Semalt Outlines The Reasons Why You Need SEO Skills In Your SaaS Business

Any SaaS startup founder must figure out the ways team can market the newly established company and make its first sales and leads. In this regard, Alexander Peresunko, the Customer Success manager of Semalt, presents eight reasons why it is necessary to have an SEO expert in the team if you want to take a business to the next level.

Foremost, everyone in business is a marketer. Most SaaS companies use content marketing techniques when starting the venture. It is, indeed, a great concept because one does not only publicize products but also educates prospective clients through various content. However, creating an excellent content that stands out from the range of SaaS startups is not easy. SEO can be useful in this regard if implemented well.

Secondly, there are thousands of SaaS startups. Research indicates that SaaS software is an ever-growing service in the marketing industry. According to Statista, steady growth is anticipated, and worldwide SaaS revenue will grow to 38 billion USD by 2018. It implies that many products will be available in the organic search for SaaS start-up businesses.

Thirdly, SEO is now an evolved concept. Like other digital businesses, SEO industry has changed a lot in a previous couple of years. This growth can be witnessed from backlinks to technical driven aspects and more SEO driven content activities. Thus to execute a well-organized SEO strategy, the one should have well-thought out external communications in addition to content that targets your audience.

Another reason is positioning your business purposes with SEO. Customers stand for what they believe. Thus, your SaaS business positioning and identity are crucial. For example, clients like customer communication tool from Intercom for its new and straightforward technique of communication. Thus, to be found in organic search results, you should focus on positioning your values and promoting what customers can get from your business.

SEO skills are an important part for your team, because building SaaS products requires technical expertise to be available in the team. Thus, a business can rank higher by considering diverse SEO activities when creating a great product and get ahead of competitors by hacking organic search rankings, for example, through making products shareable. This has the effect of making use of available customer base.

SEO skills enable one to be a thought leader. SaaS startup probably works on a product that is unavailable in the market yet. Presenting yourself as a thought leader in some subject matter is an opportunity to invent even more products because people will always need your expertise. To be recognized as a thought leader, it is important to be the first in organic search results.

Having SEO skills enables a business owner to hack sign-up rates with SEO. SaaS business trucks up important metrics to better understand customers and site. In addition to session durations and unique visitors, sign-up conversion is a significant performance parameter.

Finally, every owner wants his/her SaaS business perform growth. In this regard, SEO must be a regular practice. It is a long term strategy, which can help you to establish sustainable nosiness growth. Therefore, stay updated with the new SEO techniques, which complement various activities of SaaS start-up.