100 words)




 February 1, 2018, 11:59 p.m. last time zone (UTC-12)


Your name must not be mentioned anywhere in the contribution file


Individual work expected, no group work allowed. The essay must be written exclusively for this contest. The idea must be the author’s own.


All sources must be cited and referred to the respective part in the essay. All contributions will be tested for plagiarism.

Check your eligibility and prepare documents.

To be eligible, you must fulfill all of the following criteria:

  • Enrolled in a graduate or postgraduate program (master level or higher) in any field of study at a regular university
  • Born in 1988 or later

Make sure you can provide the following documents:

  • Copy of passport or other identification (in English for non-Roman languages)
  • Confirmation of matriculation/enrolment from your university which proves your enrollment in a graduate/postgraduate level programme as of 1 February 2018 (download sample document)
  • Your contribution file with no indication of your name in the file name, the file metadata or the file itself

Impress the Jury. 

All contributions will be evaluated equally according to a specific set of criteria by an independent jury composed of professors, corporate executives, and entrepreneurs. The authors of the best 100 contributions qualify as Leaders of Tomorrow and will be invited by the ISC to the next St. Gallen Symposium. The very best competitors will have the chance to present and discuss their ideas on the symposium’s big stage and also in other conferencing formats. The award will be bestowed to the three best competitors, the selection will be based upon the quality of the essays only.

Scholarship Link


Research Fellowships for German and International Students in Germany, 2018


Scholarship Description: Applications are invited for Fellowships at the Center for Holocaust Studies at the Institute for Contemporary History Munich for research stays in Munich in 2018. Applicants from both Germany, European and non-European countries are welcome.

About University: The Institute for Contemporary History includes the research departments in Munich and Berlin, the Federal Office of Foreign Affairs and the Documentation Obersalzberg. In the capital city of Munich, our scientists are investigating Nazi rule and its prehistory as well as fascism in Italy.

Degree Level: Fellowships are available to pursue research.

Available Subject: The Fellowships are intended to support and stimulate international Holocaust research.

Scholarship Benefits: The scholarship rate depends on the academic degree of the applicants. Fellowships are divided into three categories:

  • Junior Fellowships (2500 Euro per month): for PhD students, in exceptional cases Master Candidates. These fellowships have the duration of up to four months.
  • Post-doc Fellowships (3500 Euros per month): For post-docs and habili- tists. These fellowships have a duration of up to four months.
  • Distinguished Fellowships (5000 Euro per month): for established researchers with Second Book, Habilitierte, and professors. These fellowships have a duration of six to twelve months.

In addition, further fellowships are awarded in partnership with cooperation partners:

  • The Joseph Wulf Fellowship together with the Memorial and Education Center House of the Wannsee Conference for Doctoral Candidates, in exceptional cases Master Candidates. This fellowship has the duration of two months in Munich with a 2500 Euro scholarship and a month (preferably in summer) in Berlin with free accommodation in the guest apartment of the memorial. A simultaneous application to the Junior Fellowships of the Center is possible.
  • The Center for Holocaust Studies at the Institute of Contemporary History and the Jack, Joseph and Morton Center for Advanced Holocaust Memorial Museum: Details in the English Call for Proposals.


Eligibility: The following criteria must be met in order for applicants to be eligible for the scholarship:

The Fellowships are intended to support and stimulate international Holocaust research. The program is aimed at both established researchers and young scientists. As we strive for the widest possible international networking, applications from both Germany, European and non-European countries are welcome; A prerequisite is a topic from the field of Holocaust research

Eligible Nationalities: As we strive for the widest possible international networking, applications from both Germany, European and non-European countries are welcome; A prerequisite is a topic from the field of Holocaust research.

Application Procedure: Applications must be received by 1 December 2017 and include the following documents: – in German or English –

  • A motivation letter
  • An up to 5-page project sketch
  • A CV including publication list
  • Two letters of recommendation (not applicable for Distinguished Fellowship)

Deadline: Application deadline is December 1, 2017.

Scholarship Link


Semalt: Importance Of Filtering Out The Admin Traffic From Google Analytics

Have you checked the Google Analytics and noticed that some uncertain things are happening? Well, it happens to all of us, so you are not new to this thing. There are times when we set up some things on our website and change its design or layout, but the results are not as expected. All this can affect your visits and quality of your website traffic. In such circumstances, you should filter out the admin traffic from your Google Analytics, and this can be done when you use a variety of WordPress plug-ins. And if you don't use a plugin, then you would have to do that thing manually. Google Analytics lets you filter the traffic when you exclude your IP address or exclude the traffic by cookies content.

Most often it is believed that the first method is far better and comprehensive than the second method. Lisa Mitchell, the Customer Success Manager of Semalt, states that if you have IP addresses that are dynamically generated or if you are using a laptop or device of a coffee shop, then you should stop your own visits from being counted on the Google Analytics. Both of these methods have their own advantages and disadvantages and can be chosen based on your requirements.

Exclude your IP address

This method lets you set your Google Analytics in a better way. That will help you to improve the quality of your traffic, and you can stop receiving views from specific IP addresses or a range of IPs. However, this can be done only when you are using a laptop and are ready to adjust the settings from the same device. And if you leave for office or are outside your house, this method cannot give any benefit. In that case, you should try to use the second method. For excluding traffic by specific IPs, you should create custom filters that can analyze the quality of your traffic in a better way. Log into your Google Analytics account and click the settings option on the top right corner. Then you should press the new filter option and add information such as filter name, type of filter, IP address, and others.

Exclude traffic by Cookie Content

You must exclude traffic by cookie content and create filters that don't get locked during this process. The downside of this method is that you can exclude one IP address at a time and cannot perform this task on multiple IPs all of a sudden. Plus, it is mandatory to clear your cookies before your setup this method. First of all, you should create files that will add the cookies to your browsers. Then you should create HTML files and add them in this format: filter-traffic.html. The next step is to instruct the search engines not to index your site's content for some time. This is a major step as it will ensure the quality of your website and its overall visitors. Once you have excluded it, the next step is to adjust the cookies' settings in your browser. Finally, you should add the tracking codes in the tag of JavaScript and set custom variables, which can be filtered in Google Analytics later on.

Basic Reasons To Remove Localhost From The Referrer List – Practice From Semalt

Lisa Mitchell, the Semalt Customer Success Manager, says when you have a website, your team is bound to be testing this and that. If at any time somebody from your team is running the development version of your web app with Google Analytics tracking code, then they're bound to bump into some annoying things.

For a start, localhost keeps showing up in the Referrers reports. Secondly, your website's metrics such as the bounce rate, number of page views, conversion rates and so forth. As it is, these metrics will be skewed because as the team member performs a test on the website, things get mixed up. You wouldn't want that, will you?

A quick fix

You can remedy this situation in a very easy way. In fact, you have three ways at your disposal. Regardless of your choice the fix only works for new visits. The existing data will remain tainted, and you cannot do anything about this.

Add an exclusion filter on Google Analytics

Adding an exclusion filter on your Google Analytics account is the simplest and easiest way to remedy the system from mixing up different metrics. You wouldn't even need intervention from the technical team. Here are some tips:

  • open your Google Analytics account then select 'Admin.'
  • own the view column click 'Filters'
  • set up a new filter by opting for 'New Filter'
  • create new 'Predetermined Filter,' which will exclude web traffic to 'localhost' host name.

Note that you may have to change the localhost name to whichever local host name your team uses. Better yet, if the development team happens to share your network, then you can exclude the entire IP range. This way, your metrics won't be jumbled. Simply set your filter to exclude 'traffic from IP addresses, ' and you're done.

Changing the JavaScript tracking snippet to exclude the host

This is a reasonable choice compared to messing up with Google Analytics filters. Just go to the tracking snippet and identify the property ID used to keep tabs on analytics. If you might have upgraded to Universal Analytics, then you'll bump into something like this: ga('create', UA-98765432-1', 'website.com').

Note that instead of example.com, you'll actually use your real domain. Fortunately or unfortunately, you'll have to be adept in technical jargon. For instance, you may have to use an if-statement somewhere on the code. Although there has been a mention of the process being simple, it requires writing new code.

Skipping the JavaScript snippet in your template

If your website uses PHP language like the case of WordPress then you could edit the footer which coincidentally includes Google Analytics snippet. There is even the possibility that your server allows for web apps to run in development mode or in production. Whatever the case, you can never go wrong.

Moving on

Once you have made these changes, there is need to see whether they are effective or not. Do a test a day or two later for confirmation. Choose an appropriate data range, one that does not include the days before the change.

Semalt Expert On The Blockage Of Russian Referral Spam From Google Analytics

Spammers are continuously developing new types of spams that attack Google Analytics. Currently, there has been an inflow of spam ware from Russia with the spammers taking their time to develop spams that will gather traffic. There are four main types of spams namely: Analytic, Crawler, Legit bots and Search spam.

Get down to the compelling issues provided by the leading expert from Semalt, Alexander Peresunko, and stay safe from referral spam.

Analytic spam

They are also known as ghost referrals. Although they do not visit the site, they are seen in the analytics whilst spamming Google Analytics ID's. The spamming takes place in a random manner and is intended to trick the computer user into opening their referral sites. They are mostly of Russian origin.

Crawler spam

These are the type of spams that are characterized by their crawling nature on the internet collecting information. It is advised to avoid visiting them because of their virus threat hence they should be blocked. Example of crawler spams is buttons-for-website spam.

Legit Bots

Although legit иots are not commonly seen in analytics, they occasionally spider around content in a bid to show in search engines.

Search Spam

These spam do not actually visit one's website but instead ping analytics account in an attempt to spam their targets. Search spam can be filtered thus preventing them from showing in the analytics account.

Measures of controlling spam

Although spams appear to link to websites, Russian spams do not actually engage the websites in which they are seen. The following is a list of some of the most common spam links namely:

  • hulfingtonpost.com
  • 7makemoneyonline.com
  • cenoval.ru
  • pricereg.com
  • darodar.com
  • economy.co
  • blackhatworth.com
  • bestwebsiteawards.com
  • buttons-for-website.com
  • ilovevitality.com

Most of these links do not go to users' website but instead visit user ID's of Google Analytics users. Their links show up in analytic results which tempt Google users to visit their websites. Examples of such spams are darodar and ilovevitality.com. Even though spams do not visit the user's site, it is essential to block them from showing up in Google Analytics results. The reasons for the need to block spams are:

  • i. It is vital to have accurate data on the number of people that are visiting one's site so that effective analysis can be carried out. This information is important in determining the bounce rate and the presence of spams makes data collected for analysis inaccurate.
  • ii. The presence of spams negatively affect the rankings of search engines. The existence of spammers who are continuously developing new types of spams necessitate the existence of companies such as Misfit to combat the vice and make the running of small business smooth.

Referral spams can be combated using the TL checklist:

1. The bot Filtering Tool can be used to prevent bots from showing up in a Google Analytics account by clicking on the "View Settings" and selecting the "bot filtering" option.

2. All Russian spam URL's should be filtered by adding them to the referral exclusion list including the view filters option.

a) In the case of blocking referral spam, visit the Google Analytics account and select the "Filter" tool.

b) Select the "New Filter" option and input the domain name.

c) On the type of filter, select the custom option and select the Referral option.

d) Type the precise URL that you wish to block on the "Filter Pattern".

e) Procedure d above should be carried out for the same domain but on the "Filter field" option you should click the hostname.

f) The same process applies for search spam only that the "Filter Field" should be replaced with "Campaign Term" and the pattern is the legible wording verbatim.

3. It is however recommended that a report is made to Google if there are suspicions of malicious codes.

UCT and QMUL Postdoctoral Fellowship in South Africa, 2018


UCT and QMUL Postdoctoral Fellowship in South Africa, 2018

Scholarship Description: UCT and QMUL are inviting applications for Postdoctoral Fellowship in criminology, environmental security, violence prevention and/or safety governance starting in 2018. The application is open to candidates of any nationality but a preference will be given to Black South Africans.

About University: The University of Cape Town (UCT) is a public research university located in Cape Town in the Western Cape province of South Africa. It is jointly the oldest university in South Africa and the oldest extant university in Sub-Saharan Africa alongside Stellenbosch.

Degree Level: Fellowships are available to pursue Postdoctoral programme.

Available Subject: Fellowships are awarded in criminology, environmental security, violence prevention and/or safety governance. UCT and QMUL invite applications from suitably qualified candidates for the postdoctoral research fellowship. The successful candidate will be expected to work within and support the research activities of a programme, which has as its key objective the development of multi-disciplinary research on safety governance and justice widely conceived, specifically within any of the following thematic areas:

  • Policing, private security, community justice, and related topics
  • Environmental security (with a focus on illegal economies that support the trade in endangered species)
  • Violence and/or crime prevention
  • Promotion of safe cities and communities (with a focus on models of safety)

Scholarship Benefits: The value of the fellowship is ZAR 200,000, funded by QMUL and tenable for one year. It is anticipated that successful applicants will be able to apply on a competitive basis for research expenses and travel support. Note: The fellowship is compliant with SARS policies and is therefore exempt from taxation.

Eligibility: The following criteria must be met in order for applicants to be eligible for the scholarship:

  • Applicants should have a PhD awarded within the previous five years in a relevant academic discipline, such as Criminology, Sociology, Anthropology, Political Science, and Law, Psychology or other related disciplines
  • Application is open to candidates of any nationality but a preference will be given to Black South Africans
  • Applicants may not previously (since achieving the PhD) have held fulltime professional or academic posts
  • Applicants should not hold simultaneous fellowships from other institutions
  • No benefits or travel allowances are included in the value of the fellowship
  • The successful incumbent will be required to register as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Cape Town immediately and to comply with the University’s approved policies, procedures, and practices for the postdoctoral sector
  • As part of his/her professional development, the successful candidate may be required to participate in a limited capacity in departmental activities, such as teaching, student supervision, etc.
  • Applicants should have an interest in working as part of a team and will be expected to publish a minimum of two publication units per annum in DHET/ISI/IBSS accredited journals
  • QMUL will support applicants also wanting to spend time at QMUL as a visiting scholar with a contribution towards their accommodation expenses.

Eligible Nationalities: Application is open to candidates of any nationality but a preference will be given to Black South Africans.

Application Procedure: Complete applications, including transcripts, letters etc. should be sent to Liesel.collins-at-uct.ac.za by the 31 October 2017 Electronic submissions is preferred.

  • Curriculum Vitae including a list of publications
  • A motivation letter in which the areas of expertise, research interests and future intentions of the applicant are described
  • Certified copies of all academic transcripts
  • An example of recent, original, non-professionally edited, written work such as a thesis chapter
  • Contact details for 2 proposed referees who have been directly involved in the doctoral and/or previous postdoctoral research of the applicant.

Deadline: Fellowship application deadline is October 31, 2017.

Scholarship Link


2018 AIMS NEI Research Fellowship Program for Women in Climate Change Science, Africa


Scholarship Description: The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences Next Einstein Initiative (AIMS NEI) is now accepting applications for new Fellowship Program for Women in Climate Change Science (WiCCS).

The Program was made possible by a grant from the International Development Research Centre, Ottawa, Canada, and financial support from the Government of Canada, provided through Global Affairs Canada (GAC).

The WiCCS Fellowship Program seeks to foster increased participation by women in the search for science-based solutions to climate change.

About University: African Institute for Mathematical Sciences mission is to enable Africa’s brightest students to flourish as independent thinkers, problem solvers, and innovators capable of propelling Africa’s future scientific, educational and economic self-sufficiency.

Degree Level: Fellowship is available to pursue research.

Available Subject: The AIMS NEI Fellowship Program for Women in Climate Change Science seeks to foster increased female participation in and contribute to a more sustainable societal response to climate change.

Scholarship Benefits: The fellowship is worth up to USD 35,000. The exact amount of the fellowship will be specified at the time of the award. This amount will be paid to the Fellow in three instalments in accordance with a schedule that will be defined at the time of the award. Fellows must submit accurate banking details (using the form provided below) to avoid undue delays in receiving their fellowship payments.

Number of Scholarships: Up to four fellowships are available each year.

Eligibility: To be eligible, applicants must be:

  • Female
  • In possession before the fellowship start date of a doctorate in a quantitative discipline, including, but not limited to, applied mathematics, climatology, physics, chemistry, computer science, theoretical biology, and engineering
  • Currently employed, on either a permanent or a temporary basis, in a non-profit work environment, including government
  • Actively engaged in research, policy, and/or practice relevant to climate change modeling, mitigation, adaptation, and/or resilience
  • The lead and/or senior author of at least one refereed publication on a topic relevant to climate change modeling, mitigation, adaptation, and/or resilience.

Eligible Nationalities: Fellowship is awarded to female scientists based anywhere in the world.

Application Procedure: To apply, email to ms4cr-fellows-at-nexteinstein.org (using as subject “MS4CR fellowship application – first and last name of applicant”) the following documents on or before 11:59 pm CAT on 27 October 2017:

  • Application form, including budget template
  • Project proposal form, including budget template
  • A curriculum vitae
  • An electronic copy of a representative publication in climate change modelling, mitigation, adaptation and/or resilience on which the applicant is the lead and/or senior author
  • Three confidential letters of support which are to be emailed directly by the applicant’s referees to ms4cr-fellows-at-nexteinstein.org (using as subject “MS4CR fellowship application support letter – first and last name of applicant”) by the application deadline. It is the responsibility of the applicant to request these letters from the referees. Two of these letters should come from the applicant’s immediate supervisor at her home institution and the named collaborator at her proposed host institution. At least one letter should come from a referee who is qualified to assess the applicant’s experience in climate change research, practice, and/or policy.

Deadline: Scholarship application deadline is October 27, 2017.

