Virtual Reality or Virtual Realities (VR)

New inventions are found to fulfill the demand of the human needs. Scientists are never satisfied with what have already found. They always do experiments to find the betterment of technology that can be used effectively and efficiently. It is not an easy job of course. However, they never stop to create something new for the future generations.


One of the proofs what have already done by scientists is the invention of Virtual Reality or Virtual Realities which is abbreviated into VR. It is now to be one of the sophisticated technologies in this era. But, what is actually VR? Have you ever heard about it? What are its functions? Read the following information if you want to know more about VR. This information will be valuable to increase your knowledge about the new system.


What is Virtual Reality (VR)?


VR is derived from ‘virtual’ and ‘reality’. ‘Virtual’ means as the same in which the things seen that look the real in appearance and behavior, but it is not the real thing. Then, the word ‘reality’ is real, like the real one. Therefore, VR can be described as seeing something like experiencing the real one. It can be said as an environment replication.


Generally, many people also call VR as an immersed multimedia. Some say it as a computer-stimulated reality. It is because VR is used in the computer technology to make a stimulating environment in order that the thing looks as the real one. Using VR, people are able to experience the real senses of vision, hearing, touching, and smelling. Those senses are actually like what we have learned in the school. Yet, the human being actually has more than those.


The examples are a sense of humor, sense of balance, and many others. They are processed in our brain. The combination of our brain and information which we get is resulting in experiencing of reality. The presence of the sense with information influences the perception of reality. Someone seems to see the real thing that actually is not there, but it can be perceived as the real one from his/her perspective. This is then called as virtual reality (VR).


What are VR functions?

VR is used in various fields; architecture, sports, medicine, arts, entertainment, and much more. The popular systems which use the VR are such as headsets, 3D glasses, special gloves, and treadmills. Besides, VR can also be used in immersed films and videos.


The obvious one of the function of VR is in the training activity such as in medical fields. The trainees do not need practice in the real field in which it could be dangerous. By using VR, their skills could be improved much better without any consequence, they will face when doing the training. This is like in the medical field.


In the medical field, the VR uses when training to use expensive equipment, dangerous situation, and sensitive technology. The doctor candidate will not practice using the expensive equipment. They will also practice in the dangerous area in which their life is put in. Therefore, VR is needed to fulfill this demand.


In the video game and film, VR is used to give the effect of graphic, sound, and input. The animation is also created using this VR to make the picture look like the real one. This is to make the user feel like they do the real adventure by playing games or watching films. This is really cool, isn’t it? Experiencing like the real one, we join the movie or games.


The new technology which uses this VR is Virtual reality glasses or goggles. Using this glasses, the users can experience like having direct interact with. These glasses are used as the display device which shows a characteristic feature of the virtual environment. It can be concluded that VR is a sophisticated system that is very fruitful for many fields in order to minimize the bad/danger effect.


Those are the information about Virtual Reality or Virtual Realities (VR). After reading this information, you must understand much better about VR which actually you find in your daily life. This sophisticated system makes the human gaining the more real adventures without putting their life in the danger area.