Its my claim that PTI is the most popular party in the Pakistan's history- Imran Khan

Well, It does have the potential to become in future.You can't become the most popular party in like 7 years after you become famous.It will take time.

Bhutto's ppp junoon was really high.No other political party can compare to it for now.But, It might change in future once pti gets government and changes this country.


Hi IK,
I am PTI supporter but will vote on these grounds
Education of Candidate
In case, the PTI candidate is least educated and PPP field an educated one, despite PTI supporter have no choice to vote for PPPP candidate.
Living in The Constituency
Suppose you tried to give a ticket to an outsider, I can't travel to meet with my representative so my vote will be for a candidate who is from constituency.
Clean Person
Please don't expect I will vote for Nazar Gondal kind of Candidates.
I am using Party at the end is because, Party is because of the people. If PTI awarded ticket to wrong people then we are going to have lot of Ayesha Gulalai.


PTI iss waqt urooj per hai<<K's hallucinations...Pai saab shaidayee ho chukay hain...Tera bera gharaq ho Peerni tu nain ye kia ker dia


koi IK ko samjhaye popular hona or election k din vote parna two different things 

i think reality may sochna chaye jin k sath wasta hay unko god father kaha hay or 30 sal say govt may how u beat them not from popularity from vote.


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