Scholarship Link


24 Full Scholarships at Maastricht University in Netherlands, 2018


Scholarship Description: The Maastricht University is inviting international students from outside the EU/EEA who wish to pursue full-time master’s programme in the Netherlands. The scholarship programme offers 24 full scholarships of €29.000 (including tuition fee waiver and monthly stipend) each academic year.

About University: The Maastricht University (UM) is the most international university in the Netherlands and, with more than 16,000 students and 4,000 employees, is still growing. The university stands out for its innovative education model, international character and multidisciplinary approach to research and education.

Degree Level: Scholarships are available for pursuing full-time master’s programme

Available Subject: Scholarships are awarded within the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences, Faculty of Humanities & Sciences, Faculty of Psychology & Neuroscience and School of Business and Economics.

Scholarship Benefits: The scholarship programme offers €29.000 (including tuition fee waiver and monthly stipend) each academic year.

Number of Scholarships: There are 24 full scholarships available.

Eligibility: All candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • You hold nationality in a country outside the EU/EEA and meet the requirements for obtaining an entry visa and residence permit for the Netherlands.
  • You have applied for admission to a full-time Master’s programme at Maastricht University which is participating in this scholarship program
  • Participating Master’s programmes in this scholarship programme
  • You meet the specific admission requirements of the UM Master’s programme to which you have applied.
  • You have never participated in a degree-seeking higher education programme, a primary education programme, or secondary education programme in the Netherlands. Students who completed exchange programmes in the Netherlands are welcome to apply.
  • You are not over 35 years of age on 1 September 2018.
  • You have obtained excellent results during your prior education programmes, as demonstrated by your latest grade transcript or certified by academic excellence. If several applicants are equally qualified, we will give preference to applicants whose academic transcript or certified letter of academic excellence demonstrate that they are among the top 5% of the 2018/19 scholarship programme applicants.

Eligible Nationalities: International students from outside the EU/EEA are eligible to apply.

Application Procedure:

Step 1: Register for one of the participating Master’s programmes at Maastricht University. For further details on how to register for a master’s programme at UM, please see your prospective programme’s web page. Once you have submitted your application via Studielink, you will receive a student ID number. You will need a student number in order to complete and submit the Scholarship Application Form

Step 2: Please fill in the application form through the Apply Now button, on the right side of this page, upload the following documents in .doc, .docx, or PDF format, and submit your application. Please note that you will only be able to submit your application once, so please ensure that all of your documents and referee contact details are up-to-date.

  • Curriculum vitae. Your CV should be up-to-date, contain relevant information about your education and (job) experience, and should not be longer 2 A4 pages.
  • Letter of motivation. Your letter of motivation should be up-to-date, tailored specifically to this Scholarship programme, and no longer than 1 A4 page. Be sure to argue why this scholarship is important to you, why you should be selected, and what your role as an ambassador of Maastricht University would be during your scholarship period, and during the upcoming years after you finish your studies at UM.
  • Proof of academic excellence. You may upload one of the following documents in order to prove your academic excellence: 1. Your University transcript that explicitly states your grade point average or class ranking (i.e. first class honours) for your entire study programme; or, 2. A letter signed by your institution’s Head of Department or Registrar stating that you are one of the top 20 students in the graduating year of your study programme. Please ensure that the letter contains the contact details of your Head of Department or Registrar.
  • The contact details of your referee. Please note that we will be in contact with your referee and ensure that you take the following steps when choosing a referee and submitting their details.
    • Relationship to applicant: indicate your referee’s connection to you; is this your professor, thesis supervisor, employer? Please remember that family members may not function as referees.
    • The telephone number of your referee: Make sure to add the applicable country calling code.
    • Email address of your referee: Work email addresses are preferred.

Step 3: Contact the referee you provided in your application form and ask them to submit their reference letter by email by 1 February 2018.

Application Form  

Deadline: The application deadline is February 1, 2018.

Scholarship Link


LMU Research Fellowship Program for International Researchers in Germany, 2018

Scholarship Description: Applications are invited for LMU Research Fellowship Program for incoming and outgoing researchers to pursue research in the field of their choice. Applicants from all over the world are eligible to apply for this fellowship programme.

The program is designed to promote the career development of early-career postdoctoral researchers and to support them in building international networks of collaboration.

About University: Welcome to the Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich – the University in the heart of Munich. LMU is recognized as one of Europe’s premier academic and research institutions. Since our founding in 1472, LMU has attracted inspired scholars and talented students from all over the world, keeping the University at the nexus of ideas that challenge and change our complex world.

Degree Level: Fellowships are available to pursue research.

Available Subject: Fellowships are awarded to pursue research in the field of their choice.

Scholarship Benefits: Incoming LMU Research Fellowships

Fellowship Package

  • Attractive salary (German public service employee pay grade TV-L E14)
  • Material and travel expenses of up to € 10,000 p.a.
  • Start-up funding of up to € 25,000

Outgoing LMU Research Fellowships

Fellowship Package

  • Attractive salary (German public service employee pay grade TV-L E14)
  • Material and travel expenses of up to € 15,000 p.a. during outgoing phase
  • Contribution to living expenses during the outgoing phase
  • € 10,000 during the reintegration phase

Number of Scholarships: We offer ten Incoming LMU Research Fellowships to outstanding international junior academics and five Outgoing LMU Research Fellowships to excellent early-career researchers with a doctorate from LMU Munich.

Eligibility: The following criteria must be met in order for applicants to be eligible for the scholarship:

Incoming LMU Research Fellowships

Junior researchers who

  • Have completed their doctorate within the last 3 years
  • Comply with the mobility rule of the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions (i.e. they may not have lived or worked in Germany for more than 12 months during the three years prior to the application deadline)

Outgoing LMU Research Fellowships

Junior researchers who

  • Have completed their doctorate at LMU Munich within the last 12 months
  • Comply with the mobility rule of the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions (i.e. they must be nationals or long-term residents of an EU Member State or an Associated Country)

Eligible Nationalities: Applicants from all over the world are eligible to apply for this fellowship programme.

Application Procedure: Applications may be submitted on the program’s application portal at any time until the closing date on 1 December 2017.

Application Form

Deadline: The closing date for applications is December 1, 2017.

Scholarship Link


45 GESS Doctoral Scholarships at University of Mannheim in Germany, 2018

45 GESS Doctoral Scholarships at University of Mannheim in Germany, 2018

Scholarship Description: The Graduate School of Economic and Social Sciences (GESS) at the University of Mannheim is now accepting applications for up to 45 doctoral scholarships to study in Germany. International applicants are eligible to apply for this scholarship programme.

The aim of the scholarship offers excellent opportunities for highly motivated students with a quantitative orientation to pursue their doctoral degree in Business, Economics and the Social Sciences.

About University: The Graduate School of Economic and Social Sciences (GESS) is unique in Germany and one of the few graduate schools worldwide which foster the exchange of ideas, methods, and approaches to research across the boundaries of the economic and the social sciences.

Degree Level: Scholarships are available to pursue Doctoral degree programme.

Available Subject: Scholarships are awarded in Business, Economics and the Social Sciences. Within our three Doctoral Centers university offer 11 Ph.D. Programs: 

Center for Doctoral Studies in Business (CDSB)

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Information Systems
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Operations Management
  • Taxation

Center for Doctoral Studies in Economics (CDSE)

  • Economics

Center for Doctoral Studies in Social Sciences (CDSS)

  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Political Science

Scholarship Benefits: Admitted students receive a scholarship and there is no tuition fee. CDSE students are financed by a scholarship during the first and the second year (1.200 €/month) of their studies. The Center for European Economic Research (ZEW) offers a limited number of scholarships to first-year CDSE students starting in September 2017. The scholarship comprises a monthly living allowance of 1200 Euros.

Number of Scholarships: Up to 45 scholarships will be offered to the best applicants.

Eligibility: The following criteria must be met in order for applicants to be eligible for the scholarship:

Entry requirements

  • Master’s degree (research oriented) or excellent Bachelor’s degree in the respective field
  • Letter of motivation explaining why you want to join one of our programs
  • Two letters of recommendation from university professors
  • Test scores Business Program: GMAT or GRE (preferably GMAT)
    Economics Program: GRE
    Social Sciences Program: TOEFL
  • Writing sample (e.g. a paper you have written during your studies)

Eligible Nationalities: International applicants are eligible to apply for this scholarship programme.


Application Procedure: Apply via our online application portal which will be open from early November 2017.

Deadline: Scholarship application deadline is March 31, 2018.

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Jinan Sisiter City Scholarships for Non-Chinese Students at Shandong University in China, 2017


Scholarship Description: Applications are invited for Jinan Government Scholarships at Shandong University in China. Non-Chinese citizens are eligible to apply for these scholarships.

For the education of international students, SDU adheres to the education idea of cultivating high-quality talents that are excellent in majors, sound in personalities, brave to assume responsibilities, law-abiding and friendly to China. Our education idea is based on the need of international students and is beneficial to their future.

Degree Level: Scholarships are available to pursue bachelor, master’s and doctoral degree program.

Available Subject: Scholarships are awarded to learn any of the courses offered by the university.

Scholarship Benefits: The scholarship, mainly used as a fund for tuition fees, includes Full Scholarship and Distinguished International Students Scholarship. Full Scholarship is awarded to full-time international students (including international students studying for a doctor’s degree, a master’s degree or a bachelor’s degree) and students of long-term non-degree programs whose programs (including language programs and professional programs) are not shorter than one academic year. Distinguished International Students Scholarship is awarded to international students participating in language programs or professional programs shorter than an academic year and short-term exchange students. One student could only be awarded one scholarship.

Number of Scholarships: One student could only be awarded one scholarship.

Eligibility: The following criteria must be met in order for applicants to be eligible for the scholarship:

  • Applicants must be Non-Chinese citizens from sister cities of Jinan. Applicants must be in good health and be friendly to China.
  • Applicants must abide by the laws and regulations of the Chinese government, behave well and meet the entrance requirements of Shandong University.
  • Applicants must have a good attitude towards study. Applicants must not have any record for disobeying regulations of the university.
  • Only applicants that have not received other sorts of fund or scholarship could apply for the scholarship.

Eligible Nationalities: Non-Chinese citizens are eligible to apply for this scholarship program.

Application Procedure: Please look up to the attachments for the requirement of the application documents and send the scanned copy via email to apply-at-sdu.edu.cn. All applicants shall mail the original copy of all application documents to SDU International Student Admissions Office (Address?C301 Mingde Building, Central Campus of Shandong University, No.27 South Shanda Road, Jinan, China).

None of the application documents will be sent back to applicants. Students that have already received the scholarship once could only submit the materials through a simplified procedure when applying for a second time. None of the application documents will be sent back to applicants.

Application Form

Deadline: The scholarship is available for application twice a year. The first period is from February to May (The scholarship will be allocated in October), and the second period is from September to November (The scholarship will be allocated in March).

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China Investment Banking Women’s Scholarships, 2017


Scholarship Description: Credit Suisse is now accepting applications for the 2017 China Investment Banking Women’s Scholarship 21 a financial assistance award of USD 1,000 to three (3) full-time undergraduate or Master’s degree female students at a university in China.

The scholarship is intended to give exceptional students exposure to the world of Investment Banking.

Credit Suisse strategy is to be a leading wealth manager, with strong investment banking capabilities. They seek to follow a balanced approach to wealth management, aiming to capitalize on both the large pool of wealth within mature markets as well as the significant growth in wealth in Asia Pacific and other emerging markets.

Degree Level: Scholarships are available to pursue Undergraduate and Master degree programme.

Available Subject: Scholarships are awarded to any of courses offered.

Scholarship Benefits: Credit Suisse is now accepting applications for the 2017 China Investment Banking Women’s Scholarship, a financial assistance award of USD 1,000 to three (3) undergraduate or Master’s degree female students.


Eligibility: The following criteria must be met in order for applicants to be eligible for the scholarship:

  • Undergraduate or Master’s degree female students who are studying full-time at a university in China and are on track to graduate in 2019/2020.
  • Students from any academic discipline or degree.
  • If you already hold other scholarships or intend to undertake a summer internship, you are still eligible and encouraged to apply.
  • You do not need to have any prior finance experience or knowledge.

Eligible Nationalities: International students are eligible to apply for this scholarship program.

Application Procedure: Applications must be submitted online no later than Wednesday, October 18, 2017, midnight Hong Kong Time, and include:

  • Your résumé
  • Cover letter (marked Reference 2017 Credit Suisse China Investment Banking Women’s Scholarship)
  • Certified copy of your most recent academic transcript

Application Form

Deadline: Scholarship application deadline is October 18, 2017.

Scholarship Link


PhD Scholarship in Mesh Generation from Optimized Shapes, Denmark,2018

PhD Scholarship in Mesh Generation from Optimized Shapes, Denmark,2018


Scholarship Description: The Technical University of Denmark is inviting application for PhD position. The PhD project will be carried out in close collaboration with the TopOpt group.

The project is financed in large part by InnoTop: a six-year research program aimed at providing new algorithms for large-scale shape and topology optimization.

About University: The Technical University of Denmark, often simply referred to as DTU, is a university in Kongens Lyngby, just north of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Degree Level: Scholarship is available for pursuing PhD programme.

Available Subject: Scholarship is awarded in the field of Mesh Generation from Optimized Shapes.

Scholarship Benefits: University offers an interesting and challenging job in an international environment focusing on education, research, scientific advice and innovation, which contribute to enhancing the economy and improving social welfare. We strive for academic excellence, collegial respect and freedom tempered by responsibility. The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) is a leading technical university in northern Europe and benchmarks with the best universities in the world.

Eligibility: Candidates must have an M.Sc. degree in computational science and engineering (CSE), applied mathematics, or engineering, or equivalent academic qualifications. Preference will be given to candidates who can document experience in at least one and preferably more of the following topics: polygonal and polyhedral mesh generation and processing; finite element methods; numerical optimization tools; shape and/or topology optimization. Furthermore, good command of the English language is essential.

Eligible Nationalities: Citizens of all nationalities are eligible to apply.


Application Procedure: Please submit your online application no later than 1 October 2017. Applications must be submitted as one pdf file containing all materials to be given consideration. To apply, please open the link “Apply online,” fill in the online application form, and attach all your materials in English in one pdf file. The file must include:

  • A letter motivating the application (cover letter)
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Grade transcripts and BSc/MSc diploma
  • Excel sheet with translation of grades to the Danish grading system

Application Form

Deadline: The application deadline is October 9, 2017.

Scholarship Link


Fully Funded PhD Positions in Neuroscience at IMPRS for Brain and Behavior, 2018

Fully Funded PhD Positions in Neuroscience at IMPRS for Brain and Behavior, 2018


Scholarship Description: Applications are invited for PhD in Neuroscience Positions at IMPRS for Brain and Behavior in Bonn, Germany, and Florida, USA. These are Fully Funded positions available to applicants of all nationalities.

The school offers a completely funded international PhD training and research program in the neurosciences – in either Bonn, Germany or Jupiter, Florida.

About University: The International Max Planck Research School for Brain and Behavior at the University of Bonn and Florida Atlantic University is a collaboration with the Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience and the Max Planck associated Center for Advanced European Science and Research (caesar).

Degree Level: Positions are open for pursuing full-time PhD program at the University of Bonn or Florida Atlantic University.

Available Subject: Research areas at IMPRS Brain and Behavior are many and varied,  including neuronal circuits and behaviour, learning and memory, molecular signalling in neurons, biophysics of neurons and glia, nervous system development/disorders, and mammalian sensory processing.  Research techniques are just as numerous and range from standard neuroscience techniques to free behaviour, advanced computational and statistical techniques, in vivo multiphoton imaging and imaging protein function, in vivo electrophysiology(whole-cell and extracellular).

Scholarship Benefitts: The doctoral positions are fully funded offering a competitive monthly income (contract).

Number of Scholarships: Up to 20 positions will be funded depending on the qualifications of the candidates.

Eligibility: The following criteria must be met in order for applicants to be eligible for the scholarship:

The PhD program is open to candidates holding a Master’s degree in biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer science, engineering, or other relevant subjects. Students currently working on their Master thesis are also encouraged to apply. In exceptional situations, students holding only a Bachelor degree may be accepted.  Applicants must be able to demonstrate a good command of the English language.

Eligible Nationalities: The IMPRS for Brain and Behavior PhD program aims to recruit exceptional doctoral students from all nationalities and immerse them in a stimulating scientific culture of interaction and cooperation.


Application Procedure: The mode of applying is online. Please, complete the Online application form and submit the following mandatory information:

  • Letter of Motivation including a clear statement regarding the areas of scientific interest for your graduate research
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Two Referees – contact information for two referees (former advisors/professors).  We will contact your referees directly by email for the recommendation letters.
  • Copies of relevant academic certifications
  • Copies of  relevant transcripts of study
  • Copy of your passport (page with relevant identity information)

Results of GRE subject tests and English language proficiency tests are not required but are strongly encouraged.

Online Application

Deadline: The online application deadline is December 1, 2017.

Scholarship Link


Eiffel France Scholarships for full Masters/MPhil, and exchange PhD 2018-2019 in any fields

Eiffel France Scholarships for full Masters/MPhil, and exchange PhD 2018-2019 in any fields. 
Dear all, I am posting it again and requesting you to apply for it Because We Pakistanis can get maximum seats in Eiffel fully funded scholarships If we work hard for it as early as possible.

Why & How ? French universities are difficult to explore due to french language websites. IF we explore them and apply by following guidelines below. We can have good chance of selection as France is still unexplored area by students in the world due to problem of its language barrier on its websites

We have now Campus France Pakistan office in Pakistan, from where we can take help . How many of you have contacted Campus France already ??

