Learn Professional Web Development

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Learn Professional Web Development
Our web development course aims to give you the knowledge and skills to start developing your own websites and web applications. This course focuses on the practical application of the technologies used to in web development.

Course Topics:
>> Introduction & Overview
>> HTML and HTML5

Aspose.Email for C++ allows developers to create, read, edit and convert Outlook and other popular email message formats (MSG, EML, EMLX and MHT) programmatically without the requirement of Office Automation. Some other advanced email features such as management of the message storage files including PST & OST are also supported.


Visual C++ Team Blog

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Are you currently developing your C++ projects in an older version of Visual Studio? If your reasons for avoiding the all-new features in VS 2017 are covered next, then read on: this post may have good news for you.

Help! I am stuck!

There are many reasons why you may want to[...]

Low bug count, good performance, easy modification. Good code is high-impact and is perhaps the main reason for the existence of the proverbial 10x developer. And yet, despite its importance, it eludes new developers. The literature on the subject usually amounts to disconnected collections of tips. How can a new developer[...]

Whether you're new to Go or a seasoned Gopher, you may recognize these steps on the path to Go enlightenment.

One day at work, we were discussing the Go programming language in our work chatroom. At one point, I commented on a co-worker's slide, saying something along the lines of:

"I think[...]


So you want to take start as a Freelancer, eh? Well, I don’t blame you … everyone wants a fastest, most affordable, and easiest way to get started working from home so I wish you to be a successful freelancer and for that you have to take a booming start.

So, be ready[...]