How To Find IMEI Number Of Lost Android Phone (2 Ways)

Method 1st:- IMEI Number From Personal Settings Of Google Account.

  1. It must be required to login your Android smartphone with a Google account.

2. Now we just need a place with Internet connection or a smartphone with Internet access.

3. Now open your phone or Computer browser and type the following URL. ““, hit enter.

4. Login to your Google account which is logged in your Android smartphone.

5. Now you will see Google Dashboard containing all the information of your Google account.

Google Dashboard
6. Now click on the Android option. Now you will see all the list of your smart phones linked to your Google account with their name and IMEI numbers.

Google Dashboard Android IMEI

Method 2nd:- IMEI Number From Device Box.

Whenever we purchase device it comes in well packed box. Each box contain few information on backside. So its important to note it down or keep box safe. To find IMEI number just read all details given on box you will surely get as shown below.

imei number on box


How To Find IMEI On Android Phone ?

1. You can easily find your phone IMEI number by running the code *#06#.

2. You can also find it in your phone settings-> about phone->status and IMEI number.

Android IMEI Number Screen

Hope it will be useful.