We know one thing that universities in France normally select Pakistani students in their first selection list of admissions. So, if you miss the first admission selection, then you can miss the Eiffel. SO you have o find the universities and asking there if they allow eiffel and apply there for admissions in first selection of admissions. So be a early and hard working bird to catch the fish (Eiffel Scholarship). Even most of universities do not require IELTS or TOEFL scores. You can belong to any major /field. You can apply for it. Almost every field in it.

I am also a learner yet of Eiffel, trying to update myself with your feedback. In sha ALLAH will be perfect in it soon. So, if anyone of you have got Eiffel or know anyone who has got eiffel. Let him/her get in contact with me. We shall arrange his or her lecture. Special request to current students in France 
Early Notice for Eiffel Master Degree Scholarships France and PhD Exchange 
Masters degree Scholarships and PhD exchange in France by French Govt. Eiffel Scholarships 2018

** Read full post

Dear all, Master / MS/ MPhil Scholarships at France, Eiffel will open soon for applications. Masters/MPhil of 24 months and 12 months 
Also 10 months PhD exchange is in it

Eiffel Scholarships :Applications will be open until first week of January, 2018. But you cannot apply directly in it. French Universities will apply on your behalf if they select and nominate you for it

*** Every university in France has its own deadlines, so do follow the deadlines of universities as they are passing by now.

Why Posting so Early?
***Because last year we saw that French universities prefer foreign students to be selected in first edition of their admission applications. They told that you should have admission in French universities in first session of admissions (there can be three or four sessions of admission in French universities). Then you will be considered for Eiffel and other scholarships in France and have better success ratio in Eiffel.
So, we want that you start from today following the procedure given below and start getting information about French universities and following them and apply as soon as universities in France announce admissions. You can get more information about it from Campus France Pakistan.
Procedure of their selection
1) You apply for admissions in French universities, who are taking students under Eiffel (Choosing one university for final selection)
***** Must try to apply in first session of admissions, which means you have to keep on checking french universities websites for first session of applications

2) French University that selects you, will nominate you as its Eiffel Scholarship candidate to French authorities (Campus France),French Authorities will give final decision of your selection

How to find universities under Eiffel ? They can be found out by any of the three ways below

3) a) Find the universities and courses in universities that are under effiel using google. write in google "Eiffel 2018 2019" or search in the database of French universities and emailing them and asking if they select the students under Eiffel 
b) You can also use these two links , but again to confirm about these courses, you have to ask universities if they accept you under eiffel for that course
*Master: http://www.campusfrance.org/fria/lm/master.html (Write in search bar your desired major, just few words, it will give you results)
* PhD : https://doctorat.campusfrance.org/en/phd/dschools/main
** Also find any universities in France through google and ask them if they nominate the students under Eiffel

4) Contact the French universities yourself and tell them that you want to be an Eiffel Candidate or apply via Eiffel and then apply there as soon as universities reply

5) Also now Campus France Pakistan can help 
Fields of study will be (engineering science; exact sciences: mathematics, physics, chemistry and life sciences, nano- and biotechnology, earth sciences, sciences of the universe,environmental sciences, information and communication science and technology);
- economics and management;
- law and political sciences.
So find and apply in universities now or keep on checking universities, if some universities have not started taking admissions on Effiel, they will start soon. You can email them and as as well
**Also see university admission requirements and update yourself with IELTS/ TOEFL etc , whatever is required 
*** In many universities, you can get admission without TOEFL and IELTS, so you can apply with English proficiency certificate from parent university. For confirmation of it, you have to ask university officials by emails but take chances
A guide for grabbing this scholarship by an indonesian student (old but useful)
Eiffel Scholarship advertisement :: But better to follow above guidelines 
Old Guide for Eiffel of last year


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Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences (GSHSS) in Australia, 2018

Scholarship Description: The Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Melbourne is offering an international scholarship to applicants from India, Japan, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Thailand only. The Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences (GSHSS) International scholarship is given to a select group of high-ranking international students in recognition of their excellent academic results.

The University of Melbourne aims to assist international students who require financial assistance with scholarships.

About University: Established in 1853, the University of Melbourne is a public-spirited institution that makes distinctive contributions to society in research, learning, and teaching and engagement. It is consistently ranked among the leading universities in the world, with international rankings of world universities placing it as number 1 in Australia and number 33 in the world (Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2015-2016).

Degree Level: Scholarships are available to pursue graduate programme.

Available Subject: Scholarships are awarded within the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences (GSHSS).

Scholarship Benefits: The GSHSS International scholarship provides fee remissions of 25% and 50% of tuition fees for the duration of your course. Bursaries are a total of $AUD5000.


Eligibility: The following criteria must be met in order for applicants to be eligible for the scholarship:

You must apply by the published date and have received an unconditional offer to a graduate program at the GSHSS to be considered for a scholarship or bursary. There is no application required for a scholarship or bursary, you will automatically be considered when you submit an application to a GSHSS program by 31 October 2017 noting that you must supply your final results and evidence of course completion by 30 November 2017 to meet the requirements of the scholarship criteria.

Eligible Nationalities: The award is offered to applicants from India, Japan, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Thailand only.

Application Procedure:  There is no application required for a scholarship or bursary, you will automatically be considered when you submit an application to a GSHSS program by 31 October 2017 noting that you must supply your final results and evidence of course completion by 30 November 2017 to meet the requirements of the scholarship criteria.

Deadline: Scholarship application deadline is October 31, 2017.

Scholarship Link


WIRL-COFUND Fellowships at University of Warwick in UK, 2018

Scholarship Description: The Institute of Advanced Study (IAS) at the University of Warwick is seeking applicants to apply for its Warwick Interdisciplinary Research Leadership Programme in the UK.

The fellowships will provide the opportunity for outstanding early career researchers from around the world to spend two years at Warwick, developing their independent research and undertaking training which will help them develop into the next generation of research leaders.

WIRL-COFUND aims to create a group of innovative highly-skilled researchers, who will engage across disciplines and sectors to become the future leaders in their fields.

About University: The University of Warwick is one of the leading universities in the UK and was ranked 7th in the UK in the recent Research Excellence Framework and 51st in the world in the latest QS World University Rankings 2017.

Degree Level: Fellowships are available to pursue research. The programme aims to help postdoctoral researchers at an early stage in their research career to develop an independent research profile and establish themselves as a future research leader.

Available Subject: WIRL-COFUND fellows will be expected to undertake research in an area that is linked to one of the Warwick Global Research Priorities.

Scholarship Benefits: Employment package including research resources:

  • 24-months, full-time employment contract to deliver research outputs, participate in leadership training programme and undertake a period of secondment. It is anticipated that 24-months are required, however, applicants are invited to make a case for a shorter fellowship term if appropriate or can for participation on a part-time basis if required;
  • Basic Salary £30,500 per annum – this is subject to employee tax, national insurance and pension deductions at national rates; Benefits including annual leave, maternity/paternity leave, pension provision, and social security as applied in the UK;
  • Relocation expenses up to £1,700;
  • Personal research budget £1,000 per annum (for consumables, conference attendance);
  • Workshop budget £1,000 (for organization of networking, outreach and research events);
  • Secondment budget up to £3,000 (to cover travel and subsistence during the secondment)

Number of Scholarships: The IAS will offer up to 30 WIRL-COFUND Fellowships over the period 2017-2022. Each individual fellowship will be a fixed-term non-renewable 24-month contract. Up to 8 fellowships will be available in the 2017 call for applicants. The starting date for fellowships in the 2017 call is September 2018.

Eligibility: The following criteria must be met in order for applicants to be eligible for the scholarship:

  • The fellowship applicant must demonstrate transnational mobility and, on 2nd May 2018, must not have resided or carried out his/her main activity (work/study etc.) in the UK for more than 12 months in the three years prior to this deadline.
  • Applicants must be in possession of a doctoral degree or have at least four years full-time equivalent research experience.
  • Applicants who do not meet these criteria will not be eligible to apply for a WIRL-COFUND Fellowship

Fellowships are open to applicants of any discipline who are able to demonstrate the ability to apply or extend their knowledge beyond disciplinary specialisms and propose a comprehensive and innovative research project that aligns with at least one of Warwick’s cross-faculty GRPs. Each GRP is interdisciplinary in nature and therefore open to contributions from researchers of any faculty/disciplinary field. Fellowships are also suitable to those wishing to pursue discipline hopping research.

The WIRL-COFUND Fellowships are primarily aimed at post-doctoral researchers in the early stages of their career who wish to establish an independent career by developing their own research ideas.

The following criteria are essential in order to be considered for a fellowship award:

  • Applicants should have a track record of producing research outputs such as peer-reviewed publications in which they have played a significant role, conference & research presentations and contributions to symposia and compiled volumes;
  • Applicants may be of any nationality but must be fluent in English (both written and spoken. For further guidance on English language tests for UK visas please see here);
  • Applicants of all nationalities are eligible to apply but applicants must not have resided or carried out their main activity in the United Kingdom for more than 12 months in the 3 years immediately prior to the deadline given above. All successful candidates will need to the right to work in the United Kingdom and, where necessary, have the appropriate visa before taking up the fellowships;
  • Applicants must demonstrate a commitment to a research career and show how they will use the fellowship advance this aim.

Eligible Nationalities: Applicants may be of any nationality.


Application Procedure: Applications must comply with the following rules;

  • Applications can only be submitted through the University of Warwick Job Search System. Applications will not be accepted by any other means.
  • All applications must conform to the specifications laid out below. Applicants should pay particular attention to the documents which can be uploaded as part of the applications (CV, Supporting Documents). Applications which do not conform to the requirements specified will be disqualified.
  • Applicants should complete the Supporting Documents Template (available on the WIRL-COFUND website). If any alterations or modifications to this template are made the application will be disqualified. 4. All applications should be in English. 5. No modifications or alterations to the application will be permitted after submission.

Deadline: The deadline for submissions is November 31, 2017. The online application system will close at 23:59 (UK time) on the day of the deadline after which submission will not be possible. Applicants are strongly advised to submit well in advance of this deadline.

Scholarship Link


Jinan Sisiter City Scholarships for Non-Chinese Students at Shandong University in China, 2017

Scholarship Description: Applications are invited for Jinan Government Scholarships at Shandong University in China. Non-Chinese citizens are eligible to apply for these scholarships.

For the education of international students, SDU adheres to the education idea of cultivating high-quality talents that are excellent in majors, sound in personalities, brave to assume responsibilities, law-abiding and friendly to China. Our education idea is based on the need of international students and is beneficial to their future.

Degree Level: Scholarships are available to pursue bachelor, master’s and doctoral degree program.

Available Subject: Scholarships are awarded to learn any of the courses offered by the university.

Scholarship Benefits: The scholarship, mainly used as a fund for tuition fees, includes Full Scholarship and Distinguished International Students Scholarship. Full Scholarship is awarded to full-time international students (including international students studying for a doctor’s degree, a master’s degree or a bachelor’s degree) and students of long-term non-degree programs whose programs (including language programs and professional programs) are not shorter than one academic year. Distinguished International Students Scholarship is awarded to international students participating in language programs or professional programs shorter than an academic year and short-term exchange students. One student could only be awarded one scholarship.

Number of Scholarships: One student could only be awarded one scholarship.

Eligibility: The following criteria must be met in order for applicants to be eligible for the scholarship:

  • Applicants must be Non-Chinese citizens from sister cities of Jinan. Applicants must be in good health and be friendly to China.
  • Applicants must abide by the laws and regulations of the Chinese government, behave well and meet the entrance requirements of Shandong University.
  • Applicants must have a good attitude towards study. Applicants must not have any record for disobeying regulations of the university.
  • Only applicants that have not received other sorts of fund or scholarship could apply for the scholarship.

Eligible Nationalities: Non-Chinese citizens are eligible to apply for this scholarship program.

Application Procedure: Please look up to the attachments for the requirement of the application documents and send the scanned copy via email to apply-at-sdu.edu.cn. All applicants shall mail the original copy of all application documents to SDU International Student Admissions Office (Address?C301 Mingde Building, Central Campus of Shandong University, No.27 South Shanda Road, Jinan, China).

None of the application documents will be sent back to applicants. Students that have already received the scholarship once could only submit the materials through a simplified procedure when applying for a second time. None of the application documents will be sent back to applicants.

Application Form

Deadline: The scholarship is available for application twice a year. The first period is from February to May (The scholarship will be allocated in October), and the second period is from September to November (The scholarship will be allocated in March).

Scholarship Link


Fully Funded PhD Positions in Neuroscience at IMPRS for Brain and Behavior, 2018

Scholarship Description: Applications are invited for PhD in Neuroscience Positions at IMPRS for Brain and Behavior in Bonn, Germany, and Florida, USA. These are Fully Funded positions available to applicants of all nationalities.

The school offers a completely funded international PhD training and research program in the neurosciences – in either Bonn, Germany or Jupiter, Florida.

About University: The International Max Planck Research School for Brain and Behavior at the University of Bonn and Florida Atlantic University is a collaboration with the Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience and the Max Planck associated Center for Advanced European Science and Research (caesar).

Degree Level: Positions are open for pursuing full-time PhD program at the University of Bonn or Florida Atlantic University.

Available Subject: Research areas at IMPRS Brain and Behavior are many and varied,  including neuronal circuits and behaviour, learning and memory, molecular signalling in neurons, biophysics of neurons and glia, nervous system development/disorders, and mammalian sensory processing.  Research techniques are just as numerous and range from standard neuroscience techniques to free behaviour, advanced computational and statistical techniques, in vivo multiphoton imaging and imaging protein function, in vivo electrophysiology(whole-cell and extracellular).

Scholarship Benefitts: The doctoral positions are fully funded offering a competitive monthly income (contract).

Number of Scholarships: Up to 20 positions will be funded depending on the qualifications of the candidates.

Eligibility: The following criteria must be met in order for applicants to be eligible for the scholarship:

The PhD program is open to candidates holding a Master’s degree in biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer science, engineering, or other relevant subjects. Students currently working on their Master thesis are also encouraged to apply. In exceptional situations, students holding only a Bachelor degree may be accepted.  Applicants must be able to demonstrate a good command of the English language.

Eligible Nationalities: The IMPRS for Brain and Behavior PhD program aims to recruit exceptional doctoral students from all nationalities and immerse them in a stimulating scientific culture of interaction and cooperation.


Application Procedure: The mode of applying is online. Please, complete the Online application form and submit the following mandatory information:

  • Letter of Motivation including a clear statement regarding the areas of scientific interest for your graduate research
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Two Referees – contact information for two referees (former advisors/professors).  We will contact your referees directly by email for the recommendation letters.
  • Copies of relevant academic certifications
  • Copies of  relevant transcripts of study
  • Copy of your passport (page with relevant identity information)

Results of GRE subject tests and English language proficiency tests are not required but are strongly encouraged.

Online Application

Deadline: The online application deadline is December 1, 2017.

Scholarship Link


PhD Scholarships in Bioprocessing at QUT in Australia, 2018

Scholarship Description: The University of Queensland is offering PhD Scholarships in Bioprocessing – Examining metabolic demands for continuous bioprocessing. The base stipend will be at the rate of AUD $26,682 per annum tax-free for three years with two possible six-month extensions in approved circumstances.

Students wishing to improve their English language skills can undertake intensive English language and communication training prior to commencing their HDR program at UQ’s Institute of Continuing & TESOL Education (ICTE-UQ).

About University: The University of Queensland’s Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (AIBN) is a dynamic multi-disciplinary research institute dedicated to developing technology to alleviate societal problems in the areas of health, energy, manufacturing and environmental sustainability.

Degree Level: Scholarships are available for pursuing PhD programme.

Available Subject: Scholarships are awarded in the field of Bioprocessing.

Scholarship Benefits: The base stipend will be at the rate of AUD $26,682 per annum tax-free for three years with two possible six-month extensions in approved circumstances.

Eligibility: Applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • At least 2 high-quality research publications;
  • Excellent academic performance evidenced by a high Grade Point Average (GPA); and
  • International applicants must meet the University of Queensland’s English Language Proficiency (ELP) requirements

Eligible Nationalities: Australian and international students are eligible to apply.


Application Procedure: The mode of applying is online.

Application Form

Deadline: The application deadline is October 31, 2017.

Scholarship Link


Merit International Scholarship at Edith Cowan University in Australia, 2018

Scholarship Description: The Edith Cowan University is pleased to offer International Undergraduate Merit Scholarship to students who can demonstrate high levels of academic achievement in their previous studies. The scholarship offers a 20% reduction in your tuition fees for the duration of your course at ECU.

Applicants whose first language is not English are usually required to provide evidence of proficiency in English at the higher level required by the University.

About University: The Edith Cowan University is an Australian public university located in Perth, Western Australia. It was named after the first woman to be elected to an Australian Parliament, Edith Cowan, and is the only Australian university named after a woman.

Degree Level: Scholarships are available to pursue Undergraduate programe.

Available Subject: Scholarships are awarded in any of the subjects offered by the university.

Scholarship Benefits: Scholarship recipients will receive financial assistance amounting to up to 20% of tuition fees for the duration of an ECU bachelor degree.

Number of Scholarships:

Eligibility: To be eligible for this scholarship you must:

  • Be a citizen of one of the countries identified above;
  • Meet a high level of academic achievement in the previous studies (as determined by ECU);
  • Be commencing study at ECU in semester 1, 2018 or semester 2, 2018;
  • Meet ECU’s academic direct entry requirements for the course of your choice;
  • Not be in receipt of a government scholarship or industry sponsorship;
  • Be an International student, not an Australian Citizen, Australian Permanent Resident, or New Zealand Citizen;
  • Intend to study an undergraduate degree; and
  • Be studying at ECU Joondalup, ECU Mount Lawley, or ECU South West (Bunbury).

Eligible Nationalities:  High-achieving students that are citizens of Argentina, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, France, Germany, Ghana, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Malawi, Malaysia, Mauritius, Myanmar, Nepal Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Reunion, Russia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, UAE, UK, USA, Vietnam, Zambia, and Zimbabwe are eligible for the International Undergraduate Merit Scholarship.


Application Procedure: Students are invited to apply through any one of ECU’s Authorized Education Agents.

Students can also apply online on the ECU Online Application Portal.

All qualifying applications to ECU are automatically assessed for the International Undergraduate Merit Scholarship. No separate scholarship application is required.

The ECU Admissions Office will assess each application accordingly and issue a supplementary letter, along with a Letter of Offer, to confirm whether the applicant has been successful.

To accept the scholarship, the recipient must:

  • Meet any conditions listed in their Letter of Offer;
  • Have met entry requirements relevant to their chosen course of study;
  • Accept their Letter of Offer as per the instructions provided;
  • Pay the indicative deposit and OSHC indicated in their Letter of Offer; and
  • Be aware of the dates and deadlines by which the above need to have been completed.

Application Form

Deadline: Scholarship application deadline is July 30, 2018.

Scholarship Link


600 Tennessee Tech University Scholarships in USA, 2018-2019


Scholarship Description: Up to 600 scholarships are available for students at the Tennessee Technological University. Scholarships are awarded to students based upon their academic performance, community service, residency and other criteria as defined by the founder or donor of the award.

About University: Tennessee Technological University, popularly known as Tennessee Tech, is an accredited public university located in Cookeville, Tennessee, United States, a city approximately 70 miles east of Nashville.

Degree Level: Scholarships are available for pursuing undergraduate programme.

Available Subject: Scholarships are awarded to study the subjects offered by the university.

Scholarship Benefits: Varies

Number of Scholarships: This single application is utilized for the awarding of over 600 scholarship opportunities.

Eligibility: Scholarships are awarded to students based upon their academic performance, community service, residency and other criteria as defined by the founder or donor of the award.

Eligible Nationalities: Scholarships are available for both US and international students.

Application Procedure: In order to be considered for a scholarship, students must complete the Scholarship Application annually.

  • Be admitted to TTU as soon as possible after Aug. 1.
  • Log into Eagle Online and choose the Student tab and Scholarship option.
  • Submit the application and any required supplementary materials by Dec. 15 to be fully considered.

Supplementary materials:

  • Official ACT or SAT scores if you are a new freshman (received and processed by Dec. 15)
  • Official Transcripts for any institutions you have previously attended (received and processed by Dec. 15)
  • FAFSA (completed by Dec. 15; used for consideration for need-based scholarships)
  • Any required recommendations (must be received in ScholarWeb by Dec. 15)

Deadline: The deadline to apply for the 2018 – 2019 academic year is December 1, 2017.

Scholarship Link


PhD and Master Scholarships in Psychiatry and Neuropsychopharmacology at PKU in China, 2017


Scholarship Description: The National Institute on Drug Dependence (NIDD) and Institute of Mental Health (IMH) at Peking University (PKU) in China are seeking highly-motivated applications for PhD or master scholarships. These scholarships are awarded in biological psychiatry, clinical psychiatry or neuropsychopharmacology.

The aim of the scholarship is to produce graduates of responsible character with the necessary knowledge and skills for professional and national leadership

About University: The NIDD is a national comprehensive research institution specializing in the study of drug dependence. The Institute of Mental Health (IMH), the Sixth Affiliated Hospital of Peking University, is an integrated center for psychiatric service, training, and research.

Degree Level: These scholarships are available for pursuing PhD or Master’s programme.

Available Subject:  These scholarships are awarded in biological psychiatry, clinical psychiatry or neuropsychopharmacology.

Scholarship Benefits: These scholarships will cover the following:

  • Chinese Government Scholarship: free tuition, provides accommodation and living expenses per month in accordance with the national regulations, and provides medical insurance. Foreign students can apply for postgraduate grants at the Peking University Health Science Center.


Eligibility: Applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Talented and motivated candidates who have or will have obtained Master or equivalent degree to submit their application for a PhD scholarship; candidates who have or will have obtained Bachelor or equivalent degree to submit their application for a Master scholarship.

Eligible Nationalities:  International students are eligible to apply.


Application Procedure: Applicants can apply via email.

  • Applicants should submit curriculum vitae along with the contact details of references to linlu-at-bjmu.edu.cn or yinghan-at-bjmu.edu.cn.

Deadline: Contact employer

Scholarship Link


Villa I Tatti Wallace Fellowship for International Applicants in Italy, 2018


Scholarship Description: Annually Villa I Tatti, The Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies offers Wallace Fellowship for 4 or 6 months in length in Italy. Applicants of all nationalities are eligible to apply for this fellowship.

Wallace Fellowships are designed for scholars who explore the historiography and impact of the Italian Renaissance in the Modern Era (19th-21st centuries).

About University: Villa I Tatti, The Harvard Center for Italian Renaissance Studies is a center for advanced research in the humanities located in Florence, Italy, and belongs to Harvard University. It also houses a library and an art collection, and it is the site of Italian and English gardens. Villa I Tatti is located on an estate of olive groves, vineyards, and gardens on the border of Florence, Fiesole, and Settignano.

Degree Level: This is a residential fellowship of 4 or 6 months in length.

Available Subject: Projects can address the historiography or impact of the Renaissance on any field, including art and architecture, landscape architecture, history, literature, material culture, music, philosophy, religion, and science. It must be possible for applicants to carry out most of their research in Florence.

Scholarship Benefits: The stipend is $4,000 per month, plus a one-time supplement (maximum, $1,500) towards relocation expenses. When possible, a one-bedroom apartment will be set aside for the Fellow’s use, rent free, but with charges for utilities. If an apartment is not available, $1000 per month will be offered to help offset rental costs. In light of the residential nature of this fellowship, we actively discourage people from commuting and expect everyone to reside in the vicinity. The Fellowships are funded by a generous grant from The Lila Wallace – Reader’s Digest Fund.

Applicants should indicate their preference between fall (September through December) and winter-spring (January through June). Fellows are required to spend at least three days a week at the Villa and to live in Florence or the surrounding area. Fellows enjoy all the privileges of the Harvard Center, including use of the Biblioteca Berenson seven days a week and lunch with other Appointees from Monday through Friday. Short-term Fellows do not receive an office or study, but they will have their own desk or carrel in the Library itself. Fellows may not take on any other obligations such as teaching positions, even part-time ones, during any part of their Fellowship period.

The Fellow is responsible to obtain a visa, permesso di soggiorno, and health coverage (and, if appropriate, for accompanying family members). The Fellow must determine if a visa is required and, if necessary, obtain one before travel.

Number of Scholarships: Up to four fellowships will be awarded every year.

Eligibility: The following criteria must be met in order for applicants to be eligible for the scholarship:

  • Applicants must be conversant in English and have familiarity with Italian. At the time of application, a PhD is required. Priority will be given to early and mid-career scholars.  Projects can address the historiography or impact of the Renaissance on any field, including art and architecture, landscape architecture, history, literature, material culture, music, philosophy, religion, and science. It must be possible for applicants to carry out most of their research in Florence. I Tatti welcomes applications from scholars from all nations and gives special consideration to candidates without regular access to research materials and facilities in Italy. Applications are evaluated by international scholars. The selection committee aims to assess the ability of candidates to contribute in a collegial way to the intellectual life of the Harvard Center.
  • Short-term Fellowships at I Tatti can be held only once and cannot be deferred. Short-term Fellowships are intended for scholars who have not previously held appointments at I Tatti (with the exception of Graduate Fellows).

Eligible Nationalities: Applicants of all nationalities are eligible to apply for this fellowship.

Application Procedure: Applications can be written in English or Italian and must be submitted electronically by midnight (Cambridge, MA time) on November 15, 2017. Scholars can apply to only one type of I Tatti Fellowship at a time.

Application Form

Deadline: Fellowship application deadline is November 15, 2017.

Scholarship Link


Multimodal Learning Analytics Free Online Course by University of Texas at Arlington


The University of Texas at Arlington is offering free online course on Multimodal Learning Analytics. This course is intended for those who have a bachelor’s degree and are interested in developing learning and data science skills for employment in education, corporate, nonprofit, and military sectors.

In this three week course, applicants will learn about multimodal learning analytics, a different way to do learning analytics. This course will start on May 14, 2018.

Course At A Glance 

Length: 3 weeks
Effort: 5-7 hours pw
Subject: Data Analysis & Statistics
Institution: University of Texas at Arlington and edx
Languages: English
Price: Free
Certificate Available: Yes, Add a Verified Certificate for $99
Session: Course Starts on May 14, 2018

Providers’ Details

The University of Texas at Arlington is one of the nation’s most dynamic centers of higher learning, setting the standard for educational excellence in the thriving North Texas region it calls home. An academic centerpiece in the heart of the Dallas-Fort worth Metroplex for nearly 120 years, UT Arlington was founded in 1895 as a private liberal arts institution.

About This Course

In this course, you will learn about multimodal learning analytics, a different way to do learning analytics. You will learn how to conduct learning analytics in face-to-face, hands-on, unbounded, and analog learning settings such as classrooms and labs. You will learn to capture, process, and fuse natural rich modalities of communication, such as speech, writing, and nonverbal interaction (e.g., movements, gestures, facial expressions, gaze, biometrics, etc.) during real learning activities.

Why Take This Course?

The course content is a gentle introduction to this new approach to learning analytics: its promises, its challenges, its tools and methodologies. To follow the same spirit of multimodal learning analytics, this course will include hands-on learning experiences analyzing different types of signals captured from real environments.

Learning Outcomes

  • When it is appropriate to apply multimodal learning analytics
  • How to capture, process, and fuse verbal and nonverbal modes of communication
  • Signal interpretation frameworks (SSI) to work with synchronized data from different modalities
  • How to conduct a multimodal learning analytics study


Xavier Ochoa

Xavier Ochoa is a Principal Professor at ESPOL. He is the Vice-President of the Society for Learning Analytics Research (SoLAR) and is editor of the Journal of Learning Analytics.


University highly recommends that you take the previous course in this series before beginning this course:
Knowledge Inference and Structure Discovery for Education

This course is intended for those who have a bachelor’s degree and are interested in developing learning and data science skills for employment in education, corporate, nonprofit, and military sectors. Experience with programming and statistics will be beneficial to participants.

How To Join This Course

  • Go to the course website link
  • Create an edX account to SignUp
  • Choose “Register Now” to get started.
  • EdX offers honor code certificates of achievement, verified certificates of achievement, and XSeries certificates of achievement. Currently, verified certificates are only available in some courses.
  • Once applicant sign up for a course and activate their account, click on the Log In button on the edx.org homepage and type in their email address and edX password. This will take them to the dashboard, with access to each of their active courses. (Before a course begins, it will be listed on their dashboard but will not yet have a “view course” option.)

Apply Now


Graduate School of Science at University of Tokyo in Japan, 2018

Scholarship Description: Applications are invited for Graduate School of Science Scholarship for International Students at the University of Tokyo in Japan. Scholarships are available to pursue master degree programme.

The purpose of this scholarship is twofold: to financially support Self-financed Overseas Students whose academic performance is outstanding and to increase the number of students from abroad.

About University: The University of Tokyo abbreviated as Todai or UTokyo, is a public research university located in Bunkyo, Tokyo, often cited as the most prestigious university in Japan. Academic Ranking of World Universities ranked the University of Tokyo 1st in Asia and 20th in the world in 2012.

Degree Level: Scholarships are available to pursue Master degree programme.

Available Subject: Scholarships are awarded to the graduate school of science.

Scholarship Benefits: Scholarship of 150,000 yen per month will be awarded.

Number of Scholarships: A few (Enrolling in April or September).

Eligibility: The following criteria must be met in order for applicants to be eligible for the scholarship:

All self-financed overseas students with outstanding performance who pass the entrance examination for the Master’s Program at the Graduate School of Science to enroll in April or September 2018. Priority goes to UTRIP (University of Tokyo Research Internship Program) participants. Applicants who are already in Japan are not eligible to apply. As a rule, anyone receiving or expecting to receive any other scholarship awards are excluded.

  • As a rule applicants of scholarships from private foundations (including provisional applicants) are not eligible.
  • Applicants for the JASSO’s Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students will not be excluded. However, if accepted for this scholarship, it is expected that the Honors Scholarship from JASSO will be declined.
  • Applicants for the University of Tokyo Foundation for Supporting International Students (including provisional applicants) will not be excluded. However, if accepted for this scholarship, it is expected that the scholarship from the University of Tokyo Foundation will be declined.

Eligible Nationalities: International students are eligible to apply for this scholarship programme.


Application Procedure: Applicants should submit the application documents (Section 8) to the International Liaison Office at the Graduate School of Science by post at the time of their Graduate School application for admission into the Master’s Program.

Application Documents

  • Graduate School of Science Scholarship for International Students 2018 Application Form????????1 original copy
  • One letter of recommendation for the Graduate School of Science Scholarship application from a faculty member of your college or university ???????1 original copy

Deadline: Deadline is:

October 1 – 31, 2017—For those entering in April

April 1 – May 1, 2018—For those entering in September *

The application must arrive no later than the last day of each application period without fail.

Scholarship Link


Obama Foundation Fellowship Programme in USA, 2018

Scholarship Description: The Obama Foundation is offering Obama Fellowship Program to support outstanding people from around the world to inspire civic innovation. President Obama announced in a video and e-mail the first set of Obama Foundation initiatives to inspire and empower young people to change their world.

The Obama Foundation Fellowship seeks to support and elevate outstanding civic innovators from around the world in order to amplify the impact of their remarkable work and to inspire a powerful wave of civic innovation. Obama Foundation Fellows will be a diverse set of twenty community-minded rising stars—organizers, inventors, artists, entrepreneurs, journalists, and more—who are radically altering the civic engagement landscape.

The two-year, non-residential Fellowship will offer hands-on training, resources, and leadership development. Fellows will also participate in four multi-day gatherings where they will collaborate with each other, connect with potential partners and resources, and collectively push their work forward. Throughout the program, each Fellow will pursue a personalized plan to leverage Fellowship resources to take their work to the next level. Applications for the inaugural fellowship class are open at Obama.org/Fellowship.

Degree Level: This is a two-year, nonresidential program.

Available Subject: Fellowships are available for individuals who are working to solve important public problems in creative and powerful ways.

Number of Scholarships: The inaugural class of 20 Fellows will be integral to shaping the program and the community of Fellows for future years.

Scholarship Benefits: The Foundation will cover transportation and accommodation for the in-person convenings. While they can provide support in procuring visas, Fellows will be responsible for covering any visa costs.

Eligibility: Applicants must be 18 or older. Foundation is looking for participants who are at a “tipping point” stage in their careers, rather than those who fit a particular age requirement. The Obama Foundation is looking for

  • Civic Innovators: The Foundation is looking for individuals who are working to solve important public problems in creative and powerful ways.
  • Discipline Diverse: The Foundation need people working from all angles and with different perspectives to strengthen their communities and civic life.
  • At a tipping point in their work: Successful applicants have already demonstrated meaningful impact in their communities, gaining recognition among their peers for their contributions.
  • Talented, but not connected: The Foundation is committed to expanding the circle of opportunity to include new and varied voices.
  • Good Humans: The Foundation is building an authentic community. A strong moral character is essential for the strength of this community, the integrity of the program, and the longevity

Eligible Nationalities: Fellows from all over the world are eligible to apply.

Application Procedure: The mode of applying is online.

Application Form

Deadline: The application deadline is October 6, 2017.

Scholarship Link


Future Business Leader Scholarships at Hult International Business School in USA, 2018

Future Business Leader Scholarships at Hult International Business School in USA, 2018

Note: Citizens of all nationalities are eligible to apply


Scholarship Description: The Hult International Business School is pleased to offer Future Business Leader Scholarships. For the 2018-2019 intake, recipients of this scholarship receive $5,500 USD each academic year.

The Future Business Leader Scholarship recognizes incoming students who have the desire and potential to achieve significant success as future leaders of business. These students exhibit drive, personal achievement, and a strong interest in the business.

About University: The Hult International Business School is a private global business school with campus locations in San Francisco, London, New York City, Dubai, Boston, and Shanghai.

Degree Level: Scholarships are available for pursuing undergraduate programme.

Available Subject: Scholarships are awarded in the field of business administration.

Scholarship Benefits: For the 2018-2019 intake, recipients of this scholarship receive $5,500 USD each academic year. For a 4-year program this scholarship would be worth $22,000 USD; for a 3-year program, this scholarship would be worth $16,500 USD.

Eligibility: At Hult, they want to understand who they are and what drives you. University is looking for students who will make an impact, not just in business, but in the world — students who demonstrate academic achievement, passion, curiosity, leadership potential and drive.

Eligible Nationalities: Citizens of all nationalities are eligible to apply.

Application Procedure: To be considered for the Future Business Leader Scholarship, you must submit a 400-500 word essay or 2-5 minute video. Your submission should illustrate your perspective on leadership and consider the following question:

  • What makes a successful business leader? Explain how you have demonstrated these attributes.
  • What are your career aspirations, and how will your experience at Hult help you achieve your goals?

 Deadline: Rolling applications. Priority consideration is given in the order in which applications are received, so early applications are encouraged. Admission deadline for January 2018 Intake are:
Round 1 – October 1, 2017
Round 2 – November 1, 2017

For Apply :


STORM OF CENTURY "Hurricane Maria"


Hurricane Maria

Hurricane Maria – storm of the century- has knocked out unchecked heavy storm 3 days ago on the Puerto Rico at early Wednesday morning. Maria has been proved as a widespread disaster across Puerto Rico. Maria direct hit on Puerto Rico and upgraded as a category 3 storm with heavy winds of 155 miles per hour. The Recent condition is, Maria’s winds have strengthened to 125mph (250kph) and the center of the hurricane was about 175 miles east of San Salvador Island on Friday evening. Now it is expected that the storm is slowly weakening while it is taking a turn towards the north.  

Puerto Rico, Gov.Ricardo Rossello has warned people at the initial time when the hurricane was expected. He warned that Maria could hit

 “with a force and violence that we haven’t seen for several generations”.

Forecasters also had warned that “extremely dangerous major hurricane could strike the British and U.S Virgin Islands. All residents’ places across the capital were being encouraged to take precautions. Public safety commissioner has told Puerto Ricans:

“they must take the precautions otherwise they were die”.

In Puerto Rico, emergency officials on Saturday saved thousands of people from a river valley below a dam by clearing the area of island’s northwest, which was on the edge of ruin under the weight of flooding even after that Rossello reported that Maria had cracked the dam and could cause fatal flooding. There 25 people have been died by Maria’s attack as reported by media reporters.

 Maria has pulled out many electricity poles and left the island without power.  There everywhere, mode of communication and system of electricity has been badly disrupted. Trees were seeing as swirling in that strong wind and major highways are also blocked by foliage as well as with the flood. The commercial Roosevelt Avenue, malls and other marketplaces have water up to the waist. San Juan radio station has reported that 80 percent homes have been destroyed in the Juana Matos neighborhood by the hurricane even flood took some homes with it. According to Shania Vargas – a resident of Carolina: “It’s looking ugly, ugly, ugly over here” she was giving a telephonic interview. Another resident said that

            “as uncomfortable as we are, we are better off than any other place”.

M.de la Cruz said that “This looks like a different country”.

The White House approved an emergency declaration in Puerto Rico and orders federal agencies to provide their assistance with full responsibility. Trump has tweeted his support to the people of Puerto Rico which have been welcomed by Governor Rossello. The FDMA (federal emergency management agency) has arranged an emergency team for island who have inspected every critical infrastructure and provide help to pitiable people.

Mr. Rosselló - earlier on Wednesday- said that the capital has updated its building codes around 2011. Recent structures have been built to withstand storms, but many traditional residences, the governor said,

“had no chance.”

Still, Mr. Rosselló offered words of hope.

“There is no hurricane stronger than the people of Puerto Rico,” he said. “And immediately after this is done, we will stand back up.”




Masters Scholarships, Grants, and Fellowships for International Students

Brief description:

The Clarendon Fund is a major graduate scholarship scheme at the University of Oxford, offering around 140 new scholarships every year. Clarendon Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic excellence and potential across all degree-bearing subjects at the graduate level at the University of Oxford.

Host Institution(s):

The University of Oxford in the United Kingdom

Level/Field(s) of study:

All degree-bearing courses at graduate level in any subject are eligible. This encompasses all full-time and part-time masters and all DPhil courses.

Postgraduate Certificate or Diploma courses are not eligible for this scholarship.

Number of Awards:

Approximately 140 scholarships are offered every year.

Target group:

All students including international students

Scholarship value/inclusions/duration:

All Clarendon Scholarships cover tuition and college fees in full.

Scholars on a full-time course receive a generous annual grant for living costs – which will be at least £14,553 for 2017-18. Scholars on a part-time course receive a study support grant to help cover their non-fee costs.

The scholarships are normally offered for the full period for which you are liable to pay tuition fees to the University, which is usually the same as the length of your course.

Eligibility/Selection Criteria:

Clarendon Scholarships are awarded on the basis of outstanding academic merit and potential to graduate students from all around the world. Scholarships are tenable in all subject areas and are open to candidates who apply for a new master or DPhil course by the January admissions deadline.

Application instructions:

If you apply for a full- or part-time master’s or DPhil course at Oxford by the January deadline for your course, you will automatically be considered for a Clarendon Scholarship. You do not need to submit any additional documents specifically for the Clarendon Scholarships – there is no separate scholarship application form.   You do, however, need to apply before the January deadline (8 January or 19 January 2018) for your course if you wish to be considered for the scholarship.

It is important to visit the official website (link found below) for detailed information on how to apply for this scholarship.


Official Scholarship Website: http://www.clarendon.ox.ac.uk/


List of some of the Upcoming Masters & PhD Scholarships around the World 2018.

Go through each link details given below before asking questions and use google for basic questions

1) Commonwealth for Masters and PhD



2) PhD, PhD exchange, Medical Fellowships Switzerland




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4) RTP Australia

PhD, Research Masters

See this post and links in it, we made it last year, but you can go through links of them and find the advertisements for this year as well




5) Vanier Canada

For PhD, BS Students can also apply for PhD

See this post and links in it



6) Ireland Gov. Scholarships for Masters and PhD




7) Chevening UK



8) Commonwealth PhD, Split PhD and Medical Fellowships

See this post and links in it

http://cscuk.dfid.gov.uk/apply/split-site-scholarships/ (Wait for HEC to open up its applications)

http://cscuk.dfid.gov.uk/apply/medical-fellowships/ (Wait for HEC to open up its applications)


9) Hong Kong PhD Fellowships

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10) Erasmus Mundus Masters & PhD

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11) MEXT Japan

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12) South Korea

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13) Chinese Govt.

Master and PhD

See the posts in these groups below. Soon we shall start its campaign in October




14) Commonwealth Shared UK 2018


Role of Social Media in Modern Life

As we all know that Media is a source of information and communication and Print media and electronic media are main forms of media.

Social media is about sociology and psychology more than technology”(Brain Solis, Future Works)

In the fast growing world of communication, media has brought a great revolution. As this is the age of information, that’s why media catches too much importance and since media is the largest stakeholder as far as information is concerned.

Media can bring a great change in our society even have a great impact on an individual to nation’s mind. So it is media’s job to spread information, which it does brilliantly.

Media effects:

Our knowledge

Our attitude

Our behavior

Our emotions

Our political views

In which ways media influenced the society?

Media has badly influenced our society especially our new generation in many ways as like;

  • The time when children use media displaces, they could be doing physical activities, which is better than using social media devices. These displays minimize their physical activities, which have bad effects on children.
  • Children watch the food advertisements which influence them to make unhealthy food choices. Popular T.V characters attract the children and encourage them to eat more high-calorie food. Children eat snack excessively and they eat less healthy meals while watching the T.V. This habit may become the cause of different diseases as like weight gain, stomach issues etc.
  • Children are growing up too fast.

“Most little girls feel the pressure, often brought on by the media

 they watch, to look and act more like older teenagers.” (Girls Speak Out, January 2000)

The media is pushing girls to look, dress, makeup and act much older than they are. Their talking styles are also badly affected because their media idols do it. They are losing their childhood beauty.

  • There is another thing that media is happy to introduce younger children to an adult world without moral boundaries.
  • Music videos, movies, reality shows, commercial adds even video games are showing immoral data.

As media has the power to change the opinions of people, it can bring a great positive change in society. Media have access to people and it provides a lot of strength. This strength can either be used constructively by educating the people or it can be used destructively by misleading the innocent people.

Power of the media can be used as a ‘weapon of mass destruction because it can convert the whole society.

  • Media can aware the people about the basic human rights.
  • It can build up an environment of education.
  • It can promote discipline.


Education and discipline are keys to progress. This is the difference between a nation and a crowd. Media has changed the societies of the world. It has the capacity to change individuals’ minds according to the information provided through it.


Top Hundred Greatest Personalities of the World

Top Hundred Greatest Personalities of the World

Today I will provide a short description about Top Hundred Greatest Personalities of the World based on each person’s supreme individual achievement or achievements. How can we assess that one who would be the greatest and the most influential personality of the whole world??

 For answer, I quote the words of Abraham Lincoln

“My concern is not weather God is on our side;

My greatest concern is to be on God’s side, for God is always right” (Abraham Lincoln)

The findings of Michael Hart are worthy on this ground. He was honestly reported what he discovered. He developed authentic criteria and applied it to all famous personalities to realize who had the most influence in human history. He evaluated the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his teachings from the perspective of truthfulness and excellence. It might arise the conflict to mention the name of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) at the top as Hart was non-Muslim but he stated true description and fairly completed his work.

 “He (PBUM) was the only man in history who was supremely successful on both the religious and secular levels” (Michael H Hart)

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was the best man in the history to have ever walked on the earth not only for one era but also for ever. Everything which he did that how he ate, drank, walked and talked to his friends even enemies, treated animals, provide justice to the poor and rich means each and everything he had done was perfect. He (PBUH) was the best of all mankind, his mercy covered all, humans and non-humans, Muslims and non-Muslims, trees, animals. In short, he (PBUH) is the best role model for mankind to look up to.

Steven Skiena mentions a list of 100 bigger personalities where he mention Jesus at the top and I also prefer Jesus name before Isaac as he is not only founder of Christianity but also a spiritual teacher and central figure of Christianity which is the largest religion of the world.

The list of top hundred personalities of the world is given below with short description about each.  

  1. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) (570 - 632 AD )         the last Messenger of Allah.
  2. Jesus Christ                           (7BC – 30 AD)        Founder of Christianity
  3. Isaac Newton                         (1642 – 1727          physicist, mathematician and scientist.
  4. Buddha Hinduism                  (c 563 – 483 BC)      founder of Buddhism.
  5. Confucius                               (551 – 479 BC)         founder of Confucianism.
  6. St. Paul Judaism                    (5 – AD 67)                proselytizer of Christianity.
  7. Ts'ai Lun                                 (AD 50 – 121)           inventor of paper.
  8. Johann Gutenberg                 (1395 – 1468)           developed movable type; printed Bibles.
  9. Christopher Columbus           (1451 – 1506)           explorer; led Europe to Americas.
  10.  Albert Einstein                       (1879 – 1955)           physicist; relativity; Einsteinian physics.
  11.  Louis Pasteur                        (1822 – 1895)            scientist; pasteurization.
  12.  Galileo Galilei                        (1564 – 1642)           astronomer
  13.  Aristotle                                 (384 BC – 322 BC)  influential Greek philosopher.
  14.  Euclid                                    (c.325 – 265 BC)      mathematician; Euclidian geometry.
  15.  Moses                                   (c.1391 – 1271)        major prophet of Judaism.
  16.  Charles Darwin                     (1809 – 1882)           biologist; described Darwinian
  17. Shih Huang Ti                        (259 – 210)                Chinese emperor.
  18.  Augustus Caesar                   (63 BC – AD 14)       ruler of Rome.
  19.  Nicolaus Copernicus             (1473 – 1543)           astronomer; taught helio-centricity.
  20.  Antoine Laurent Lavoisier      (1743 – 1794)           father of modern chemistry; philosopher;
  21. Constantine the Great            (272 AD – 337)         Roman emperor
  22. James Watt                             (1736 – 1819)           developed steam engine.
  23.  Michael Faraday                    (1791 – 1867)           physicist; chemist
  24. James Clerk Maxwell              (1831 – 1879)           physicist; electromagnetic spectrum.
  25.  Martin Luther                          (1483 – 1546)           founder of Protestantism
  26.  George Washington               (1732 – 1799)           first president of United States.
  27.  Karl Marx                               (1818 – 1883)           founder of Marxism
  28. Orville and Wilbur Wright        (1871 – 1948)           Inventors of the aeroplane.
  29.  Genghis Khan                        (1162 – 1227)           Mongol conqueror.
  30.  Adam Smith                           (1723 – 1790)           Economist; philosopher
  31.  William Shakespeare             (1564 - 1616)            English Poet,
  32.  John Dalton                           (1766 – 1844)           Chemist; physicist
  33.  Alexander the Great               (356 – 323BC)          Conqueror, King of Macedonia
  34.  Napoleon Bonaparte              (1769 – 1821)           French conqueror.
  35.  Thomas Edison                      (1847 – 1931)           Inventor of the light bulb, phonograph, etc.
  36.  Antony van Leeuwenhoek      (1632 – 1723)          Founder of micro- biology.
  37.  William T.G. Morton                (1819 – 1868)           Pioneer in Anesthesiology
  38. Guglielmo Marconi                  (1874 – 1945)           Anglican inventor of the radio.
  39.  Adolf Hitler                              (1889 – 1945)           Conqueror; led Axis Powers in WWII.
  40.  Plato Platonism                      (424 – 348 BC)         Founder of Platonism.
  41.  Oliver Cromwell                      (1599 – 1658)           British military and political leader.
  42.  Alexander Graham Bell          (1847 – 1922)           Inventor of the telephone.
  43.  Alexander Fleming                 (1881 – 1955)           Advances in bacteriology
  44.  John Locke                            (1632 – 1704)           Philosopher and liberal theologian.
  45.  Ludwig van Beethoven          (1770 – 1827)           Composer.
  46.  Werner Heisenberg                (1770 – 1827)           Founder of quantum mechanics
  47.  Louis Daguerre                      (1787 – 1851)           An inventor/pioneer of photography.
  48.  Simon Bolivar                         (1783 – 1830)           National hero of Venezuela
  49. Rene Descartes                      (1596 – 1650)           Mathematician and philosopher
  50. Michelangelo                           (1475 – 1564)          Sculptor; architect; painter
  51.  Pope Urban II                                                          called for First Crusade.
  52.  Umar ibn al-Khattab                                                Second Caliph
  53.  Asoka                                                                      King of India
  54.  St. Augustine                                                           Early Christian theologian.
  55.  William Harvey                                                        Described the circulation of blood
  56.  Ernest Rutherford                                                    Physicist; pioneer of subatomic physics
  57.  John Calvin Protestant                                             Reformer; founder of Calvinism
  58.  Gregor Mendel                                                        Mendelian genetics
  59.  Max Planck                                                              Physicist; thermodynamics
  60.  Joseph Lister                                                           Principal discoverer of antiseptics
  61.  Nikolaus August Otto                                              Built first four-stroke of engine
  62. Francisco Pizarro                                                     Spanish conqueror in South America
  63.  Hernando Cortes                                                     Conquered Mexico for Spain;
  64. Thomas Jefferson                                                    3rd president of United States
  65.  Queen Isabella I                                                      Spanish ruler
  66.  Joseph Stalin                                                           Marxism revolutionary
  67.  Julius Caesar                                                          Roman Emperor
  68.  William the Conqueror                                             Laid foundation of modern England
  69.  Sigmund Freud Jewish                                            Founded Freudian school
  70.  Edward Jenner                                                        Discover the vaccination for smallpox
  71. Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen                                       Discovered X-rays.
  72.  Johann Sebastian Bach                                           Composer.
  73.  Lao Tzu                                                                    Founder of Taoism.
  74.  Voltaire                                                                     Writer and philosopher; wrote Candide.
  75.  Johannes Kepler                                                      Astronomer; planetary motions.
  76.  Enrico Fermi                                                            father of atom bomb
  77. Leonhard Euler                                                         physicist; mathematician
  78.  Jean-Jacques Rousseau                                         French deistic philosopher and author.
  79.  Nicoli Machiavelli                                                     Wrote The Prince
  80.  Thomas Malthus                                                      Economist
  81.  John F. Kennedy                                                     1st successful travel to another planet
  82. Gregory Pincus                                                        Endocrinologist
  83.  Mani                                                                        Founder of Manicheanism,
  84.  Lenin                                                                       Russian ruler
  85.  Sui Wen Ti                                                              Unified China
  86.  Vasco da Gama                                                      Navigator
  87.  Cyrus the Great                                                      Founder of Persian empire
  88.  Peter the Great                                                       Forged Russia into a great European
  89.  Mao Zedong                                                           Founder of Maoism,
  90.  Francis Bacon                                                        Philosopher
  91. Henry Ford                                                              Developed automobile
  92.  Mencius                                                                  founder of a school of Confucianism
  93.  Zoroaster                                                                Founder of Zoroastrianism
  94.  Queen Elizabeth I                                                   British monarch
  95.  Mikhail Gorbachev                                                  Russian premier
  96.  Menes                                                                     Unified Upper and Lower Egypt
  97.  Charlemagne                                                          Holy Roman Empire
  98.  Homer                                                                     Epic poet
  99.  Justinian I                                                                Roman emperor
  100. Mahavira                                                                  Jainism founder of Jainism



In life you’ll realize that there is a purpose for every person you meet. Some are there to test you.

Some will use you, some will teach you, and some will bring out best in you.

Prime Minister Abbasi's New Cabinet takes oath

Members of the new federal cabinet took oath at a ceremony organized at the Presidency in Islamabad on Friday morning.

President Mamnoon Hussain administered the oath to 47 members of Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi's cabinet old but few are a new one.

The cabinet is comprised of 28 federal ministers and 19 state ministers.

Khawaja Muhammad Asif will serve as the country’s new foreign minister whereas Ahsan Iqbal will be in charge of the key interior ministry in the government of Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi.

Marriyum Aurangzeb, Zahid Hamid, and Dr. Tariq Fazal Chaudhry are expected to retain their previous portfolios. Hamid was law minister and Ms. Aurangzeb minister of state for information in the previous cabinet of the ousted prime minister Nawaz Sharif. She had replaced Pervez Rashid. Tariq Fazal was in charge of the Capital Administration and Development Division.


The PML-N had been deliberating over membership of the new cabinet over the past few days, as well as its contender for the upcoming NA-120 by-poll for the seat left vacant by ousted prime minister Nawaz Sharif.

The court in its July 28 verdict concluded that Sharif had been 'dishonest' by not declaring in his nomination papers for the 2013 General Election - as required under Section 12(2)(f) of the Representation of the People Act (ROPA), 1976 - a salary of 10,000 dirhams receivable as chairman of the board of Dubai-based company Capital FZE owned by his son Hassan Nawaz.

Abbasi Said:

"I am the country’s prime minister. If I am here for 45 days, I will do 45 years of work in this time," he promised.


Semalt Outlines The Reasons Why You Need SEO Skills In Your SaaS Business

Any SaaS startup founder must figure out the ways team can market the newly established company and make its first sales and leads. In this regard, Alexander Peresunko, the Customer Success manager of Semalt, presents eight reasons why it is necessary to have an SEO expert in the team if you want to take a business to the next level.

Foremost, everyone in business is a marketer. Most SaaS companies use content marketing techniques when starting the venture. It is, indeed, a great concept because one does not only publicize products but also educates prospective clients through various content. However, creating an excellent content that stands out from the range of SaaS startups is not easy. SEO can be useful in this regard if implemented well.

Secondly, there are thousands of SaaS startups. Research indicates that SaaS software is an ever-growing service in the marketing industry. According to Statista, steady growth is anticipated, and worldwide SaaS revenue will grow to 38 billion USD by 2018. It implies that many products will be available in the organic search for SaaS start-up businesses.

Thirdly, SEO is now an evolved concept. Like other digital businesses, SEO industry has changed a lot in a previous couple of years. This growth can be witnessed from backlinks to technical driven aspects and more SEO driven content activities. Thus to execute a well-organized SEO strategy, the one should have well-thought out external communications in addition to content that targets your audience.

Another reason is positioning your business purposes with SEO. Customers stand for what they believe. Thus, your SaaS business positioning and identity are crucial. For example, clients like customer communication tool from Intercom for its new and straightforward technique of communication. Thus, to be found in organic search results, you should focus on positioning your values and promoting what customers can get from your business.

SEO skills are an important part for your team, because building SaaS products requires technical expertise to be available in the team. Thus, a business can rank higher by considering diverse SEO activities when creating a great product and get ahead of competitors by hacking organic search rankings, for example, through making products shareable. This has the effect of making use of available customer base.

SEO skills enable one to be a thought leader. SaaS startup probably works on a product that is unavailable in the market yet. Presenting yourself as a thought leader in some subject matter is an opportunity to invent even more products because people will always need your expertise. To be recognized as a thought leader, it is important to be the first in organic search results.

Having SEO skills enables a business owner to hack sign-up rates with SEO. SaaS business trucks up important metrics to better understand customers and site. In addition to session durations and unique visitors, sign-up conversion is a significant performance parameter.

Finally, every owner wants his/her SaaS business perform growth. In this regard, SEO must be a regular practice. It is a long term strategy, which can help you to establish sustainable nosiness growth. Therefore, stay updated with the new SEO techniques, which complement various activities of SaaS start-up.

TAQWA (Fear of Allah)

Definition of Taqwa
The Messenger of Allah, (PBUH) said: Taqwa is here," and he pointed to his
Allah says,
“O Believers! Fear ye God, (Have Taqwa) and believe in His Messenger; He will give you
two portions from His Mercy and will place in you light, which you will walk with and He will
forgive you.” 
Allah, the Almighty also says:
“O Believers! If you will be fearing God He shell decree a decision for you and acquit you of your
sins and forgive you” 
Al-Haafidh Ibn Katheer (d.777H) said: “Ibn Abbaad, as-Suddee, ‘Ikrimah, ad-Dahhaak,
Qataadah and Muqaatil Ibn Mayan all said about “Furqaan” that it means: a way out (from
difficulty). Mujaahid added: “A way out (from difficulty) both in this world and in the Hereafter”.
In a narration from Ibn ‘Abbas he said it means: salvation; and in another narration from him:
being helped.
Muhammad bin Ishaaq said that it means: a criterion to judge between truth and falsehood.
This explanation from Ibn Ishaaq is the most general of what has already preceded and it is a
necessary consequence of it. Since whoever has Taqwa of Allah by obeying His commands and
abandoning what he has prohibited, will be given the ability to recognize truth from falsehood

Concept of Taqwa (Piety)
Taqwa means: to cleanse or purify the heart and the soul. Some Aayaat in Sort ush-Shams
in which Allah says proves this fact:
“By the sun and its rising sunshine, and by the moon when it comes after the sun, and by
the day when it brightens, it, and by the night when it enshrouds it, and by the heaven and as He
made it, and by the earth and as he extended (outspread) it, and by the soul and as He shaped it,
then He inspired it understanding of licentiousness and warding off! Verily prospered he who
purified it, and failed he who threw it into dust [91:1-10]
Among the missions of the Prophet (PBUH) Allah sent him with the command
to purify the souls of the Muslims in particular and of mankind in general.
Allah (T) says:
“It is he who rose up from among the illiterate a Messenger from among them recites to
them His verses and Book and the Wisdom and before that they had been laying in manifest
In this ayah the word Hikmah is often translated as wisdom. Imam Shafi', one of the
greatest scholars of Islam, said that when Allah mentions Hikmah in the Qur’an it refers to the
Sunnah of the Prophet(PBUH) In addition to this ayah, we see that the Prophet (PBUH) was sent with three tasks:
1) To teach the Qur’an.
2) To teach the Sunnah.
3) To show the means of purifying the soul.
This purification is obtained by doing the proper acts of 'ibaadah and by avoiding sins and
Conditions for Attaining Taqwa
How does a person know that his acts of 'ibaadah are helping him to achieve Taqwa? To develop
Taqwa, one must fulfill the following conditions:-
1) Ikhlaas, sincere intention that the act is performed purely for the pleasure of Allah, out of love
for Him, while hoping for His reward and mercy, as well as fearing His anger and punishment if He
is disobeyed.
2) To do the deed in accordance with the authentic Sunnah. To have the necessary knowledge of
the 'ibaadah, that is being performed. To know how the Prophet ...performed the action and proper
times for the performance of that action.
Concerning Ikhlaas, it must be present both before and after performing the deed, with no riyaa or
sum'ah (doing things to be seen or heard by people). For instance, after doing a good deed,
someone tells others, “Look at all the good I have been doing ", or “I’m such a marvelous person
because I do such and such".
This formula, if used to achieve Taqwa, is scientific, in that if you follow it, while fulfilling all of its
conditions and their rights, you will achieve Taqwa Insha’a Allah.

Relationship Between Islam And Science

If someone thinks that Islam and science are two opposite things, he/she’ll be totally wrong. Now the thing is that which association, we seem between the two terms “Islam” and “Science”??  As like the origin of both is One so both of these are strongly connected to each other. There are more than six thousand ‘signs’ in the Quran of which more than a thousand deal with science. 

The Quranic verses mentioned scientific facts almost 1400 years ago, proven correct in the 20th century by human beings.


Modern science indicates that, at one point in time, the whole universe was an opaque highly dense and hot gaseous composition. And the earth and the heavens above (the sun, the moon, stars, planets, galaxies, etc.) were formed from this same smoke. They were one connected entity, then separated from each other. (The First Three Minutes, a Modern View of the Origin of the Universe, Weinberg, pp. 94-105)

The Glorious Quran mentions …….Then He (Allah) turned to the heaven when it was smoke … (41:11)

Do not the Unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were joined together (as one Unit of Creation), before We clove them asunder? [Al-Quran 21:30]


Modern science shows that Moon is a dark body reflects light but does not produce heat whereas the sun produces both light and heat.

Quran proves it; “See you not how Allah has created the seven skies one above another, and has made the moon a light therein and made the sun a glowing lamp?” (71: 15-16)


Modern science notifies us that the sun and the moon each rotate in its own orbit.

In Quran we come across; "It is not permitted To the Sun to catch up The Moon, nor can The Night outstrip the Day: Each (just) swims along in (its own) orbit (According the Law)” (36:40)

MAN IS CREATED FROM ALAQ : A leech like substance

"Proclaim! (or Read!) In the name Of thy Lord and Cherisher, Who created – Created man, out of A (mere) clot Of congealed blood." (Quran 96:1-2)

The word alaq besides meaning a congealed clot of blood also means something that clings, a leech-like substance. And knowing the reality of embryo is very astonishing that in the initial stage embryo appears like a leech.


According to clinical point of view long term breast feeding provide security for health and protects against certain diseases.

Islam advising it 1400 years ago;

“ The mothers will breast feed  their children for two whole years,  (that is) for those (parents) who desire to complete the term of breast feeding” (Quran 1:233)


Science demonstrates that land is decreasing due to the movements of tectonic plates.

“Don’t they see that We gradually reduce the land from its outlying boundaries?

Where Allah commands, there is none to put back His command” (Quran 13:41)


The darkness in deep seas and oceans is found around a depth of 200 meters and below. At this depth, there is almost no light. Below a depth of 1000 meters there is no light at all. (Elder, Danny; and John Pernetta, 1991, Oceans, London, Mitchell Beazley Publishers, s.27)

“Or like the darkness of a deep sea which is covered by waves above which are waves above which are clouds, layers of darkness, one upon the other. If he puts out his hand, he cannot see it” (Quran 24:40)

The striking resemblance between the Quranic verse and the science is obvious! How could a book, which first appeared in the deserts of Arabia 1400 years ago, contain these profound scientific truth?

Indeed these are signs for a people who use reason. (Quran 2: 164)

Allah approaches human beings through a scientific pathway to address their minds.


Art of Islamic world

“Art of Islamic world” this phrase creates in our mind a sketch of beauty related to Islamic world. Can you feel it???.... Yeah! I can, as I imagine the Taj Mahal, Dome of the Rock,a Mina’i ware bowl, a silk carpet, a Qur‘an—and all of these are examples of Islamic art.

More commonly, however, the term is extended to include all of the arts produced by Muslim peoples, whether connected with their religion or not.

 According to Shelley Esaak

“Art is something ……….pleasing to our eyes”

To Plato, art was imitation of nature. The Muslim artists do not attempt to imitate nature as it is, but tries to convey what it represents

Actually, art is a name of “sense of beauty” that we extract from nature according to our inner ability to take out prettiness from abundance.

Islamic world is full of such a good looking masterpieces in the form of calligraphy, architectural work and floral work etc.

As the authentic saying of Prophet Muhammad which was narrated by Al-Boukhari:

"Allah is beautiful and loves beauty."

The Qur’an – the best example of calligraphy- written in elegant scripts, represents Divine word, which Muhammad (peace be upon him) received directly from Allah during his visions. Quranic verses, executed in calligraphy, are found on many different forms of art and architecture.

Likewise, poetry and verses can be found on everything from ceramic bowls to the walls of houses.

                                          Calligraphic art on wall 

In Islam, writing has high status. It works as significant decoration for objects and buildings. And books are a major art-form.

Early examples of religious art and architecture, such as the Dome of the Rock and the Aqsa Mosque—both in Jerusalem)—and the Great Mosque of Damascus—built under the Umayyad rulers.

One of the most famous monuments of Islamic art is the Taj Mahal, a royal mausoleum, located in Agra, India and the Egyptian architectural work.

                Taj Mahal, Agra, India  

There are some misconceptions about Islam that Islam promotes harsh and simple living and rejects sophistication and comfort is an accusation often made by orient list academics.

 This false claim is rejected by Qur’an. 

"Say, who is there to forbid the beauty which God has brought forth for his servants, and the good things from among the means of sustenance" (Qur'an 7:32)

In Islamic art, influences from other cultures are also visible. No doubt, the art of the Islamic world reflects its cultural values, and reveals the way Muslims view the spiritual realm and the universe. As for the Muslim, reality begins with Allah and He is the real focus of their lives. So, Islamic art focuses on the spiritual representation of objects and beings, not their physical qualities.

Additional resources
Bloom, Jonathan, and Sheila Blair. Islamic Arts. London: Phaidon Press, 1997.


The Biggest & The Fastest Growing Religion Of The World

How it's possible that almost among 4,200 religions of the world 1 is spreading astonishingly!! Yeah! It's possible and it is very explosive matter of today’s world.

As you know a religion is a “Strong belief in a supernatural power or powers that control human destiny”.

And, in this universe that strong Supernatural Power is just one (wahdaaniyat) - the message of every Messenger of Almighty- so the ruling power must be of the one religion.

                       If we look at the biggest religion which is Christianity but if we look the fastest growing religion that is Islam.

Foremost reason of growing Islam as a fastest religion is, in other religions as well as world’s biggest religion (Christianity) has no ability to provide peace of heart and mind

as Almighty Himself says;

            “Verily, in the Remembrance of Allah do find rest” (SUBHAN ALLAH)

According to James A. Michener (1907-1997);

 "No other religion in history spread so rapidly as Islam . . . The West has widely believed that this surge of religion was made possible by the sword. But no modern scholar accepts that idea, and the Qur'an is explicit in support of the freedom of conscience." [Islam - The Misunderstood Religion, Readers' Digest (American Edition) May 1955].

BY concerning to "The Almanac Book of Facts",

 the population increased 137% within the past decade and the Christianity increased 46%, while Islam increased 235%.

If I here just speak about America, 100,000 people per year alone, are converting to Islam.
Actually, people are longing for holiness and Islam is offering it. The Quran breaks hard hearts and heal broken hearts


                  It's quite easy to know that many of us - those from the West and the East - have negative images of women in Islam: the uneducated woman who has no say in decision making, the pregnant mother who does household chores all day, the subservient wife who suffers under the abuse of her dictatorial husband. The western perception in general and the western media in specific have specialized in portraying these images.

And Today people think that women are liberated in the west and that the women's liberation movement began in the 20th Century. Actually the women's liberation movement was revealed by God to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in the seventh century.


Here I share a concise comparison (by Hashmina Samreen ) for your knowledge between two (Quran & Bible) and leaving its conclusion upon you.


1.The Bible Convicts Women as the original sinners, (ie. Eve picking from the forbidden tree){Genesis 2:4-3:24}.

The Quran Clarifies it was Adam Not Eve {Qur'an 7:19-25}

2. The Bible says "The Birth of a Daughter is a loss" {Ecclesiastics 22:3}.

 The Qur'an says both are an Equal Blessing { Qur'an 42:49}

3. The Bible Forbids Women from Speaking in church {I Corinthians 14:34-35}.

 The Qur'an says women can argue with the Prophet {58:1}

4. In the Bible, divorced Women are labeled as an Adulteress, while men are not {Matthew Qu5:31-32}.

The Quran does Not have Biblical double standards {Qur'an 30:21}

5. In The Bible, Widows and Sisters do not inherit any Property or Wealth, Only men do{Numbers 27:1-11}

The Quran Abolished this male greediness { Qur'an 4:22} and God Protects All.

6. The Bible Allows Multiple Wives{I Kings 11:3}

In The Quran, God limits the number to 4 only under certain situations (with the Wife's permission)and Prefers you Marry only one wife {Qur'an 4:3}

7. The Bible also asks Women to wear veils as in Islam {I Corinthians 11:3-10}, this lowers the

chance of rape, (God Forbid)

8. Women were given rights to Vote less than a 100 years ago in the (US),

while the Quran (42:38) gave women Voting rights almost 1,500 years ago.



1. Definition of faith 
2. Basic principles of faith 
3. The fruits of faith 
Basic principles of faith 
1. Faith in Allah (Tauheed / oneness of Allah )
 2. Faith in prophets (Nubuwwat and Risalat ) 
3. The life in the Hereafter (Day of judgment )

Definition of faith
 Belief in the special terminology of Islam, means to believe in the Prophets of God as such, that is to acknowledge that for our guidance God had vouchsafed to them knowledge that was beyond the range of our intelligence and understanding, and, on the basis of it, to affirm what was communicated to us by them as from God, and to accept religion brought by them as Divine religion.
Basic principles of faith 
“Faith in Allah is based on four premises”
 1. Allah exists and nobody created Him. 
2. He alone is the Lord of the whole Universe. 
3. He alone is the Master and He alone is authorized to make any modifications in the universe according to His will.
 4. He alone is to be exclusively worshipped and He has no associates.

The existence of Allah
 The Qur’an has clearly told us that the proof of the existence of Allah lies within our selves. How can we, then deny something which is writ large on our very foreheads as the proof of its veracity Allah says. “Who have sure faith, and within your own selves, so do you not see?” 
in the very depths of our hearts, it is etched that Allah exists. When struck with hardships and misfortune, we seek his shelter because of our faithful nature and religious instinct. There are, within us and all around us numerous proofs of His existence. Our sub conscious that is our heart, unconsciously in Him, but our conscious self, that is our reason, accepts His existence.
He alone is the Lord of the whole Universe.
The second dogma of faith is that Allah is the Sustainer of the whole Universe. It means that you have to believe from the depth of your heart that Allah alone is the Creator of the entire world. He alone created, out of nothing, the living organisms, the heavenly bodies and the entire visible as well as invisible world. He devised such marvelous canons for all these worlds that the Scholars of medicine, chemistry, physics and astronomy, have been able to discover only a few of them. He alone has the Full knowledge about every big or small thing of all these worlds. It is written with Him that how many leaves a tree has, what shape does a leaf carry, or how many germs float in this world and what is their size and volume and what are their constituents. He only knows how many rotating electrons an atom has, what transitory changes occur in them, what the nature of their statics and dynamics is, what forms they take and what the characteristic of their transformation are.

He alone is the Master and He alone is authorized to make any modifications in the universe according to His will.
 Thus, He is the sustainer of the world. He gave from to everything and he looks after them. He makes alteration and changes in their conditions and character. He has predetermined every detail and has placed such proofs in each atom of this universe that every person with sufficient reason can trace Him and seek guidance from him. This is the second dogma of faith and it is obligatory to accept it and believe it.
 But, does one become a believer by just accepting this as an article of faith? Someone declares before you that Allah alone is the creator of this universe and He alone is the sustainer of everything. Would you accept him as a believer just because of his declaration? Nay, this declaration alone is not enough to be a believer, because many nations of the antiquity made this declaration. The idolaters of the Quresh, whose fetishism the prophet Muhammad repudiated and those against whom he waged Jihad, also declared Allah the God of Gods and never denied his existence
He alone is to be exclusively worshipped and He has no association.
 When you admit that Allah exists, is the Sustainer of the worlds, is the lord of the incomparable Kingdom, then it follows out of necessity that there should be no associate with Him in worship nor should anyone besides him be worshipped in any form or shape to be construed as his adversary. By the Grace of Allah, I had the good fortune to arrive at a point in the interpretation of the Surah An-Nas(114), which no other exegesis carries for the guidance of those who admit that Allah exists is the master of all and is the lord of the worlds yet do not display that unadulterated belief in the unity of Allah which indeed is a requirement of the divinity of Allah this Surah says:
Thou say: “I came under the shelter of the Lord of men, The King of men, The God of men (114, 1-3)

How to Get Started as a Freelancer in few easy steps!!


So you want to take start as a Freelancer, eh? Well, I don’t blame you … everyone wants a fastest, most affordable, and easiest way to get started working from home so I wish you to be a successful freelancer and for that you have to take a booming start.

So, be ready to know those active steps.

One thing more that one of the biggest misconceptions about freelancing is that you sit at home and work comes to you.

 When the reality is you have to fight for it, and fight hard.

        The greater the difficulty the more glory in surmounting it. Skillful pilots gain their reputation from storms and tempests”

I never say you it but keep in mind working freelance means working. And I mean really working. 

Before starting your work just take a pause …..let you know about your expertise

Because Freelancing is a deep sea. You have to dive in this pool for your crown according to your dexterity.

Now come and follow my steps:

  •  Make an account with your original identity and write convenient bio 
  •  Check others gigs in your category and notice how they write gig description 

How to create gig and optimize: 

  • write gig title which simply explains your service 
  • Use simple description about your service 
  • Use relevant tags 
  • Most important- Design stunning gig cover

How to promote:

  • Join Fiverr gig promotion groups on Facebook, google Plus and start sharing your gig with a short description. Don't forget to use hash tags
  • Send offers to customers (daily 10 offers limit) only answer those requests which relevant to your service

Final step:

  • Try to be online if you have android/ios device then Install Fiverr app in your device as any customers contact with you reply back ASAP.

If you follow these steps you will get the customers. 

I once again remembering you;

“In between deciding to become a freelancer and becoming a freelancer, you need to prepare to be a freelancer”



A freelancer is a term commonly used for a person who is self-employed & is not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-term. Freelance workers are sometimes denoted by a company or a temporary agency that resells freelance labor to clients, others work independently or use professional associations or websites to get work
Freelancing also enables people to obtain higher levels of employment in isolated communities.
Professions,  fields, and industries where freelancing is dominant include writing, computer programming, acting, translating and illustrating web design, and another type of piece work which some cultural theorists consider as central to the cognitive-cultural economy.

  • Make a marketing or business plan
  • Plan your days ahead
  • Create an eye-catching logo
  • Make a website or blog
  • Update your website
  • Give your online visitors something free
  • Use social media
  • Be creative and innovative
  • Reward loyal customers
  • Treat every client as if he is the only one
  • Work when you are at work
  • Know when to start and stop
  • Make an inspirational string
  • Always carry a notebook around with you
  • Take the time you need
  • Always get a down payment
  • Don’t be afraid to say “no”
  • Write, write, write
  • Focus on the now
  • Understand the job

WordRecon Review

The growing competition of ‘online business advertisement’ on the internet has given rise to many keyword research tools. The WordRecon is one of the amazing and extremely helpful keyword research tools on the internet. With the advancements in content marketing, e-commerce, SEO, video marketing and many other types of keyword research, the need of a tool to extract most effective and relevant keywords for internet marketing campaigns has raised to a new level.

WordRecon is a keyword research tool that is used to discover search phrases that people are typing into various search engines to find particular information or to visit a particular website of their interest. This competent tool harness keyword auto-suggestions from 12 well known sources including:

  • Google
  • yahoo
  • Bing
  • Google play
  • Wikipedia
  • YouTube
  • EBay
  • Amazon.com
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Etsy
  • Fiverr

The keyword suggestions given by WordRecon are very important for a website to attract and drive traffic and to increase business. Standard keyword research technology includes searching a keyword for business and then researching about its variants and competitors through various free and paid resources. The most of the keyword research tools use the data from Google Keyword planner. Due to this dependence, the keywords suggestions given by these tools are biased for paid search advertising. The WordRecon tool is using 12 different sources for suggesting the keywords to SEO experts and is not biased to a particular search engine.

The efficacious WordRecon tool is built to extract exact search phrases used by millions of people around the world on various search engines and information websites. It returns the result in the form of more effective, relevant and targeted keywords. The keyword suggestions are highly profitable for e-commerce businesses. It also uncovers the hidden keywords of Google Adwords keyword planner.


Exclusive Features of WordRecon

The design of Wordrecon software tool is very simple and user-friendly. It is a powerful package that provides various keyword suggestion facilities under its undoubtedly very simple interface. The features of WordRecon are explained as following:

·Completely mobile friendly: The interface is designed to use on the desktop as well as mobile devices or phones. It can be effectively opened on any type of small and portable devices.

·Categorize trends:  The WordRecon tool can display the number of times a word has occurred in search results. This will be very helpful in identifying and categorizing the trends of the online business.

·No Installation:  WordRecon follows cloud-based architecture so there is no need to install it on the personal computer. The user can directly work on it without installation by simply logging into software on the internet.

·In-depth keyword research: Various search options available in the tool allow users to perform in-depth research in any market and uncover highly targeted and relevant exact matching keywords.

·Archive keyword lists: The keyword lists can be easily saved and filtered and can be accessed anywhere anytime through the internet.

·Geographic targeting option: User can do keyword research targeting to any particular country. This will really help in selecting most relevant keyword for a particular region.

·Extravagant Web Page analyzer:  The WordRecon software consists of a built-in Web Page analyzer tool that is able to extract metadata including anchor tags and keyword tags of videos from a webpage.

·Export of Keywords: User can easily export suggested keywords to any other available keyword tool for analysis.

Fascinating Benefits of WordRecon

1.Find quickly dominating keywords:  The tool discovers keywords by using the keywords that are auto-suggested by various search engines. The keywords suggested are very effective because they match the exact phrases searched by people.

2.Find overlooked niches: By using WordRecon user can find the niches that are often ignored or unnoticed in the market. These low attention niches can really give great opportunities.

3.Find less competent specific keywords: WordRecon uses 12 keyword suggestion sources which will effectively uncover more long tail keywords with low competition, than any other keyword planner tool.

4.More insight for e-commerce: The keyword suggestion sources of WordRecon not only include search engines but also many successful e-commerce websites. So by using this tool user can find out exact phrases that people are typing into e-commerce websites. So the user can gain a larger insight for e-commerce websites.

5.Proven good training system: The WordRecon offers the users a very good proven seven-figure training system explaining them do’s and don’ts of selling software online. It helps the user to establish a profitable online business.

6.Effective business building support: The WordRecon offers extremely skilled and experienced helpdesk staff that can effectively assist the user in any matters regarding the building of the successful business.

7.Prominent Dashboard: The WordRecon tool has an appealing cloud-based dashboard that lets the user access software easily, create accounts, and refer training system or converse with WordRecon representatives from any browser.



The WordRecon keyword suggestion software tool is the best choice for optimizing your business online. It provides great keyword suggestions including effective keywords, less competent keywords, relevant and targeted keywords for a particular business. The various sources used for keyword suggestions that include search engines and e-commerce websites are really very helpful in analyzing the search market with the larger range of user’s view. The mobile friendly interface and the cloud-based dashboard is truly an appealing feature of WordRecon.  So in nutshell, WordRecon is a great choice for webmasters and entrepreneurs who eagerly want to expand their business on The Web.

Want to Be a Successful Woman Entrepreneur? Follow These Tips

It is kind of a big decision when a woman has to decide whether they have to be a Mom or entrepreneur. For you who has already decided to be an entrepreneur, a big congratulation is right for you. Of course, there are many things you have to consider first before making those decisions, such as your family, the way you live, and your attitude.

There are already may women who run their own business successfully in various fields. It is not an easy matter to start the business, especially for women who have already married. This is because they have a big responsibility toward their children. However, as a woman, they need to be as good as man as well. It is not only for their self, but also for their children future.

Therefore, this article will underline two big underline steps that may help you to be a successful woman entrepreneur. Check it out!


The first step is preparing your self with the challenges you may face. Here are several tips given for you.

1. Read the preceding successful woman entrepreneur

There are many women doing their own business starting it from the bottom. Time by time, they get the result with the success. What you have to do is learning the way they run their business. You may start by reading their biography, website, or books telling abut them. By doing so, you will be motivated and inspired. Do not hesitate to contact them in person if you can get their contact.

2. Do a research

Doing a research is a must to do. Find out all the information relating to their secrets to be success. You also need to search the way they run their business. It is better for you to get the reference about their company’s background which is the same as your interest. All those information could help you to write your own plans.

3. Be balance between your family and job

As a woman, you have to be responsible to your family. Therefore, you need to manage your time wisely. This is because a woman is the key of children development. On the other hand, they try to develop their business. Most women leave their job for a short time to raise their children until they stop breast-feeding from the mom. It is to avoid the conflict between the spouse as well. Yet, the best way to make it balance is that by doing the business which is not need much time so that the woman can do it in their spare time.

4. Accept the critic

As an entrepreneur, we have to accept all the critics both a positive or negative one. Those are helpful to develop your business. Even though, it hurts you, you have to accept it. There must be something you can learn by getting the critic. Therefore, when someone gives you critic, you must to pay full attention to it.

5. Focus

Do unfocused-plans will probably result in chaos. When you have too many things to do, you need to manage your time and energy perfectly. You need to be focus on the most priority thing first.


The second step to be successful, women need to:

1. Be confident

Being confident is one of the key to reach the success. When you are confident, people will trust the project you will do.

2. Passion

To get the success, you have to love what you are doing. Therefore, choosing the business field based on the passion is important. It will be pleasant, if your job is part of your passion. First of all, you have to make lists what your interests. You may make such kind of diagram-tree what kind of opportunity you may get by analyzing your passion. Then, you need to draw the business plan using the diagram. Hence, it is very essential to consider your passion before running the business.

3. Creative

Deciding what kind of business you will run needs a creativity. Besides, you must also be creative in solving the problems relating to the job. The combination of logical thinking, strategy, and critical analysis is needed.  To find the idea, you need to read and do an observation as many as possible. Recently, many references you could find from the internet that you can use to gain the creativity.

4. Hard-working, Determined, and Keep Learning

‘No pain no gain’ one of proverbs says. The success cannot be reached in a short time. Therefore, you need to work hard to make it true. Indeed, if you failed, you have to get up and keep trying. In addition, you need no be afraid to ask everything to the senior businesswoman. This can be used to know your weaknesses and to overcome it. You must improve your skills by keep learning and learning. 

5. Network

A network is needed to develop the business well because it can give you advantages such as, promoting your projects freely, raising the money, and expand the company. Joining the business conference or workshops is one thing that you can do to increase your network. Still, you have to consider the background of your business as well. An example is that it is possible to hang out with carpenters when you run a fashion business. You need to consider it too. So, you need to find friends with professional and successful people with the same background to get the channel. 

6. Avoid the conflict

One of the challenge to start the business is by avoiding the frictions. Establishing the team management with the right professional people is the key of success of the business. However, if you develop the wrong team, it is the same as a disaster. So, be careful to recruit the team you want to have work with.


Those are several tips you may use to run your own business. If you need more tips or guidance, do not hesitate to leave the comment. Good luck!

Virtual Reality or Virtual Realities (VR)

New inventions are found to fulfill the demand of the human needs. Scientists are never satisfied with what have already found. They always do experiments to find the betterment of technology that can be used effectively and efficiently. It is not an easy job of course. However, they never stop to create something new for the future generations.


One of the proofs what have already done by scientists is the invention of Virtual Reality or Virtual Realities which is abbreviated into VR. It is now to be one of the sophisticated technologies in this era. But, what is actually VR? Have you ever heard about it? What are its functions? Read the following information if you want to know more about VR. This information will be valuable to increase your knowledge about the new system.


What is Virtual Reality (VR)?


VR is derived from ‘virtual’ and ‘reality’. ‘Virtual’ means as the same in which the things seen that look the real in appearance and behavior, but it is not the real thing. Then, the word ‘reality’ is real, like the real one. Therefore, VR can be described as seeing something like experiencing the real one. It can be said as an environment replication.


Generally, many people also call VR as an immersed multimedia. Some say it as a computer-stimulated reality. It is because VR is used in the computer technology to make a stimulating environment in order that the thing looks as the real one. Using VR, people are able to experience the real senses of vision, hearing, touching, and smelling. Those senses are actually like what we have learned in the school. Yet, the human being actually has more than those.


The examples are a sense of humor, sense of balance, and many others. They are processed in our brain. The combination of our brain and information which we get is resulting in experiencing of reality. The presence of the sense with information influences the perception of reality. Someone seems to see the real thing that actually is not there, but it can be perceived as the real one from his/her perspective. This is then called as virtual reality (VR).


What are VR functions?

VR is used in various fields; architecture, sports, medicine, arts, entertainment, and much more. The popular systems which use the VR are such as headsets, 3D glasses, special gloves, and treadmills. Besides, VR can also be used in immersed films and videos.


The obvious one of the function of VR is in the training activity such as in medical fields. The trainees do not need practice in the real field in which it could be dangerous. By using VR, their skills could be improved much better without any consequence, they will face when doing the training. This is like in the medical field.


In the medical field, the VR uses when training to use expensive equipment, dangerous situation, and sensitive technology. The doctor candidate will not practice using the expensive equipment. They will also practice in the dangerous area in which their life is put in. Therefore, VR is needed to fulfill this demand.


In the video game and film, VR is used to give the effect of graphic, sound, and input. The animation is also created using this VR to make the picture look like the real one. This is to make the user feel like they do the real adventure by playing games or watching films. This is really cool, isn’t it? Experiencing like the real one, we join the movie or games.


The new technology which uses this VR is Virtual reality glasses or goggles. Using this glasses, the users can experience like having direct interact with. These glasses are used as the display device which shows a characteristic feature of the virtual environment. It can be concluded that VR is a sophisticated system that is very fruitful for many fields in order to minimize the bad/danger effect.


Those are the information about Virtual Reality or Virtual Realities (VR). After reading this information, you must understand much better about VR which actually you find in your daily life. This sophisticated system makes the human gaining the more real adventures without putting their life in the danger area.

Entertained Yourself

Sheree Friedman’s fine art background and undergrad in architecture from Pratt Institute surface in her mixed media works; architectural sections of Greenhouses are glimpsed through layer upon layer of floating orchids, figures, seed pods and light orbs, all adrift in “A Sea of Memories”.  

Prints are created, from her collages, made of original drawings, found images, zine clippings, acetate, old photos, architectural plans, dried plants, sand, and other materials. These prints are enhanced with layers of oil, acrylic and additional collaging. The final High Definition print image is resin coated and matte plexi sandwiched to further enhance the underwater and reflective qualities of the work.

Friedman’s work ranges from figurative to abstraction, and is often laced with soft purples and subtle light. Her  experience with meditation and as an energy healer, manifest “warm waves” in the artwork that release stress and  worldly concerns. She describes the viewing of art as a form of meditative absorption, a method that leads to true understanding. “When I work, either as a channel for assisting others with their healing or creating artworks, I connect with my own inner divinity and light,” Friedman says. “This enables me to best sense, witness, and connect with core energies in all things.”

Sheree Friedman lives and works in New York City and Belvedere, California.

Gallery Location: 530 West 25th St, Chelsea, New York

Why you should use Low Smoke cables

In past few years, the advancement in Fire safety ‘low smoke’ materials has raised the development of new, safer, non-hazardous equipment in the market. This led to establishment of Low Smoke Cables. The service providers are now advised to install non-hazardous and low smoke cables in public areas and buildings, for the safety of public in case of fire. In case of Fire accidents poisonous gases and dense smoke are produced that dangerously affects the lives of people.

   The Low smoke cables produce very less smoke and non-poisonous gases that are safe for the lives of victims of fire accidents. These low smoke cables contain halogen free compounds that produce lesser amount of poisonous and corrosive gases during combustion. They are often installed in poorly ventilated areas and underground tunnel systems. This will reduce the toxic gas accumulation in these areas in case of fire, and will be really helpful in saving the precious lives.

Halogens and their harmful effects

   Halogens are name given to a chemical family that includes the chemicals like chlorine, fluorine, bromine, astatine and iodine. These halogens are widely used in our various daily-use products because of their flame retardant nature. They are also present in PVC (polyvinyl chloride), which is a coating that makes up cable jackets and many electronic products. On burning, these halogenated compounds forms poisonous gases, which turns into dangerous Hydrochloric acid when comes in contact with water.  In areas with limited escape and poor ventilation, the dense black smoke weakens the visibility of people and suffocates their throat, which may lead to loss of lives.


Traditional cables v/s Low smoke cables

  Traditional cables are coated with halogen compounds like PVC which is good fire retardant, but if ignited can produce toxic gases and acid. Most of the network cables are coated with chlorine-contained plastic material which is a halogenated compound and will become toxic when exposed to flame.


Low Smoke Halogen Free (LSHF) cables: A harmless substitute

   The low smoke halogen free (LSHF or LSZH) cable contains non-halogenated compounds which are still good flame resilient materials and produce very low smoke when burnt. The gas produced with burning of low smoke halogen free material is non-toxic and does not form any type of acid when come in contact with water.

   The Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) cable design incorporates halogen free materials for cable insulation and cable jacket. According to International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards these low smoke cables must pass three tests that are:

  • Halogen content: - The cable should not contain halogen.
  • Low Smoke Density:-The smoke density should be lower than a threshold value.
  • Flame propagation: - The flame propagation should be slow.


These low smoke cables are available in many variants such as:

  • Low smoke halogen free (LSHF)cables (for general public areas)
  • LSHF oil resistant cables (for damp and dry environmental condition areas)
  • Screened bedded LSHF oil resistant cables
  • Screened/unscreened LSHF data cables (for high density and high value public areas)
  • Screened LSHF twisted pair data cables and many more...

   These LSZH cables are very popular in aircraft, railway and shipbuilding industry where, due to poor ventilation facilities and restricted escape, the protection of people and equipment from poisonous and corrosive gases become very important. These Low smoke cables are highly recommended cables to be installed at public places, airports, and railway stations where human lives and valuable property are uncovered to threat of fire dangers.


The traits of your favorite Superhero or Fairy Tale Character

How-To Get Free Website Traffic for Your Website

This is going to be easy but only if you apply it. The secret sauce to help boost your website traffic is…. Drum Roll Please….. BLOG!

That’s right. Blog, blog, blog, blog, and more blog. If you have a new website, this is one of the quickest FREE ways to generate traffic to your business. We suggest you blog once a day for the first 3 months. Yes, that is a lot of blogging. But it will get you higher in the search engines to. After that, you can start to decrease the amount of your blogs depending on your competition.

1. Do a quick search on Google using key words or key phrases you think people would use to find your company online. That first page will usually show you your competition.
2. Start writing articles using those key words or key phrases in your blog title and posts. If you can, break them down to several blog posts. Don’t try and put everything in one if you can prevent it.
3. Make sure to use Imagery when possible in your blogs. Such as pictures with correct tags, video, and Infographics.  (
just look at all these Infographics on Blogging)

This one is fun and easy to do. Not to mention smart for us all to do as well.


By Kassia Gardner, Published July 20, 2012

Click here to read the article on the ‘Guest Infographic’.


What to write about?

Here are 100 topics to write about in your blog.

  1. Your business
  2. A new product or service
  3. An old product/service
  4. Your ideal client
  5. Tips on your expertise
  6. How you broke an old habit
  7. Life lessons learned
  8. A mentor
  9. A vacation
  10. A challenge you have overcome
  11. A challenge you are dealing with
  12. A challenge you need/want to overcome
  13. A child who has inspired you
  14. Your first car
  15. Your new car/dream car
  16. A current event
  17. Your hero
  18. A childhood lesson
  19. An award you have won
  20. Your unfulfilled dream
  21. A sibling
  22. Your parents
  23. Your grandparents
  24. Vacation trips in the car
  25. Airport/travel stories
  26. Your best friend
  27. Gardening
  28. Customer service
  29. A college experience
  30. Your favorite teacher
  31. A book you just read
  32. Your favorite book
  33. A quote
  34. A local event/incident
  35. A speech you heard
  36. A speech you gave
  37. A run-in with a neighbor
  38. Family reunions
  39. Holidays
  40. Music you enjoyed when growing up
  41. The traits of your favorite Superhero or Fairy Tale Character
  42. Your birthday
  43. Anniversary of your company
  44. An experience you’ve shared with your partner/children
  45. An experience you’ve shared with a colleague
  46. An experience you’ve had with a  complete stranger
  47. Moving to another home
  48. Moving to a new city
  49. A movie you just saw
  50. A hobby you have cultivated over the years
  51. A collection you have kept for a long  time
  52. A show you have seen
  53. A sporting event
  54. The Top 5 Things You Want to Do Before You Die
  55. Your parking/speeding ticket
  56. Social media friends
  57. Your dry cleaner
  58. Your dentist/doctor
  59. Your vet/your pet
  60. Your military experience
  61. Your 1st grade teacher
  62. Your favorite college professor
  63. Your favorite food
  64. Your goals
  65. Time management success tips
  66. Your first concert/Broadway show
  67. Your wedding
  68. A break-up
  69. Your first love/date
  70. Networking
  71. Your house
  72. Your vacation/dream house
  73. Exercise
  74. Your favorite non-profit
  75. Your favorite kids book
  76. Why you have a fence in your backyard (or don’t)
  77. Your favorite season
  78. Your favorite sports team
  79. Your favorite way to relax
  80. Your most prized possession
  81. Your favorite newspaper
  82. Your favorite new gadget
  83. Your prom/graduation
  84. Your first public speaking experience
  85. A sales debacle
  86. Your best example of negotiating
  87. The strangest or most interesting experience you’ve had in the  mall
  88. Your favorite magazine
  89. Pet peeves
  90. Life in suburbia/Life in the city
  91. How you started your own business
  92. Leadership
  93. Driving habits
  94. Your favorite blogs/websites
  95. Marketing
  96. Your favorite video clips
  97. Your own “Top 10 List”
  98. Forgiveness
  99. A famous person you met
  100. A conference or trade show you attended
  101. Your favorite place

Side Note: Give credit where credit is due!
by Susan Young
Click here to view her article in full detail.


There are so many subjects to write about. But most of all, you should write about what you know best. Your business, products, service, etc. You are the expert in your own field. But wait, there are so many more qualified experts out here than me. Say’s who? The reader that doesn’t know they exist? The more you put yourself out there, and with good content., the more people will view you as the expert in that field.

I hope that this little article has helped you out in some small way. If it did, please leave a comment and share with others. We will be creating an online training course for this very soon. So please make sure to bookmark, save, share, sign up, write it down on a piece of paper or you can even text or call me directly. Tony White 509-969-1972. I would be happy to answer any questions for you. No Cost. No Strings.

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Grow plants in your environment

The Growing Environment

Make your grow room a plant paradise 

It is possible to set up an indoor growing area just about anywhere in your house, shed or garage. Here are a few suggestions of places that might be suitable and point out some of the plant’s essential needs that must be taken into account when setting up.

To understand just what your plants require, imagine a sunny corner of the garden on a calm summer’s day. Most plants will grow well in the conditions that prevail on an English summer’s day and these are the conditions that need to be recreated in an indoor growing area. We have grouped the growing conditions under the four headings of Light,TemperatureHumidity and Atmosphere.


Light is the single most important thing for you to consider. Obviously, if you wish to grow plants in your basement for instance, you will have to provide all the light yourself and you will need to provide a lot if you are to recreate the conditions of a summer’s day. Fortunately, modern horticultural lighting is more than capable of doing this in an efficient and cost effective manner.

One can start by assuming that you have no natural light whatsoever in your chosen growing area. Obviously, if you have a window or skylight, this will reduce the amount of light that you have to provide but in most cases, this is not especially significant. There are other problems associated with using natural light, such as the inability to control the hours of darkness. The easiest and most efficient way to grow plants indoors is to do it in a dark area and provide all the light yourself. For greenhouse growers, the need to use extra light is limited to the darker months of the year.

Another thing to consider under the heading of light is the level of reflection in your growing area. A well designed grow room will get the maximum benefit from the light that is used in it and it is of great importance to get the best reflection of available light.


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Temperature is another important design parameter of your grow room and it is something that must be borne in mind from the beginning. Most plant species will grow most effectively in the temperature range of 20-28°C, the mid-twenties being optimal. It will not be difficult to maintain this sort of temperature in your room while the lights are on as they are a great source of heat as well as light. If temperatures should become too high, a simple extractor fan should serve to reduce them. This extractor can be easily linked to a thermostat to ensure that your room never reaches the high temperatures that can have a negative effect on growth rates. When your lights are off, however, you can expect a gradual decline in temperatures. In the colder parts of the year, they will drop well below the ideal growth range. Recent research has shown that night cycle temperatures are just as significant as day cycle temperatures in plant production and it is in fact the relationship between them that has most effect on the final shape and productivity of the plant. It is important to avoid large temperature fluctuations between the day and night cycles as this can lead to weak and poorly formed plants. It is ideal for most species to try and bring day and night temperatures as close together as possible and this is not as difficult as it sounds.


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Humidity is another important consideration in grow room management. If it is allowed to get too high for prolonged periods, it will cause problems both in your room and among your plants. The main danger is the development of Botrytis or grey mould among the flowers or fruit. This organism thrives in conditions of high humidity and will quickly spread and ruin a crop. Plants of the melon family and strawberries are particularly susceptible to fungal diseases and should be provided with a dry environment. The cautious grower will always monitor the humidity in his grow room which is measured by another simple device called a hygrometer. This is a dial type instrument that can be mounted on the wall next to the Max-Min thermometer and will give a constant and accurate reading of humidity. The ideal humidity for normal plant raising would not be much above 50%. If it rises above this, the grower will normally operate his extractor fan until it has been reduced. To keep this potential problem under check, it is advisable to avoid leaving water on the floor which can then evaporate and raise humidity. Any water or nutrient solution that spills or overflows should be wiped up promptly and nutrient tanks should be covered at all times. Any water that is left exposed to the heat from your grow lights will rapidly evaporate and add to the humidity levels. Keep your greenhouse or grow room dry.
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The fourth variable that needs to be taken into account at the design stage is the atmosphere or air in the grow room and it is here the grower is often faced with a dilemma. On the one hand there is a strong requirement for a continuous supply of fresh air. Growing plants need a constant supply of carbon dioxide to maintain growth. CO2 is present in normal fresh air at the rate of around 330 parts per million (ppm). If you try to grow plants in a closed and sealed room you will quickly run into problems. As the plants grow they will rapidly use up the available CO2 which can drop to less than a third of normal levels within one hour. At this point, plant growth will effectively cease. To maintain normal atmospheric levels of this essential gas, the grower would be advised to run an extractor continuously as well as providing an input point, such as an open door or window, for the fresh air to enter the room. The problem with this of course is that the extractor will reduce temperatures and the grower may not wish to run it any more than necessary to maintain temperatures in the desired zone. It may also not be convenient to leave a door or window open on a long term basis. Fortunately, modern technology has provided simple answers to the grower’s dilemma as carbon dioxide can be added to the atmosphere in the grow room which reduces the need for fresh air being brought in. CO2 can be introduced from bottles which can be rented from Esoteric Hydroponics, or it can be produced by burning propane.

How to become multimillionaire

Position yourself for growth in 2017—join us live at the Entrepreneur 360™ Conference in Long Beach, Calif. on Nov. 16. Secure Your Seat »

In a special webcast on April 28, 2015, 5 p.m. EST, Grant Cardone will show you how to make millions of dollars for your business using the phone. Register now for this webcast and you could earn gifts for participating. 

First, understand that you no longer want to be just a millionaire. You want to become a multimillionaire.

While you may think a million dollars will give you financial security, it will not. Given the volatility in economies, governments and financial markets around the world, it's no longer safe to assume a million dollars will provide you and your family with true security. In fact, a Fidelity Investments' study of millionaires last year found that 42 percent of them don't feel wealthy and they would need $7.5 million of investable assets to start feeling rich.

This isn't a how-to on the accumulation of wealth from a lifetime of saving and pinching pennies. This is about generating multimillion-dollar wealth and enjoying it during the creation process. To get started, consider these seven secrets of multimillionaires.

No. 1: Decide to Be a Multimillionaire -- You first have to decide you want to be a self-made millionaire. I went from nothing—no money, just ideas and a lot of hard work—to create a net worth that probably cannot be destroyed in my lifetime. The first step was making a decision and setting a target. Every day for years, I wrote down this statement: "I am worth over $100,000,000!"

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No. 2: Get Rid of Poverty Thinking -- There's no shortage of money on planet Earth, only a shortage of people who think correctly about it. To become a millionaire from scratch, you must end the poverty thinking. I know because I had to. I was raised by a single mother who did everything possible to put three boys through school and make ends meets. Many of the lessons she taught me encouraged a sense of scarcity and fear: "Eat all your food; there are people starving," "Don't waste anything," "Money doesn't grow on trees." Real wealth and abundance aren't created from such thinking. 

No. 3: Treat it Like a Duty -- Self-made multimillionaires are motivated not just by money, but by a need for the marketplace to validate their contributions. While I have always wanted wealth, I was driven more by my need to contribute consistent with my potential. Multimillionaires don't lower their targets when things get tough. Rather, they raise expectations for themselves because they see the difference they can make with their families, company, community and charities. 

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No. 4: Surround Yourself with Multimillionaires -- I have been studying wealthy people since I was 10 years old. I read their stories and see what they went through. These are my mentors and teachers who inspire me. You can't learn how to make money from someone who doesn't have much. Who says, "Money won't make you happy"? People without money. Who says, "All rich people are greedy"? People who aren't rich. Wealthy people don't talk like that. You need to know what people are doing to create wealth and follow their example: What do they read? How do they invest? What drives them? How do they stay motivated and excited? 

No. 5: Work Like a Millionaire -- Rich people treat time differently. They buy it, while poor people sell it. The wealthy know time is more valuable than money itself, so they hire people for things they're not good at or aren't a productive use of their time, such as household chores. But don't kid yourself that those who hit it big don't work hard. Financially successful people are consumed by their hunt for success and work to the point that they feel they are winning and not just working. 

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No. 6: Shift Focus from Spending to Investing -- The rich don't spend money; they invest. They know the U.S. tax laws favor investing over spending. You buy a house and can't write it off. The rich, in contrast, buy an apartment building that produces cash flow, appreciates and offers write-offs year after year. You buy cars for comfort and style. The rich buy cars for their company that are deductible because they are used to produce revenue.

No. 7: Create Multiple Flows of Income -- The really rich never depend on one flow of income but instead create a number of revenue streams. My first business had been generating a seven-figure income for years when I started investing cash in multifamily real estate. Once my real estate and my consulting business were churning, I went into a third business developing software to help retailers improve the customer experience.

Lastly, you may be surprised to learn that wealthy people wish you were wealthy, too. It's a mystery to them why others don't get rich. They know they aren't special and that wealth is available to anyone who wants to focus and persist. Rich people want others to be rich for two reasons: first, so you can buy their products and services, and second, because they want to hang out with other rich people. Get rich -- it's American.

Reduce 20 pounds weight in 7 days

OK – so you want to lose weight, and no bones about it – you want to do it fast.

That’s possible!

What’s not possible is losing like 50 pounds in the matter of a few hours… unless you do some serious liposuction surgery.

But if you’re looking for a powerful plan to lose weight, get rid of belly fat, and fit into your skinny jeans in the nick of time – you’ve come to the right place.

Because I’m going to be honest up front – if you really want to lose weight fast, you’re going to have to do some work, and you’re going to have to follow this plan.

So what is the plan? Good question.

What Is The Plan?

What I’m talking about here is combining a strict diet plan with proper exercise. That’s the absolute best way to lose weight – and to lose weight naturally.

Take The Quiz: Which Veggies Fight Abdominal Fat?

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The Right Diet Plan

One of my favorite diet plans (and one of the most popular) is the GM diet plan – or the General Motors diet plan (3).

Yes – the same general motors as the car manufacturer. I know, it’s weird, lets’ move on.

This GM diet plan works for all age groups, and people have lost up to 17 pounds in a single week by following it.

If you want to follow it, you have to be prepared. This is a strict diet plan – and it requires a lot of discipline on your part. If you want it to work, and you want to lose up to 17 pounds in a week, you’re going to have to have your mind right before you start.

How do you get your mind right? Well, first, you have to accept one very important point – the fastest way to lose weight is by NOT being hungry.

If you’re hungry, your craving for junk food will go through the roof. That’s going to undermine any diet or weight loss plan.

Therefore, you have to make sure to pick a plan that DOESN’T require that you go hungry – and the GM plan is it.

It’s a 7 day plan that will require discipline – but also help you hit your weight loss goals. Let’s start:

GM Diet Day 1

OK – this is the gateway to your diet, the door you step through – and therefore it’s the most important day. Treat it accordingly.

The first day of the GM diet is an all fruit day. That’s right, you heard me correctly – all fruit all the time.

How to install IDM in window 10

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a tool to increase download speeds by up to 5 times, resume and schedule downloads. Comprehensive error recovery and resume capability will restart broken or interrupted downloads due to lost connections, network problems, computer shutdowns, or unexpected power outages. Simple graphic user interface makes IDM user friendly and easy to use.Internet Download Manager has a smart download logic accelerator that features intelligent dynamic file segmentation and safe multipart downloading technology to accelerate your downloads. Unlike other download managers and accelerators Internet Download Manager segments downloaded files dynamically during download process and reuses available connections without additional connect and login stages to achieve best acceleration performance.

Internet Download Manager supports proxy servers, ftp and http protocols, firewalls, redirects, cookies, authorization, MP3 audio and MPEG video content processing. IDM integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, MSN Explorer, AOL, Opera, Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Firebird, Avant Browser, MyIE2, and all other popular browsers to automatically handle your downloads. You can also drag and drop files, or use Internet Download Manager from command line. Internet Download Manager can dial your modem at the set time, download the files you want, then hang up or even shut down your computer when it's done. 

Other features include multilingual support, zip preview, download categories, scheduler pro, sounds on different events, HTTPS support, queue processor, html help and tutorial, enhanced virus protection on download completion, progressive downloading with quotas (useful for connections that use some kind of fair access policy or FAP like Direcway, Direct PC, Hughes, etc.), built-in download accelerator, and many others.

Version 6.26 adds Windows 10 compatibility, adds IDM download panel for web-players that can be used to download flash videos from sites like MySpaceTV, and others. It also features complete Windows 8.1 (Windows 8, Windows 7 and Vista) support, video page grabber, redeveloped scheduler, and MMS protocol support. The new version also adds improved integration for IE 11 and IE based browsers, redesigned and enhanced download engine, the unique advanced integration into all latest browsers, improved toolbar, and a wealth of other improvements and new features.